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Problem with order link

Hello i ordered my Oculus Rift 2 as a guest. I get link with order's number but this link is not valid. So, i can't check my order status. Could someone help me? I wrotten mail to support, but i should wait 2 days -.-


alguien que me pueda ayudar. Necesito saber si el cable oculus link puede llebar un adaptador de USB C a USB A, si es asi cual podria ser o que referencia tendria que tener

Air link and laptop with 2 GPUs

Hello, I have a laptop with 2 graphics cards, a built-in radeon and an RTX 3070. And I am using the QUEST 2 headset When I activate the AIR LINK, nothing happens. When I deactivate the Radeon, AIR LINK works but with very very poor performance. Why i...

Saved VR Videos disappearing

Recently, any previously or new saved VR Videos (Under the "Saved" menu) disappear when accessing them. How it occurs is: I'll click on "saved" from the explore menu, I'll see my saved VR Videos and wishlist, then, suddenly the VR Videos disappear af...

Air Link Won't Work.

Hello everyone. I have recently purchased a Quest 2 with the intention of using it both as a standalone system and with my computer, using Air Link. However Air Link will not work for me. I have tried for multiple hours, I have uninstalled Oculus fro...

Headphones and Oculus App

Hey everyone. Was hoping for some help with this. I installed the Oculus software on my windows laptop and since then I no longer have any audio through my headphone jack. When I try to change the output in my sound settings the only option are my sp...

PC App can't reach Oculus Service

I have checked all the other threads (the most recent being in February of this year) to try and figure out what is going on but nothing seems to work. I updated my Oculus app today and it gives me the message "can't reach oculus service". I have che...

Volume limiter

Please help me lol I’m tired of being in the middle of a beat saber song when all of a sudden the volume decides to limit itself because apparently it’s too loud I think I can make that decision for myself so how can I disable the automatic volume li...

Resolved! Oculus link not starting up

when i try to start my oculus link with my quest 1 it keeps on crashing and saying that i cant find your headset as i tried 5 usb cables and they all had the same error so it had something to do with my computer as it worked before here is my acessor...

PSA to AMD GPU users: Newest drivers broke Quest 2 link

Oculus software app was flickering on and off everytime i plugged in the link. I found out it was the newest drivers. If you're having issues using Oculus Link on your AMD GPU pc, try rolliing back the driver update. that helped for me. For clarity: ...

Follow up to yesterday’s post and comment received

Not up to speed with this seemingly obscure process … . suspect there is little chance anyway of any satisfaction to be found here …. With respect, I’m not at all clear how this response to my somewhat exasperated plea for advice is helpful, or for t...

Reset Password code not showing up

So my friend is trying to reset his password because he forgot it. when he checks for the reset password verification code, its not in his email. can someone send a password reset code to the email: Thank you for your time. Moderator Edit: Removed em...


Tried to use welcome25 code did not work ended up paying full price for walking dead messaged oculas. They asked for a bunch of security questions but did not reply.

Urban22 by Level 2
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OVRLibrary Service refuses to run no matter what.

I have reinstalled. I have repaired. I have un-installed, cleaned and re-installed. Restarted. Reset... nothing fixes it. If I try to start it in services, I get this error:I am out of options here. I have tutorials to make in medium and no way to ru...

Oculus Ticket Wait Time.

Ok so basically. Like a week ago.. can't really pinpoint the date but between 1 and 2 weeks ago I sent in an oculus ticket for an issue I was having (The issue was a grey scrren when entering VR) And so one of the replies to the conversation told me ...

problems in associating the oculus quest 2 with the app

Hello everybody. I recently purchased an oculus quest 2 but I'm having problems associating the product with the oculus app: I select the type of viewer; searches for the viewer (finds it); it makes me put the pin visible in the viewer and begins to ...

Quest does not connect with the app

have some problems with conneting my quest with the app. When i'm trying to connect my quest with the app nothing happens. This is the view of the situation i have

MikuPB by Level 2
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How do I talk to a human

I am trying to get my elite head strap replaced because it started cracking. I got the email for my information but all I'm getting for replies is - Please type your reply above this line -Your request (2968639) has been updated.If you have additiona...

Login, password reset not being sent to my email

Help! I just got a new laptop. I am somehow locked out of my FB account and the reset link never gets texted to me. I’ve tried making a dummy account, I confirm the email, and then Oculus doesn’t recognize the new password. I’m in a perpetual loop of...