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Your Headset's HDMI cable isn't plugged in.

Hope this helps someone out...My experience yesterday was with the Rift not getting an HDMI connection. Foolishly, I let my pc update windows 10, AND did the oculus update, AND updated AMD Radeon Settings from 16.xx? to 17.7.2. All I could get was US...

Gnuuub by Level 3
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Steam games not appearing in Oculus home yet?

I'm currently running Oculus App v1.19, have Unknown Sources permitted, and also Unknown Sources filter included within my apps list. I launch the Oculus App, launch Steam VR, launch Serious Sam: The Last Hope from Steam VR, I closed Serious Sam, go ...

Not Enough Space Error

Hello, when I try to install oculus, it says that there is "Not Enough Space." However, my C: drive has around 300 gigabytes free. There are no other drives, except for the DVD drive.

Gear VR + T3/S3 bluetooth gamepad triggers?

I see a number of posts about this and other controllers where the triggers are not properly recognized in multiple games. I'm experiencing the problem with a S3 bluetooth gamepad trying to use minecraft. Neither left nor right trigger seem to do any...

treii28 by Level 2
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Oculus Game Updates

This been happening for a while, I thought it was the oculus app just needing updates but every time I update my games my PC slows down to a crawl and game updates take forever. Anyone else have this?

j'ai une question avant d'acheter l'oculus rift

Bonjour ou Bonsoir,j'ai besoin d'un petit renseignement,j'ai mon fils qui veux l'oculus rift et je vais peut-être lui acheter mais notre question c'est que,est-ce-que l'oculus rift marchera t-il quand même avec un processeur Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4150...

Support.... really ?

Well, i'm french customer who bought a rift to days ago.First, i check the compatibility, perfect, good ( i thought it was good at this time ! )Then, i try to run the launch... well...Look with google and find that i miss a window file 4...

Store prices in Euros! WTF!?

Why am I seeing games prices in Euros instead of $US!? It shows correctly on the website, but not in the Oculus Home! I know I have not touched any settings recently to change it. Only recent thing that comes to mind is the update 1.20 installed itse...

gr0bda by Level 7
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Is it possible to send my Rift headset out for repairs?

I have a question that I cant seem to find a answer to online or in the forums.. My rift headset lenses is getting scratched up pretty bad because I guess I don't clean the dust or dirt off the lens with water or whatever before wiping it. My lenses ...

HELP stutter

I need some help not sure what to do. I have had the rift running in bootcamp windows 10 on my 2017 imac i7 4.2ghz processor with pro 580 card & 64gb of ram for a few days. My experience has been great haven't had any lag or issues to keep me from pl...

W10 1709 Ruined my tracking

Hello, i wanted to share what happened since i have installed the Fall Creators Update this week.The first time i used the Rift i noticed some big jumps on tracking when i look around.This makes no sense to play because the inmersion its totally brok...

MorciXL by Level 2
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Voice Search (Beta)

My oculus software is fully updated. I am not seeing the menu selection in the home screen for voice search.How do i start it if it is not even in the menu.Friends say it just appeared in their menu after some update. Well i have the latest updates a...

I need help my headset won't connect.

I have an i7 6700K and a 1080ti, my headset will no longer connect to my computer it worked and now it doesnt. It just shows the connection status and spinning circle and it never connects.

No Display, Was Working Yesterday

Myfirm has had our headset for several months now and have had no problems. Anotherperson was using it and they said they could not get any display on theheadset. They gave it back to us and we booted up and everything worked fine. Iwas using the hea...

DMHokie by Level 2
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Cannot install on alternative drive

I don't have space on my C drive so I was going to try installing on my E drive which has lots of space.I tried running OculusSetup /drive:Eand nothing happens. The UAC prompt pops up, I click "Yes", and then nothing. No setup opens, no process runni...

ksevio by Level 2
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Random Flashing Letters

I’m getting random letters ( C, F & L) flashing in my headset and unable to determine what they are. No other issues with the display an no stuttering, but they appear both in oculus home and in-game. The letters are located in the bottom right corne...

MeFook by Level 2
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i have problem with oculus video player quality

hi guys oculus video player is great player i love it but i have problem with it.when ever i play 4k movies or clips the quality of the movie reduce and play like 480p movie.if i choose void in menu the problem is solved and quality of the movie is g...

startech 4port pcie usb 3.0 problems

hello I seem to be having a problem with the startech pexusb3s44v. I am asking in a few places so I though I would ask hear as well I cant get the card to run at 4x speed I know its not down to pcie lanes limitation as I have 40 lanes I have put it i...

Oculus desktop size

I want the Oculus app to remember my preferred re-size option when re-launching itEverytime i open the Oculus app on my desktop I resize it because it is too small... (click/drag out corner to enlarge) then when I re-launch it at another time it goes...

oculus install dir...

Ok this is strange. I do not buy any software from oculus on the account that you can not install where you want only where oculus wants. i want my FPS on a SSD and stuff like medium should be installed on a HDD. This is the reason why i buy all my v...

St0mP by Level 2
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Rift Died. Keep bumping this to the top please!!

Went to bed with a working Rift. Woke up to a black screen an orange LED. Tried EVERY port on my card. EVery USB on my motherboard. Redid Windows. Rift Software. Everything but try and reflash. Be Fucking ware of this piece of junk and the complete l...

Still no way to change your username?

I can't believe there is still no way to change your Oculus user name after all this time or is there? In a few weeks the game Onward will be coming to the Oculus store and I want to choose the name I use for it on Steam. How after all this time is i...

RedRizla by Level 16
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