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Mic not working

We just recently purchased the quest 2. We do not have the mic muted, in settings or games, but no one can hear us. We’ve tried echo vr and gorilla tag. is there some sort of trick to get it turned on? Shouldn’t be this hard. not using any PC- just o...

Quest 2 guardian broken

When I try to do the room scale guardian it keeps me drawing when I’m not touching the controls and the floor is way to low. Any way to fix it?

Dead pixels, waiting for replacement

Hi all, Just wishing to document my experience of buying a Quest 2 so far. I ordered a new Quest 2 from Amazon UK and received it on 25th February.. Late on 27th February, I notified Oculus Support of an issue with a line of dead pixels running down ...

Black screen

So I just got my Oculus out of the box. The instructions say to just turn on the Oculus by holding down the power button for 2 seconds, it boots up and you're in the vr world. But when I press the button it shows the logo then goes to a black screen ...

Oculus App weird graphical glitch

So, For about the past month I have been experiencing this weird graphical bug on my Oculus App.Though it only looks like this on my windows desktop, and not when broadcasted to a screen in Oculus home. Tried to do a repair and the Public test channe...

Resolved! beat saber

i bought beat saber in oculus air link but now when i try to download it on my quest it wont download instead asking me to buy it again any fixes?

Auto-Sleep Inactivity timeout

I have auto sleep set to 4 hours, i have something covering my sensor in the headset, i disabled the sensor on the developer hub, but my head set sill still auto sleep after 2min of inactivity sometimes a little longer but average is 2 min. is there ...

Purchase Not installing but money taken

Just purchased Sniper Elite from the headset app store, after pin code entry nothing happen. When I go to the game in the store the purchase button is a loading wheel. I have received a receipt but have no game. On the Phone app the game is purchased...

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Oculus Home Laggy/Bugged

So I accidentally made One of the home items super large and is clipped into the walls of my home which is now unusable. I cannot seem to find a way to reset my home or load a new home from inside the app. Anyone have any suggestions? Im happy to wip...

my trigger is kinda broken

it's not broken physically but when i'm in the vr and i try to make a closed fist it doesn't do anything when i press the trigger down it's as if i didn't press it. does anybody know how to fix this?

"Oculus isn't working correctly" error message

Hello there, I've been trying all night to figure this out and am having no luck.I have been trying to connect my quest 2 with a third-party link cable, it briefly connects then in the quest I get shown a three dots loading screen, sent back to the m...

PC no longer recognizes headset

my oculus quest 2 used to work perfectly fine connecting to my pc and playing games but now everytime i press enable link in the headset the screen goes black then 3 white dots pop up then send me back to the lobby then i get a message on my pc sayin...

Rift S non fps related stutters

I have a Oculus Rift S and am currently having an issue with all of my SteamVR games. There is a stutter that occurs every once in a while that just ruins the gameplay. I went into the OculusDebugTool, turned on a graph in the headset and noticed my ...

recently Purchased

i just got my quest 2 along with the quest link hoping to play games that i already had which supported VR. This seems to not be the case as Oculus has made it very difficult to run any games you do not purchase through them I purchased Blades and so...

Rift S won't display.

I'm running my Rift S through a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter into my laptop because my laptop doesn't have a DisplayPort (my laptop has a dedicated graphics card). The headers registers as being connected, the controllers connect and the sensors conne...

Payment failure

Having an issue with payment failure using PayPal and unable to add a credit card! Trying to make use of the promo discount 

No developer mode On iphone oculus app

I can find developer mode on the app for IOS!I went to advanced settings and It wasn't there and I have no settings button on the bottom, anyone know where I can turn it on on the app? Thanks.

Canadian resident postal code entry issue.

I’m trying to order the replacement face mask that oculus is offering. As I was filling out the form, I was unable to enter my postal address. Can anyone address this issue?

Silicone replacement

So, I've been having irritation these days and I tried filling the info to get my replacement but i can't see Germany as an option for shipping, will they ever ship to us or I'm gonna have to buy it from another place?

quest 2 silicon cover recall

a little concern about your quest 2 recall. how about the other contry like me here in kuwait you don't have recall here? because i tried to apply for the recall and it's fail so you mean it's not all? how about my son having alergy because of the fo...

Quest 2 screen replacement

Hello, my Quest 2 screen has a permanent yellow marking on the screen which I believe is from the sun. Is there any way to have the screen replaced?

Oculus Link not charging anymore.

Could there be any 3rd party program or some simple setting that could have an effect on the oculus link cable capacity to charge the headset? I've always been using the same usb for both my quest 1 and 2 and I've had no problems whatsoever until rec...

Password and pin

I forgot my password and pin and I try to ask for a reset link for my password and I never received any email