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Cannot add payment method

So i had to remove my payment methods due to being unable to purchase bonelab, now heres a major problem, its not letting meadd a paypal account but its letting me add my credit card info?


Resolved! Teen cannot ask for permission for game

My son is trying to reqeust access to Pavlov Shack. When he finds the game on his app there is no option for him to request for parental permission.I am linked to his account and I have notifications on.What do we need to do?Cheers

Resolved! Quest 2 - Software Update Required

I have had this issue trying to pair both of my Quest 2's for the last 4 days. When you click 'try again' it just loops back to this screen.I have tried reinstalling the app (including updating the app), using an IOS phone and using an Android phone,...

G_CDoc by Level 2
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Resolved! No access to Facebook account

My Facebook account that was linked to my oculus quest 2 was banned for no reason, I don’t even use Facebook and I only made it for my vr. Since my Facebook account was banned so is my oculus so now I can’t play anything and I can’t even sign in or d...

Known Issue - Headset logged out and missing app library

Hi everyone, the team is working on an issue now based on some reports that users are getting logged out of their headset or aren't seeing their purchased apps. In some of these cases, you might not be able to log back in. The team is working to get ...


The Oculus Link Disconnects After A Little After It Worked Fine At First But This Never Had Happened before same with steam vr lagging very badly if there’s a fix let me know

xpnsz by Level 2
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Left Controller Oculus Quest 2

I purchased an Oculus Quest 2 in January 2022. In June I started to have problems with the left controller which would not connect. After trying everything Meta support suggested I sent the left controller back to the company and a few days later rec...

Joetwo by Level 2
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Cannot delete Facebook account from Oculus Quest 2

With great difficulty I was able to set up a Meta account and I left my Facebook account linked to avoid further problems. Now I have a Facebook account and a Meta account listed on my headset. Next to each it has a delete button. When I choose to de...

Grey Screen lockout for Quest Link

Recently I tried switching my account over to where I bought my games previously before the new meta profiles. Now my Quest pc app is now stuck on a Grey screen can I please get some help soon.


Beat saber

Just bought meta quest two and it still had me purchase beat saber is there a fix for this?


How can you people be such utter garbage at launches, SPECIALLY ones that FORCE users to update and use your new absolute TRASH meta system, I have 3 oculus Q2s and my 3 friends have one as well any not a SINGLE one updated well or smoothly, how path...

Zassoo by Level 2
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Bought a used Quest

I bought my kid a used Quest at an Estate Sale. It won't pair to my phone and can't seem to find much help online for this. Every thing I see says to make sure that they are on the same Wifi, I haven't gotten that far... The app asks for the code on ...

Resolved! Can't receive emails from Oculus on password reset.

At first after attempting to send email through pc I then tried mobile it did not work. I then thought it was Facebook so I reset my Facebook password and tried plugging that in as password. That did not work so I began to guess many times until Ocul...


My oculus app is saying that my password is invalid when I trying to reset my pin but I know that the password is correct because I used it to log into my Facebook and oculus account.

Retrieve games on new account after factory reset

Hi so, I wanted to switch my headset to another oculus account which is my email instead of my Facebook account and the previous account I have used I have accidentally logged out and forgot the email for that. Is there any way I can get back my game...

Anba- by Level 2
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Oculus quest 2 disconnects my modem and wifi

Hi everyone, when i connect the set to the 5ghz bandwidth and air link everything´s fine for like 5 min then it disconects from link and the makes modem and pc disconnect from the internet.

Cannot log into oculus app on phone

Since changing to meta I cannot log into my oculus app on my phone. Keeps telling me my password or email is invalid and when I try to reset my password it cannot find my account??

Oculus Quest Link support - Getting low FPS / Lag

Hi, I have an ASUS ROG gaming laptop with I7, 16GB Ram, Windows 10 and GTX 1080 Graphics card which is VR ready and capable of handling Oculus Headset however when I attempt run Star Wars Squadron in VR I get, what appears to be, lag i.e when i look ...

Factory Reset

My Oculus 2 was factory reset and now unable to reconnect to app. Can the headset be reconnected to app/account after factory reset? If so, are there different steps to follow. I keep getting an error to try again when attempting to connect the heads...

Oculus chat

Hello, I have a question, Is there an option to open a chat with someone from the support on this site because if he writes on whatsapp or I have to email, I have to wait 24 hours for a response and in the chat on the Oculus website with someone I wa...

Cant see party invites and cant invite anyone to party

When somebody invites me to a group and I click the link the page goes into endless loading phase.When I try to invite somebody to the group I see message about "serious error something restart the dashboard by pressing any button"Everything worked f...

Account unable to load

My account unable to load. That happend after factory reset. I tried to do factory reset many times again, but its not help. What should i do?

Cant add payment

I have tried to add a card to my account through both my headset and phone, every time it keeps saying that it's unable to add my card and to check my information l, all of the data is correct.

Weird Chromatic Abberation issue on Quest 2

Soo, about 2 months ago,I would get randomly hit with very intense Chromatic Abberation both in-game and in the Oculus home menu. It stopped like a week before June and I thought someone reported it and it got patched. But, I just got hit with it aga...

TG20 by Level 3
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AirLink connected, but stel see only 3 dots and black screen

Hello,after the last update I can't run games and occulus app using AirLink.When i run AirLink on Quest 2, dots will appear. After 3 seconds stuck only on black screen. I can click on menu, and can end AirLink, so i think this mean, thaht app is not ...

Schizi by Level 2
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