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OCULUS30 Doesn work

When I push "apply promocode" the Oculus Client turns black. So I have to kill it with the windows task manager.

Quest isn’t connecting to PC

Hello i borrowed a Quest 2 from a friend of mine for a party I’m having soon. I also recently built a gaming PC and I thought I could connect the Quest to the PC, but it doesn’t seem to work. I’ve plugged it in to the PC but the Quest seems to think ...

Oculus solution?

I’m new to Oculus and I’m looking for a VR solution that will take footage from a 360 degree camera such as a GoPro Fusion or maybe a Vuze XR and display it undistorted in VR mode where your head motion is detected such that the view changes accordin...


So my friend recently was thinking about buying an oculus quest 2. I told him to get one off of here or in his local walmart. Instead he found one off of this website called There is a "75% sale" going on so he got the oculus qu...

Safety tape stuck

The safety tape for my Oculus Quest 2’s right controller is stuck. Is there any way to get it out? Without it getting out, the controller won’t activate.

Resolved! [SOLVED] Please restart computer, setup failed. Log included

Ok, so it was running fine. I used my credit to buy the Superhot duo bundle.I downloaded Super hot first and when I went to launch it, it gave me an error that I don't recall. I do remember looking it up and it seemed running the repair was what most...

Oculus Software crashing when I try to turn on air link

Every time I open the software and try to turn on the Air Link setting. The software crashes and restarts and that happens every time i try to turn on the setting. I tried repairing the software but it did not work. I don't know what to do and it fee...

fugayse by Level 2
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oculus quest not showing library- -

oculus quest not showing library- restarted it- it went back to the very beginning- , i did it, shows the home screen- but when i click on library- nothing- my avatar is not there either. went to settings- i can see all the games there- so its still ...

Issue streaming videos

I have an Oculus Quest and I stream videos using the oculus browser and am always able to use the hand controllers to pause and play and other things. Starting today I can't do that anymore. I see a green laser from between my eyes to the center of t...

Resolved! Trying to answer the support

Hey,I contacted the Oculus support (by ticket) for a question about accounts on Oculus.I've received an answer on my email address, but when I answer back, I have an email saying"Do not write below this line". Does someone knows how to answer the sup...


Hi Just purchased a game and it is asking for an Oculas PIN??? Was this supposed to be e mailed to me?

beecham by Level 2
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Oculus link stopped working after weeks

Hi everyone,I've been playing with my Oculus Quest 2 linked to my pc via Oculus app for the past few weeks. Unfortunately, since two days ago it stopped working for no reason: when I try to link the headset to my computer I only get the three dots lo...

texdade by Level 3
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Link cable not connecting in Oculus app

I have connected my Oculus Link cable (Im using the Anker cable) to my pc and tried multiple ports but the cable isnt showing up when attempting to set up device, it works with airlink but its so laggy its unusable

Laptop setup black screen

I just recently bought an HP Omen 15. AMD Ryzen 7 5800. GeForce 3060. I have a mini display port and a USB C Thunderbolt port. I have used the display port to mini display port adapter that came with the Rift S. I have used a Display Port to USB C ad...

Draoc by Level 2
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every steamvr game runs at like 2 fps

like every game i try to run through steam vr is like watery or runs at like 5 fps and thats only with steamvr games if i try to run some other games that arent through steam on my pc it works fine. how do i fix this cuz i just bought vr...

neweds by Level 2
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Mixed Reality Static Camera is always flipped 180 in unity

Hello i have been trying to setup mixed reality and for some reason my camera is always flipped 180 degrees and i dont know whyI tried camera on top of LCD, in between sensors and it got the problem so i move the camera to face the LCD and Face the s...

Very slow download speed

I recently bought a Quest 2 and I geht very slow connection to oculus servers in general. It does not matter wether I am using the Windows software or the store on the Quest 2 itself. Browsing the store is a chore, preview videos don't play, download...


I have an oculus account that has 2fa but I have a new phone number . I cannot get into my headset . I have sent numerous emails to oculus support , over three weeks now and no response. My Facebook account has the new number and cannot get in with t...

Privacy options (showing as online / offline)

I don't always want my Oculus friends to know when I'm online. Someones I want to be visible, sometimes I don't.In most IM programs, for example, there's an "appear away" type of option (or even just "away"). I don't see anything like that in Oculus,...

nidania by Level 4
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Was the Oculus website displaying the wrong language

Although I am logging in from Finland, I had selected the display language to be in English on the Oculus website (that has the language selection on the footer of the webpage). Despite that selection, around half the content is in Finnish anyway. I'...

Horizon won’t update

My Facebook Horizon gives me the option to update but every time I click on update it doesn’t do anything. But it won’t allow me to open up the app until it is updated. I’ve tried turning off my Oculus and turning it back on and I’ve also tried to cl...

My oculus wont work at all

I had it for little over 2 months I got 256gb one I purchased sniper elite and went to power on my head set it won't power off nor go past oculus logo im pretty **bleep**in pissed I dumped like **bleep** near 800 total just for it to break this fast ...

USB Device Not Recognised? Air Link, No Homes will load?

After months of exhausting efforts from Oculus Support and Asus, to try and get the Quest 2 PC cable link to be recognised by new Intel 11th gen MB (ROG Maximus XIII Hero). The very last effort was to try a Gigabyte USB 3.2 Gen2x2 PCIe expansion card...

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