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Oculus, please just respond and RMA my headset.

Oculus I am beyond disappointed. Firstly you shipped an astounding number of quest 2 headsets with fan problems, mine included, and now after being told to wait for “24 to 36 hours” for an RMA I’m having to post this on any social media I can to try ...

Air Link Black Screen On GTX 1050

Hi all, I'm posting because I'm having compatibility issues with my MSI & air link. As listed I am running it through GTX 1050 (which isn't supported, I know) and I was able to boot up Skyrim VR without lag once and never again. Now I have the classi...

Issue with Quest 2 Air Link.

Decided to play VR this morning before work. Launched my system and my headset as usual. Launched Airlink and received "Oculus has detected a problem with your graphics drivers. Learn more." Following the link takes me to the page advising me to upda...

How to hyperlink between apps ?

Hi all, I'd like to know if it's possible to directly navigate between apps, like if you're clicking on a web hyperlink, without opening occulus menu, going to the right app, open it, authenticate etc... For instance, I'd like to go from one private ...

RMA issues - missing elite strap

Is there a formal way to make a complaint at all? I’ve been talking with support for about 8 weeks now about a missing elite strap replacement which they say their courier has lost. They claim to be investigating the situation but I’m still without a...

Superhot vr for Quest 2 not working

I've played Superhot many times before my problem started. In the past, it worked great. Now, when I try to start the game it will show the "cloud sync" bar then it goes black and sends me back to my lobby. I want to preface this by saying that I do ...

Mammios by Level 2
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Airplane Mode?

Quest 2 was having trouble with limited connection on a public WiFi. Now it says Airplane Mode anytime I try to turn on the WiFi. I have no idea how this happened or how to turn off airplane mode

Time setting is incorrect even after factory reset

The time zone on the oculus quest 2 is not displaying the correct time.I have restore the factory setting (twice) and it seems to display the UTC time rather than my CST time zone. Any help is appreciated.

Blades and sorcery black screen

I click on blade and sorcery and it does not want to work it just stays on the black screen I have wasted one hour on this and it’s becoming quite frustrating to play. I’m not looking forward to refunding I just want to play a game I’ve paid for. Als...

Air link is having problems

Hi, i have a problem with Air link where if i try to connect with my computer it glitches out. it moves by itself theres like not rendered things and it doesnt work for some reason.

Anyone else have this problem

Hiya! I’m bronzliy call me ash, and I recently refunded an app on the quest 2 and it said it is approved, but I didn’t get my money back? And I was wondering if anyone can help me with this.

Connect Steam VR, Oculus Quest 2 to Gaming Laptop

Hello I Have a Acer Helios 300, Intel Core i7, 32 GB RAM, NVidia GForce RTX 3070, 1TB Drive, I would like to know how to connect a Oculus Quest 2 to the Laptop to play Steam VR simulator games Like American Truck Simulator.

Resolved! Quest 2 sleeps not matter the settings.

Taped over the sensor inside and put auto sleep at 4 hours, but the headset sleeps / go dark in about 2minutes. I need to press the power button to get back in again usually messing something up while streaming. Seems like settings dosen't matter, 15...

Old email

I can’t reset my pin due to an old email being listed on my profile. What can I do?

Floor calibration issue - Quest 2

I haven't tested this in any games as of yet to see if it actually as an impact, as it was just something I happened to notice, which I swear was not like this the numerous times up until now I've had to re-do the Guardian setup since it seemingly ra...

Resolved! Pc reboots when trying to get my Oculus Rifk DK2 working

So.. today I've got myself an Oculus rift DK2 (of course used), and tried to figure out how to get some VR experience.The first thing I've done was reading the manual. I noticed that oculus used specific cable which I don't have(usb+hdmi instead), bu...


Setting up DK2 at 2021 - from begining

Hey guys!I know that some of you are still using Oculus DK2. I started work as CGI artist recently, and I was given Oculus DK2 to see if I can menage to set it up. It would be great to have any VR set at home to work with it. Can anyone help me to to...

ale.typ by Level 2
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Affliate Link

Hello, I am about to order my oculus quest 2 through I will get 50 euro credit when I activate it.My friend will send me a referral link when I get the vr so I get 30 euros when I activate my headset.But if I already have an account, and ...

Resolved! Oculus Link Black screen but game running on windows

Hello everyone. I have a typicall black screen pcvr problem with my oculus quest 2 using oculus link and Air LinkIt was wroking fine but now when i am launching the drift home i am welcome with a black screen instead. If i launch a game on the oculus...

Oculus Facebook

Facebook is a piece of CRAP. Total Dumpster fire with OCULUS. I SPENT hard CASH and there is no support inside FACEBOOK to setup new Device. I'm looking at passcode to setup a new OCULU2 $500.00 Paper weight. Oclus errors say I'm linked to Facebook. ...

Facebook account banned

Oculus support is atrocious. I've contacted them about this twice and they have not responded to neither email. My first email now being 4 months old. My facebook account linked to my oculus account got banned and now I cannot log into my account. I ...


I can create order and give oculus in Ukraine?