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My Quest 2 Just Bricked Itself...

I am on the newest hotfix of v27.1 or whatever u wanna call it... ugh why? I was just playing beat saber for an hour before this happened, I turned off my headset and turned it back on a few minutes later to see the "updating" logo  I haven't played...

Rec room

Hi all, please can you help me... I was bought an oculus 2 for my 50th birthday, I love this so much, I made the mistake of allowing my grandson on this, he has the rec room on his phone so he tried to put this info onto my VR.. now as soon as I go o...

anoying pop up

When I use the Oculus link it seems to be working fine but I keep getting a thin black pop up saying that my pc doesn't meet the minimum requirements when in fact my pc is over the requirements. So what gives?? and how can I make the pop up go away f...

Date & Time

How do I adjust my Oculus Quest 2's date and time settings

Older Virtual Environments Don't Download

I can only download half of the Virtual Environments. Someone told me these are the ones that first came with the Quest 1. I have the Quest 2. I can't download Classic Home, Cyber City, Space Station, or Winter Lodge. I think there may be a problem w...

Lochleg by Level 3
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Oculus returns

After a few weeks of discussion it was agreed my Quest 2 was to be returned and replaced. They sent return postal form via DHL. Packed it took it to DHL drop of point. Next day it was returned to my house saying because lithium batteries inside and i...

Oculus Quest randomly disconnecting from PC

Alright to walk this through step by step, I load up my Quest (I don't know if the size matters but the 32 GB one but I play through the PC), set my boundary, reset my view so I'm centered, and then plug my Quest into my PC via a 3rd party link cable...

Muttster by Level 2
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Oculus Link/Quest: CPU overheating (95° C)

I am trying to use my Quest on my PC through Oculus Link but there's an issue that's preventing me from fully enjoying it.Here's the basic stats of my PC:CPU: i9-9900K, default clocks, with Noctua NH-L9 heatsinkGPU: RX580, default clocks, stock heats...

My guardian tab won’t work

the guardian tab won’t work and when I press it, it says to enable the guardian settings, re enable guardian in the developer section of settings. I don’t understand what it means

Oculus Research Survey

Hello there! Me and quite a few others had received an email early 2021 asking to take 3 surveys between January through March. After completion of the first survey I was happy to receive my 10$ in early February and eagerly completed the second surv...

Left Controller Will not work

It flashes on and off with the light that signals it is on. That means in vr, the controller phases in and out every second. Its not the battery, we put in 5 different batteries and it still won't work. Does anyone know what could be causing this?

Resolved! Why cant i confirm my facebook account?

It said to "Continue in Your Browser" to confirm my Facebook account but when I click "Continue as Me" it opens up an Oculus website but then it said to instantly "Choose an application to open the oculus link"... i tried everything but it still wont...

Tracking lost at start up

Everytime i restart or start my oculus quest 2 i get the message tracking lost and after 10 second it either show me my guardian or make me draw a new one. I tried every possible thing i could do ( clean the camera, hard reset , clear the guardian da...

Can't click in Virtual Desktop

All of the sudden, when I enable the Link and open Virtual Desktop, it opens my Windows Explorer, but I can't perform any mouse actions. None of the Oculus buttons react to my attempts to click on an icon inside Virtual Desktop. Remotes work fine out...

Steam VR Not working properly

The first time I used my Oculus link it worked perfect with steam VR home, but now, every single time I try to load into steam VR home, it completely laggs out. I get freezeframes of steam VR home, with just a black screen in between frames. (about a...

Broken Straps on Elite Strap with Battery

Straps on my Elite Strap with Battery have cracked and broken with very limited use and always properly stored in the Oculus travel case. Does anyone know how to return for repairs? I love the strap and extra battery power, but I feel the side straps...


Hello, I have a problem in the Oculus Rift. When im in VR, my Friendlist under the "Persons" thing will not load. Does anyone know y? and how to fix it?

Svemue by Level 2
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Right controller tracking not working

My oculus Rift S keeps having problems with tracking my right controller I have tried tons of different things like changing USB ports and completely uninstalling oculus and still nothing changes its been doing it for months and it really annoying I ...

Mic not working

We just recently purchased the quest 2. We do not have the mic muted, in settings or games, but no one can hear us. We’ve tried echo vr and gorilla tag. is there some sort of trick to get it turned on? Shouldn’t be this hard. not using any PC- just o...

Start-up glitch

When ever I try to turn on my oculus quest, it stays on the start up screen. I’m not even able to connect on my phone or turn it off from there. This has happened for a night and half a day, if anyone knows how to fix this pls help me.

Game fails to install.

I paid a solid amount of money for the game 'Creed: Rise to Glory ' so that I could play with my friend. I was excited to play it, until I realized it wasn't installing. I was upset to find this in my notifications: I've tried all kinds of remedies. ...


Resolved! Anyone else having random image problems in Elite:D?

I've been having these issues since several weeks now - and they have recently got worse.They seem to be brought on by bright things in the display - a Sun, the lights on a landing pad or a starport itself. I have even had them in the menu screen.Wha...

game starting issues

so i wanted to remove then re install blade and sorcary and now its all buged out it says i cant play it or install it and it says nothings wrong untill i try to play