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Sensor not woking Windows 10 USB Device not recognised

Any ideas? It was working fine one day, in fact I was playing Medal of Honour: Above and Beyond (Good game), one day and the next it refuses to be found. I've tried re-installing drivers, I've tried changing USB slot, I've been into the Oculus suppor...

Facebook Horizon constantly fall in the floor

In all way, I’m unable to load any world in Facebook Horizon. I’m constantly falling in the floor.. I’m using Rift S and I reboot the computer, I reinstall the application, I recalibrate the headset but it’s always doing the same. thanks for help Jon...

JoDau by Level 2
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Resolved! Quest 2 replacement interface

Its been a whole month almost ive been in contact with a support employee at oculus trying to get a replacement interface back and forth I started by saying i was having an issue with the stock interface and that it was leaving redness, I then got an...

Resolved! Oculus Quest 2 Casting for multi-users

So my wife and I both have oculus accounts, one for a Rift and one for a Quest 2. We have both users logged into the Quest 2 successfully using the new multi-user feature. However, there's a couple issues with casting. #1 - When my wife's account (th...

Can't link Cards or Paypal on Quest or Go.

When my Debit Card link expired in 2020 I tried to link a new card and have not been able to do so. I've tried linking my new debit card, credit cards and PayPal all with no success. Support made some suggestions and I tried them all. All I can think...

Laptop & GTX 16xx

Will there be an update to support the GTX 1650 Graphic Card I have seen many posts but no definitive answer if not dose any one have a fix?

sobroki by Level 2
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oculus go can't find my wifi network

I just bought an oculus go and when i try to configure the wifi network i can't find my wifi in the list, my cellphone and my pc are connected to thad wifi, but my oculus can't find it, even if i come closer to my router

Change email

I need to change my email but I don't have access to my old email to get the verification code

Oculus Quest 2 link problems

I have a gaming laptop that has an NVIDIA 1050 TI graphics card and i have a usb 3.0 port (which apparently doesn't show up) So i'm just going to break it down a bit. I try linking my Quest 2 with a 3rd party cable from Party Link and it works every ...

qhy by Level 3
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error query

I can't buy the any game both on quest 2 and the website on my laptop, it reminds me that error performing query. But I bought the climb 2 days later with no issue like that, and I haven't change any setting on my Facebook account.

Oculus quest 2 error unusable

Logged two tickets with support, not responseerror message on oculus quest 2 headset ‘oculus app runtime keeps stopping’actions Performed: factory reset (no joy)rebooted from menu (no joy)erased (no joy)let The battery run down completely (no joy)I b...

noguk46 by Level 2
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Very disappointed

Oculus RiftS. I have a ticket in that seems to be put on ignore. Graphics are absolutely horrible. Good FPS, horrible display. And yes, I have exhausted all available tips and tricks regarding fit and pupil distance. Guardian won't stay set no matter...

Oculus Rift headset will not work

Hi, new to this. Bought an Oculus Rift with the necessary requirements for a PC that is plenty powerful. Ran it for over 12 months no problems, all updates carried out when asked.then, for no reason, headset won’t engage. Everything else works, I’ve ...



IceDrag by Level 2
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How do I set pin for first time 

Haptics/vibrations cause loss of controller tracking on Rift S

Hi,I just upgrade from my CV1 to Rifts.everything seem fine till I try to shoot a bow,gun or anything that have an intense haptics feed back.Or the other hand a small vibrate seem fine,like when I open a light saber in Vader Immortal.Already tried ev...

Tumtist by Level 3
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Quest Incredibly Unstable

Hello, my Quest 1 has been having a TON of issues over the past couple of days. The Guardian won't remember where it was when taking the headset off. In passthrough mode, my right eye with jitter, or passthrough will just show a black screen instead....

Game Libraries have disappeard

My game libraries have completely disappeared on both the quest and in the desktop app. I am not able to install or play any of my games. When I browse to a game I own in the store it says I have already purchased the item, but I am not able to play ...

SkidR0we by Level 3
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Can't add payment method due to error.

I can't add a payment method to oculos store, not in the app nor the webb store. The message I get is; "Error, There was an error trying to add your payment method"I've tried two cards that both work fine and has balance. This happend to me before an...

Valtin by Level 2
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Oculus DK2 in 2021 help needed.

Hi to everyone..I happen to have a DK2 which was working perfectly in 2016-2017 and I would use it for some videos, or FlyInside FSX (flight simulator)....I tried reconnecting it today (latest Win10) and it is not recognized (HDMI + USB3 missing, I k...