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World Moving Around Me

So I'm running a 3 sensor setup with the front sensors about 7 feet apart and about 7 feet off the ground, the rear sensor about 8 feet back from the left front sensor and the same height. They're all pointed in such a way that when I do the guardian...

games dont start- Oculus Apps antivirus false positive

I got some huge problems with some games after 2-3d the oculus runs smoth.Aka the app start failure, missing file, games dont start, start loop.Try to exclude the oculus software folder from your antivirus, try to allow the processes/executable from ...

Dambala by Level 3
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Problems installing to D: drive

I uninstalled the Oculus software a choose the default of D:\OculusApps when installing again, but when I hit next to install, the path automatically changes to C:\ProgramFiles\Oculus.

I am too big?

Hi. My problem is simple: I am too big. In games my char has the size of at least 3m! I have no idea, how to fix this. If an Object is at the ground of the game area, it is impossible to reach! The floor of the real world is in 1m hight of the ingame...

Oculus Home menu clock not passing time

My Oculus Home menu clock stopped updating the time during one of my Echo Arena play sessions. I was keeping an eye on the time to make sure I stopped playing in time to leave for an appointment. I pressed the home button and checked it once, thinkin...

Oculus Still hasn't shipped yet?

So I ordered my Oculus on the sale the 12th on July, and I have still not gotten any mail saying it has been sent? I understand that there are alot of people who have ordered them now because of the sale but it just seems odd that it still hasn't shi...

Cibbler by Level 3
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Just bought/ordered my Rift!

Hey! (Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place)I have just ordered my Oculus Rift, but they have told me how long it will take to come or anything, also they haven't taken any money from my paypal account. Just wondering if anyone knows about whe...

JayyyKB by Level 2
  • 10 replies
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Resolved! Windows 10 no menu issue?

Hi all,Python developer, getting into C, but not enough to solve these problems on my own yet - I'm on windows 10 and having an issue where the menu screen is black. I know the Rift is still working, because when I get close to the boundaries, it sho...

Shipping delays?

Hi there, I ordered a Rift yesterday (61300516593044).I'm not complaining, just curious has to how long shipping will take to Australia, as I go away next Tuesday?Must be swamped with orders at the minute and I apologise for wasting time. Thanks.

Oculus home screen is now behind me...cant turn it around

So the new problem today...had the headset 4 days so far and 3 hardware issues mind put the headset on and Boom the home screen is behind me. Steam VR works just fine. Oculus home is shit pure I know Steam was ...

Multiple room settings

Good morning, i have a question about multiple room setup. I like to set up my rift with 3 sensors in the living room for room scaling games and run two more near my PC for sitting experiences with joysticks, rudder, throttle, racing wheel....Excuse ...

Dambala by Level 3
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CV1 intermittently disconnects

Hello everyone.I recently upgraded from a 980 Ti to a 1080 Ti (the FTW3 edition from EVGA).I have been having a frustrating issue ever since I did that.I'm directly connecting to the HDMI port on the 1080 Ti. After some time, Oculus home will say it ...

Rock Band VR xbone controller doesn't work

Purchased a new Xbox One controller bundled with the game code from Amazon. The game recognizes the controller is plugged in but no buttons work to continue to the main menu.I've got a ticket in with Oculus (no response in 2 days) a ticket in with Ha...

Hodup by Level 2
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Help finding Oculus Software Updates Link

My Samsung Oculus Gear VR is showing Oculus Updates Needed It says go to under Samsung Gear VR, select Oculus Software Update, but there is no such link or I am just not finding it yet. Any assistance would be very apprecia...

Pb aléatoire - HDMI non détecté

Bonjour,Hier, j'ai branché mon oculus sur mon PC ASUS ROG Core I7. L'HDMI ne se détectait pas, j'ai effectué une maj des drivers de ma carte graphique NVDIA Geforce GTX 670MX, le casque s'est connecté et j'ai pu tester un grand nombre d'apps. Aujourd...

catheca by Level 2
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Can't install certain games

I just got the Rift for Christmas and I just wanted to try some free stuff to take it for a spin. Only a handful of games I've tried to download actually start downloading, and the one that I want to try the most, Dead & Buried, also won't install.Th...

Oculus Sensor not Recognizing USB 2.0 Port

I just picked up the Oculus Rift and Touch Controllers bundle a few days ago and have not been able to get them working correctly. I have two sensors, but only one of them registers inside of a USB 2.0 port. I cannot use my USB 3.0 ports because they...

Sensor question

I am not sure if this can be done , so here goes I mostly do sim racing with my CV1 and some times enjoy Touch controller games . My question is can I have all three sensors connected and only enable the two that I have placed on the wall when using ...

Facebook Spaces can't connect with people via video chat

Anyone having issues with Facebook Spaces unable to ring and video chat with people NOT within Rift? It used to work a few months back, but now I can't get any friends. They don't even get the notification that they are being hailed

mbze430 by Level 7
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Oculus not loading?

So I bought my Oculus yesterday and setup went smoothly, but now today, the games I downloaded and played yesterday say not installed and they wont let me reinstall them. And the Oculus homescreen won't get past the loading so I have no way to fix it...

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