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Ineligible Drive Selected

Hi there. While attempting to download the Oculus program for my pc to be able to use my quest on it, I've had an issue where, while switching drives, it says the D drive is Ineligible. It has over 100GB of space open, it's NTFS, it's not networked, ...

Oculus Group Chat

Hello, when you create a group chat on oculus from your Oculus friend list, there is not a function to remove someone from the group. I need help by removing someone from the group that refuses to leave the group chat. This is not good specially when...

Squinting eye feeling in Quest 2

Hello. I have bought Oculus Quest 2, but I can't use it normally, because looking into glasses I get feeling that my right eye looks aside, strains and hurts after a short period of time. Same by my mother, but with left eye. I have tried different I...

My left hand showing away from me

I bought the Rift S 9 months ago, but in the last 4 days, i have problems with Rift S, i always have the left hand away from me, i try to change batteries, room, computer, reinstall Oculus, but nothing, well, i hope if my Rift S is not broken.

tracking problem

I have been using my oculus for 2 days and from the second day, when I turn it on it gives me a tracking error, continuing to put it in stand-by and turn it back on I can start it and enter the menu with the tracking but also there the tracking is pa...

Installer Won't Run

Fresh Windows 10 installEverything was running just fine, did a clean install on a new SSDWhen I double click, or Right-Click > Run as Admin the OculusSetup doesn't do anything, no process is started, mouse wheel spins for a few seconds and it is as ...

lyxcrit by Level 2
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Gift email not sent after purchase.

I had a friend gift me a game since oculus won't accept any of the 4 cards I tried to add. They had no money taking money from his account but no email has been sent. Why can't this company actually help its customers. Gonna freak out if I get anothe...


oclus quest2 を装着した時、見えているメニューと背景が大きくずれています。ハンドコントローラーの光線が見えなくなります。使用できないわけではありませんが、非常に扱いにくいです。

my rift S screen is not working

my oculus rift s screens are not turning on. i have tried unplugging and plugging it back in and all the other things i have seen on the black screen fix says everything is plugged in the oculus software but when i put the headset on the scr...

Are any issues brought up in these forums ever resolved

My problems is the same as this apparently unanswered/unresolved call below for assistance 2 weeks ago … though my quest 2 shuts down on startup either before or just after oculus logo, with full battery.Can I expect any help here?“Fully Charged Q2 S...


Quest 2 ( brand new) won’t power up

I’ve had the Quest 2 just one day. In the middle of a workout it powered down and will not power up. It is fully charged. A brand new device just dies?. What the hell…..

EvoEden by Level 3
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weird mouse cursor in left lense

There is a little mouse cursor on the left side of my left lense, no idea how it got there or how to get rid of it. Anybody know how to take care of this?

Black screen when turning on my quest 2 on

Ever since owning my Quest 2 which I've had since December and every now and then a black screen. My personal area is visible and the see through camera shows up but when I get into the playing area is a black. My barriers still come up if I stick th...

Oculus casting not working

@OculusSupport my casting has not been working for 2 weeks now, I've done a reset, factory reset, turned WIFI off and on, tried mobile data and yet it still says "Something went wrong. Try casting from your headset again." I am really stuck with how ...


Mission ISS issue

Mission ISS does not start I get this message -Oculus entitlement check failed - press any button to quit

Walkabout mini golf

My golfclub glitches constantly and has a mind of its own, i dont have any controller issues with other games. Is anyone else having such issues with walkabout?Its gotten worse lately and its really ruining the experience.

Multiple account issue - app sharing

I am having an issue with sharing apps on the oculus quest 2. When I add a second account, it is able to start up, and play all of the apps/games associated with the account. However, when I go to the primary account, and turn on app sharing, it will...

App Lab game won’t download

I purchased a game called Disc Benders and played it for months. I stopped playing for a bit and when I came back I wanted to get the new update but the update was not shown on the game’s page. I decided to delete the game and reinstall it thinking i...

Problem with order link

Hello i ordered my Oculus Rift 2 as a guest. I get link with order's number but this link is not valid. So, i can't check my order status. Could someone help me? I wrotten mail to support, but i should wait 2 days -.-


alguien que me pueda ayudar. Necesito saber si el cable oculus link puede llebar un adaptador de USB C a USB A, si es asi cual podria ser o que referencia tendria que tener

Air link and laptop with 2 GPUs

Hello, I have a laptop with 2 graphics cards, a built-in radeon and an RTX 3070. And I am using the QUEST 2 headset When I activate the AIR LINK, nothing happens. When I deactivate the Radeon, AIR LINK works but with very very poor performance. Why i...