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Resolved! Everything is missing

Whenever i go on my quest it shows that i have absolutely nothing in my library no browser no games etc, and when i go to the store nothing shows up at all i had tons of games and now i cant play any, help?Also i think this started as soon as i start...

Turning on and charging problem

I bought the Oculus quest in Canada and brought to Korea. I tried to charge it with converter and it worked but once it turned on, the screen turned black so I tried to reset it by pressing both turn on button and volumebutton. But right after the li...

Warhammer 40k Battle Sisters saved games not working

HelloI am having trouble with Warhammer 40,000: Battle Sister.Oculus PC version with Air Link to Quest 2.The games checkpoints do not work. Game runs fine. After finishing anychapter (1 + 2) quitting the game and coming back. All progress islost. Con...

Ocboc by Level 2
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Double Minimums: Storage and Price

I'm having two issues. First off, I'm trying to download a game that says I need a minimum of 3 GB. It says that I don't have enough room, click on this button to go see your folders, etc. I do so, and the page I'm taken to shows that I have 4.89 gb ...

Initial Setup

Hello, I just bought my Quest 2 and for some reason I am stuck in a restarting loop on the software update during the initial set up. Anyone no how to fix this issue?


I bought my quest 2 a few months ago and I was having fun, but none of my friend had a vr headset so I decided to buy a link cable, so I could play games that worked on pc and vr when it came I tried it and it wasn't working so well, so I tried air l...


Every time I try to buy a game it says that i cant can someone please help me no one will respond to me

Not the only person with this problem

I got my oculus today and I have tried not one not two but three different cards that i KNOW work so I can purchase games, even tried purchasing on the website on my laptop and i keep getting the error message "sorry, we couldn't add your payment met...

RMA Timeline is Ridiculous/Rant

Can I get some insight into this?I receive a new Quest 2, works alright, shortly after, I notice it has something faulty with it so I contact support and they authorize a RMA.June 1st I ship it using the instructions they gave meJune 2nd UPS tells me...

bemosco by Level 2
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won't start

Been getting a tracking notice for a few days saying it can't track... then it works just fine.Now however the headset won't run the software at all. Power comes on. I see the logo. I hear the startup tone.I see the 3 dots...I see my safety zone thin...

Black Windows after update

I There,Since my last update i can’t use my oculus quest. It start, i see oculus logo, i’ve sound but nothing more all si black. Restarting do not help... What can i do ?

I don't see any "Standalone HMD" as storage in File Explorer

I have my quest 2 plugged into my PC, and it is turned on. Whenever I go to "This PC" in File Explorer, I just see my C Drive (Built in) an my D Drive (External SSD). Are there any reasons why I am not seeing "Standalone HMD" as well? If so, what are...

Octulus rift S

Hej. Plötsligt så verkar det inte som att headsetet inte konfigurerar. Det är bara svart fast den oranga lampan lyser.vad har hänt?

Unable to install program for rift s

Ive tried downloading the rift program on my desktop it keeps trying to put it in the c drive when i download it to D or E of even F it still tries to install to the C drive can’t get it to download to any other drive. Then i put it on my laptop with...

They don't send me the facial interface

Everything has been correct with the request for the replacement, he sends me the message to fill in the form and surprise, Facebook Oculus international company (according to they say) they do not send where I live, so I am left without a replacemen...

YiMi_VR by Level 2
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Oculus 2 Update Issues (sorted)

I have had this Oculus 2 for less than a year.I just had to do my second factory reset in that time due to an update dropping me to the black screen of death,I have no pirated software, no custom mods, no "hacks" of any kind.While I appreciate that t...

TBwn by Level 4
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Oculus Quest 2 Stuck on black screen

I booted the headset, and everything looked normal, but I couldn't confirm the guardian boundary. I restarted it, and it got stuck on a black screen. It is on, I have confirmed that, both with the fact that the screens are giving off light, and the p...

Mixed Reality Capture can't send config to Quest 2

I see that my post is similar to this unanswered one from 1/2020: When I get to the "Save to Headset" step in the MRC application, the button shows the...

Reset patern

Come there’s nothing that shows you how to reset your pattern if you can’t do if you forgot it they need to show you this no one post about it