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Oculus touch not setting up.

When I go to Settings > Devices > Configure Rift > Sensor Setup, it gives me the following screen:However, I do in fact have two sensors, as seen on the devices screen:How can I fix this error?

natekfl by Level 2
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Hdmi oculus rift connection problem

Good morning guys, I'm facing a big problem with my oculus rift ha about a week, the message appears that oculus hdmi is not connected, I've done everything that could be done, coming to the conclusion that it was some update recently last week That ...

OVRPlugin.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)

Star Trek: Bridge crew has been crashing, and directing me to an error log which begins with the messageUnity Player [version: Unity 5.4.4p1_9bb6444b6192]OVRPlugin.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module OVRPlugin.dll at 0033:60b80060.T...

Solution for myopic people

Hi to all,I want to try oculus rift, a tried one for a standard smartphone, but I know that there is a lot of difference between them, in terms of quality and immersivity. The problem is that until now I never heard about focus adjusting, and for peo...

G2ALAND Constantly crashing

i dont believe this is the games fault, i keep getting told that the D3D device is being lost. but ive had this with none vr unreal games too, since the latest nvidia update, is it possible to bypass this because i really dont want to roll back drive...

SparkLX by Level 2
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98% troubleshooting 2% Flight time FRUSTRATED!!! HELP!

The sound drops, the sensor disconnects with notification "We cant find your sensor. Please connect your sensor", the virtual cockpit panel moves away when leaning forward and follows when leaning back. I remove and replace both sensor and headset US...

New issue similar to Black screen.

So I have an issue that is similar but different to the black screen. Mine is black page. Anytime I start the oculus desktop software. it's just a black page not even a bar at the top for the exit button. I can put on my rift and the in headset app i...

oculus program

we just got this around 4 days ago and it was working fine. Then the program stopped working, told me to repair i hit repair and it removed itself from the computer. Now when i try and re-download it it tells me "cannot connect to oculus server" any ...

Where are my eye cups?

Today I received my oculus rift +touch. On a website i read about these eye cups for people like me who are nearsighted: .i also had a look at the model nr of the hea...

Oculus Home Starship-In-Background audio problem.

I'm having a sound issue, it is directly related to the new starship flying over Oculus Home. The new skymap starship causes popping/stuttering in my headphones when it appears, and once it starts, that popping/stuttering affects all of my apps, and ...

No Display, and at best a flickering display

I purchased a 'VR Ready' PC and while it has all the specs, (Dual GTX 1070 Graphics card) and passes all the Oculus Spec tests it still, for the majority of times, does not show anything in the Oculus display. Occasionally it will show a display but ...

Gear vr/oculas

Hey guys was just wondering if anyone else has a a problem with there gear vr auto launch? I've seen threads talking about getting a black screen ect.. it in my case it was working great till i.went to show it to my son. Plugged in my s8+ and nothing...

Unity3D: image settings messed up

We have a special PC for testing our Unity desktop application on Oculus performance. This PC is usually not connected to the internet. Test were successful for months.Today, without having changed anything in our game, I connected the PC to the Wifi...

IEES by Level 2
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Windows 10 Creators Update causing "Can't reach ORS" !

Hi !Yesterday i did update Windows 10, this was the so called "Creators Update". Now i get "Can't reach Oculus Runtime Service ... Your Oculus software may be updating. Please wait a minute and try again. If the issue continues, contact Oculus Suppor...

cant get robo recall to load.

All i get is taking too long to load check app. then black screen on monitor. Unresponsive . I have to force shutdown. I have played it since it came out with zero problems. now nothing. i tried deleting odin saved game folder. still nothing. Game wi...

Sensor USB 3 problem

I have 6 USB 3.0 ports on my PC 4 are a PCIE card 2 are high up on the motherboard.I have my headset plugged into one of the 4 on the card and works fine and reports it's plugged in to a USB 3 port, the sensors refuse to work at all when plugged into...

Minecraft windows 10 edition black screen

I installed windows 10 minecraft and it runs fine in 2d. If I launch from Oculus all it get is a black screen. The most disappointing part is there are no error messages...just stuck in a black void. I am in US and have seen the copy language files s...

Finish install....

Finish install is not working for the following games:Mythos of the World AxisINVASION!The Vanishing of Ethan CarterI get the message: "Sorry, we couldn't install . Visit Oculus Support to get help."I followed the debug steps listed on the link to no...

KNP54 by Level 5
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Rift turn off my pc

Hello, and sorry my english :-). I have this issue. With the oculus home app no problem, everything works very well but when i launch an external app (Titanic Vr example or another) after 20/30 seconds my pc turn off and restart  I don't know what's...

Cinauz by Level 3
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DK2 on Windows 10 x64

I am running Windows 10 and the "Creators Update" with Oculus Run-time v1.15 and suffering...My DK2 is connected and detected fine, but opening Oculus Home doesn't trigger the DK2. Launching apps has no effect, the Oculus just stays orange lit with t...

sumo by Level 2
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Strange problem with black levels ("White tint?")

Hi guys,I've noticed that when in perfectly black scenes - such as the 'Void' environment in Bigscreen - the left screen of my CV1 has a sort of speckled appearance, like a bunch of tiny stars. It's sort of like all of the pixels have slightly differ...