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Black Frame Stuttering

Hey,This is my first time on the forums so just bare with me,So I'm developing an arch viz scene in VR but some reason on the Oculus it has this weird stretching/ stuttering surounnding the frame. Here is a visual -

Fuscoe by Level 2
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Any way to remap recenter hotkey?

Is there any way to change the recenter hotkey for Rift? I would like to be able to change it from F12 to another key. F12 snaps a screeny when you are in a steam game and I can't seem to find a way to remap the screenshot key in Steam. I can totally...

74Loki by Level 4
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PC random reboot

PC random reboot after last install Oculus Setup. Logs in attachment. What happen?

mrGates by Level 2
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Gear VR Setup Wizard - Unexpected Error

I tried uninstalling my Oculus app on my Note 4 because of the continued crashing issue. In the past I was able to uninstall and then re-install the app. Now when I go to re-install the Gear VR Setup Wizard just hangs on the install screen with the m...

theroux by Level 2
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Oculus Controls

Oculus controls nor working with games i'v purchased like Project Cars and Eagle Flight. Please help

Display in both eyes is dark

I've had the Rift since the beginning of June. Yesterday everything was fine, but today when I put it on the image in both eyes was too dark. I'm still able to see and play most games, but it's very hard to see what's happening in already-dark parts ...

Wit by Level 2
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Oculus DK2 broken positional tracker

Hi, i was playing on my dk2 when my pc shut off. When i tried to turn it on it wasn't responding so i replaced some parts and i got it working. Everything was fine until i found out my dk2 positional tracker is not being detected by pc. It acts norma...

Software Issues

Oculus update broke system, headset will not turn on after update this morning.

MarkH53 by Level 3
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Oculus Compatibility Tool Does Not Run On My Computer

I have a quite reasonable gaming pc, that can run all the games I currently play on 1080p at max settings. I am thinking about buying an Oculus Rift so I first downloaded the Oculus compatibility tool. I run the thing but nothing happens. I've tried ...

Phedg1 by Level 3
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No internet: OVRServer _x64 use 25% UC

Since yesterday, the phone and internet cable was cut after a truck crashed in the pole. Waiting that my provider repairs, i had no internet since yesterday. And the OVRServer_x64.exe sent internet request all of the time and used 25% of the UC.Is it...

jef32 by Level 3
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Oculus App Not Seeing Backed Up Games

I have re-installed the Oculus app on my new PC due to errors (not letting me install games). I actually downloaded a bunch of games from the Oculus Store onto my laptop and I attempted to move these titles to the new computer (D drive) in the softwa...

Cellien by Level 3
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Anshar Wars 2 with touch

How do I get the touch remotes to work with said game. The game loads and starts perfectly but the entire time there is a picture of a red controller indicating that it is not plugged in. When I get to the menu screen I cannot continue forward becaus...

handb94 by Level 2
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Oculus Games not installing

So yesterday I downloaded games like Google Blocks and The Unspoken and I was able to play them well, but today my Oculus home doesn't get past the loading phase and when I check my library online to try and open the game, it says not installed. The ...

Purchased Game not installing

I just purchased "Keep talking and nobody explodes" and with it got "ripcoil" for free for purchasing a game. Neither of the two games will install. I do not get an error message or any indication of the download failing, I click to install and nothi...

oNephy by Level 2
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Oculus can't be found, please use your headset error

I'm done now, every 2 minutes my headset does not get regonized by the 2 sensors, even not when I'm directly pointing them to my headset. I don't now what I should do now. Sensors are placed like they should: ERROR, bigger gab between the sensors: ER...

Gru by Level 2
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Calibrating rift

Been using it for a week or so now. When I first set up the Rift I had to put in ho tall I was for the sensor to calibrate correctly. Since then I have moved the sensor higher and further away. How the hell do I reset the calibration?Also, the displa...

Oculus Hardware Error

No matter what I do I cannot get past the Oculus Hardware Error while trying to do my Rift setupEverything was previously working then a week ago I was having issues and had to rerun setup and now I'm stuck here and can't get pastI've tried the follo...

tehpsyc by Level 2
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One of the sensors don't work.

Hi, so I have been using the Oculus for about a month or two now, and there haven't been too many hitches in the setup at the start, however when I tried to set up the Oculus yesterday one of the sensors didn't work!When I plug in the sensor, the LED...

The People's House just hangs

I tried to watch The People's House, and every time I fire it up, I simply get a blank screen with an hourglass. No error messages to help troubleshoot. So I went ahead and created logs, and am posting them here. The only thing I see in the log file ...

Virtual Desktop

Anyone having trouble with Virtual Desktop? Mine has been broken for about 10 days and crashes every time. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Nothing works. It may have to do with new Win 10 update, not sure, but program is now completely br...

after 1 month without problems, huge judder! Unplayable

first, sorry for my bad English (can I explain in French?), and Bonjour  My config is nice; I7-6700K GTX 1080 and 16 Go RAM (mobo MSI Z170-A PRO). (no worries about that for sure)I could use my Oculus perfectly during 2 weeks, everything was super w...

BVV_Fr by Level 4
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Can someone help me pick a motherboard - cheap one?

I hear most of them have the asmedia chip for the usb.Can someone help me pick the best one for my AM4 Ryzen and for the rift

Rift Headphones Wire Loose!!

Has anyone else encountered this problem as of yet? I accidently stood on my Rift the other day and upon checking it, I noticed one of the headphones had come off and there is a loose wire in the headphone itself, I checked the other one and it seems...

trojan6 by Level 2
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