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Refund for my purchase on tilt brush.

Trying to find how to submit a refund on here I followed the directions on how to get one on this app? my son and I had bad effects when we played the oculus I got dizzy and my son who is 14 vomited as if he was in a horror movie. I returned the head...

No confirmation

I ordered my rift today at 10 pm as a gues and i d like to ask : is it normal that i dont receive a confirmation email ?

Half my games will not run - New machine and Rift+Touch

Hi,I just got my new Rift+Touch bundle this past Wed, and a new machine (specs below) on Thursday. 6 of the 12 games I have downloaded will not run.These run fine:MediumQuillBlocksDead and BuriedAdeventure TimeLucky's TaleThese have never launched su...

Desk top apps and use for those with visual impairment.

Hi there! I am a visually impaired person. I purchased this mostly for the idea that, with the desk top app, the desk top could come to my eyes instead of my eyes to my desk top in bad posture.  Kind of a big issue for me. There are a few tweaks tha...

Orders from bestbuy Canada still include 7 games?

Ordered from and it doesn't mention the 7 free games. It only mentions it include some luckys tale, can anyone confirm if the best buy version come as with the other ones (mainly robo recall lol)

Non PCIE USB 3.0 alternative

Hello,On my current system my 2nd PCIE slot is taken by Wifi Card.I was wondering if there is any alternative to the recommended PCIE usb card suggested by Oculus.

heefx by Level 2
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Rift - Display Flickering

After playing for about 30 mins, the display on the HMD starts going black, and occasionally I shows what looks like static. The mirrored game play looks normal throughout everything. Never used to do this, but for the last month or so it happens eve...

Needing a new cable

Having looked at the ridiculous pricing of a replacement cable, £50! i was wondering how readily Oculus give them out when your own becomes faulty without any abuse. Is it fairly easy or do they make you work for it?Many thanks.

G0rds by Level 2
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cancelled order?

i ordered a headset yesterday when the sale went live, was pretty excited.this morning i get two emails from support telling me my order's been cancelled, and i have to contact them if i want to know why. they charged my card so i know it's not payme...

Roomscale 2 diagonal sensors blocked at 2 meters

Hello,I would like to do a diagonal roomcale with 2 sensors, but the configuration tool limits me to 2 meters of distance between the sensors. Yet I saw a video where a developer from Fantastic Contraption managed to do it on a 3 meter distance betwe...

Oculus and Vireio help pleae

Hi everyone I'm trying to get any game to work with Vireio and unable to. Read through all the manuals and combed the forms but I can't find any help. When I launch as admin, perception.exe V4.0.0 I get 3 drop downs, choose oculus rift direct mode - ...

rss334 by Level 2
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PC rebooting when I open oculus app with Rift connected

So I just bought the Oculus Rift and connected it to my PC but everytime I start the Oculus App my whole PC reboots and this only happens once therift is connected to the 3.0 USB port if I remove it I'm able to start it upwith out a problem but that ...

Unable to Pay at Oculus Rift Store

I already have a CC details saved as my method of payment but when i try to buy something (in this case 1x Rift Sensor) its asks me for my CC details still? even after entering me details again it wont let me proceed to the check out. i;ve tried this...

Cant get Past EULA for EVE:VAlkyrie

When I load up Eve:Valkyrie it brings me to a room to accept/decline Eula asks me to pres "A BUTTN" to accept, however it does not recongnize the A button - I cant get past this screen. Give me a fix or refund plase. tried it with both my touch and x...

CPTOzzy by Level 2
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video playback issue

When I play a video in 360 it plays it in horizontal split screen mode, did not used to have this issue before can anyone help?

Is my sensor dead !!

It does not show up on device manager, does not show up on oculus home, only time i just hear windows device connected sound from it is when i plug it with the usb 2.0 extension, but it does not show itself again anywhere !! The other 2 is just worki...

Nothing's worst than an Oculus gone bad...

Nothing's worst than an Oculus gone bad when you have friends that you only see a few times a year over to check it out. After months of all the hype of getting together for a weekend of food, drinks, retro gaming and using the Oculus with the Virtui...

Kevinaki by Level 7
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Shipping Days

Hey, I was wondering if the Shipping Warehouse shipped and prepped oculuses for shipping on the weekends (including Friday). Thanks.

BigLDP by Level 3
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Oculus setup.exe failure

Please help. Just got Rift today. File downloads. As soon as click on it there's a slight pause then it fails with a sign saying. "oculus setup has stopped working" I've tried all the work throughs I can find on here. Windows all up to date, nvidia u...

Lucky's tale keeps crashing to green screen

Hi,Enjoying my rift, all works well except for lucky's tale.I can play for a couple of minutes but then the screen in the headset goes to black, the screen on my pc has gone to green at that point and the pc is unresponsive, forcing a hard reset. EDI...

Downa by Level 2
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Downloaded and paid for the app. When I Start I get a "Fatal Error" Pop up that says: Can't initialize rendered. Current D3D video device is not supported by game. My specs are solid. GTX 970, 16GB RAM, I7 processor - I have no other problems with an...

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