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Low GPU Usage and FPS Elite Dangerous

Not sure why but it seems like all of the sudden I'm having this issue. If I turn off ASW (CTRL+1) I get 71 FPS at 68% GPU. If I turn it back on (CTRL+4) I get 45 FPS at about 42% GPU usage (in a station) or 45FPS and low 30% GPU usage outside. I tho...

Change level of head after first setup

Its my first contact to the rift, so plz dont mind if my question is stupid.I made the first setup in a standing position, but I am used from PSVR to sit in my chair while playing.But if I sit down, the helper lines are shown (I know, i can deactivat...

merano2 by Level 3
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im getting low fps and all VR games and a low gpu load, my cpu is not bottle-necking as it barely goes above 50%..this is only in VR and it does not make a difference if i put the graphics on ultra or lowmy system isi7-3770K ProcessorGTX980tihttp://p...

JD911 by Level 2
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Rift & Touch - Constant lagging and crashing. Help please?

Ok I feel like I'm going crazy trying to get the Rift to actually work longer than 5 minutes. It'll run fine to start, exactly what I expect, then it starts to build up slow delays, until the sound delay becomes obnoxious, and the games become unresp...

4ft tall after Robo Recall

I setup my 3 sensor system in the usual way setting my height as 6'1"Finished a level of RoboRecall and found myself to be only 4' tall when I returned to the home screen.Looks like the height creep bug is still there in 1.14Edit: I found a fix !!In ...

update 1.14 sux!!!!!!!

This is the dumbest update ever. I don't what these fools have done, but now when I reset my sensors and go through the process, it tells me that my front sensors are in the wrong position ( I have three sensors). I have not moved them! The front two...

mphotog by Level 3
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Oculus can`t find sensors after updating driver today

Hello,just started up home and it told me I had to do an update. After home is telling me to connect my sensors (got two). In windows device manager it says driver is unavailable for both. I have: disconnected sensors, tried new usb ports and also re...

How to wire PC with TV AND Oculus?

Normaly I play PC gamen on my TV. But to connect the Rift, I allways have to replace HDMI cables. I tryed a HDMI switch, but this seems to work only with input, not output.Any suggestions?

merano2 by Level 3
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Just got Batman: Arkham VR and it wont start

This is the first game I've had issues with after purchase on oculus store, but it gets to the screen saying it's taking a while to load and check the PC. The window is hung and wont react at all, after about 5 minutes i ended up killing it in task m...

Can't update Oculus App with DK2

I'm getting this in OVRLibraryService.log:[Debug] [12.12.2016 8:08:11] Starting up OVRLibraryService v1.7.0.0.[Debug] [12.12.2016 8:08:11] Starting up.[Debug] [12.12.2016 8:08:11] IPC connection opened.[Debug] [12.12.2016 8:08:11] IPC thread running;...

maa_boo by Level 2
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Install Error

Hi All,i'm having major issues installing the set-up software.i keep getting the "Error - Restart computer and try again"ive read up on the forum and most comment say either check:Disable Mcafee - which i dont haveDisable Firewall - its a big company...

Have to disable my other controllers to use Oculus touch

I'm not sure how other people get around this, but I have to disable my other controllers using a program called Usbdeview when playing Oculus games. If I don't I find myself walking forwards in games without even touching the touch controllers becau...

So, did an update break stuff?

Ok, so I was using my Rift, happily, it was working perfect, no issues whatsoever. All of a sudden today, for no reason whatsoever, I am getting an error that I need to plug my sensor into a USB 3.0 port. Well, I have 2 senors, the one that originall...

PC random reboot

Since installing the Oculus Rift my computer has been randomly rebooting and crashing on its own. No BSOD. I tried to search for similar symptoms online. Most are saying that either its the USB port drawing too much power, or the power supply is tapp...

HELP PLEASE! Fatal error in GC : open of log file failed

My English is not good, I try my best to say the problem clearly, thank you for your patience to read this : ( . I consistently having this problem recently : My oculus rift was function properly at the first 2 month, but recently(about one month ago...

yuhao by Level 3
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third sensor usb cable

Hey I got a three sensor setup. The usb cable that comes with the third sensor is it possible it could suddenly just die? It doesn't work any longer with that cable. I got another cable from 1984 and it its working fine with that though. So the quest...

Squeaky trigger

Any tips on how to stop a squeaky trigger? It just started out of the blue. Sounds like a tiny bird chirp.

Screen door effect in Oculus

I have heard this called the screen door effect. whenever there is a black or close to black background it looks like there is a screen door over my view .... or it looks like there are a million microscopic white dots. Is this normal or is my headse...

Can't Play Other Apps from Home Screen

I downloaded Ghost Mine VR on my Samsung S8 but can't figure out how to play it from the Oculus home screen. I'll start the Ghost Mine app on the phone but the Oculus home screen automatically pops on when I plug my phone into the Gear VR and I canno...