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Only left screen works.

Only left screen works, white light is onI am going crazy now for 4 days trying to solve this.Windows 10 64 bit.Nvidia titan ZAsus rampage V 3.1i7 Extreme cpu64GB gskill ramI have had the headset in a usb 2.0 3.0 3.1 slotI have tried in the HDMI, dis...

Problem of requirements

Hello, I have a pc with an i7 960 and a gtx 1080, I bought the glasses and they do not work, it puts me missing requirements, I know it is my processor, I have a i7 960 and should have a minimum of a i3 6100, can I do Something to solve this problem?

Please get me a refund. Please.

I mistakenly bought superhot vr but I didn't know it needs VR.So I need to get refund , pleaaaaaaas.I bought "superhot VR" and my credit card number is ________________ (mastercard)My email adress is _______________. Please. give me a refund.

Resolved! No DK2 in Windows 10 graphics screen

Hi, i know the dk2 is not supported but i cant think of anywhere else to ask this.What it is i downloaded and installed the latest Oculus setup for windows and can get the dk2 into the Oculus home screen and even play Elite and Apollo 11 no problem. ...

Davez22 by Level 2
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Oculus Apps start on PC screen and not in VR

When starting an app from my Oculus Library, the app will start up in a window on my PC, but on the Oculus, it still says "Sorry, is taking a while to load. If this issue persists, please take off your headset and check this app on your computer." T...

extension cable doesn't work on a new graphics card

Hello, I have had a Asus GTX 980 Ti Strix for a while.I was using a dvi to hmdi converter and then a 6" extension cable - and it has been working like a charm, no issues.Now I've upgraded to a Arous 1080 Ti card, and it stopped working. - Oculus soft...

Kottal by Level 3
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Rift Headset Disconnecting

Everytime I move or readjust my headset it disconnects and usually the game needs to restart. Don't mention if I have to take a bathroom break. What do I need to do to bypass this?

Stuck at "Please continue in your browser"

Just installed the oculus setup file, and gotten to this, and when the link opens up in the browser and i click "continue", the wheel in the spacebar just spins endlessly, and nothing happens, i had it sit for 10- and 15min. And nothing happens, what...

p0int92 by Level 3
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How long does it take to process??

Hi. I ordered my oculus monday via paypal. My payments werent going through or my order. I switched to my debit. How long should this take? Im just super excited for my oculus!!

pyro13 by Level 2
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HDMI no connection

I've just revieved my headset and I can't get passed the set up. All the usbs are working just not the HDMI. I've tried plugin the headset into 3 different PCs but I get the same message on those. I've also made sure the cable is plugged into the hea...


I can install the setup tool i tried everything but nothingplease help l dont want to return this product i just bought it 2 days ago isays aways " LOOKS LIKE WE CANT SEARCH THE OCULUS SERVER " andnothing happen but when i want to install this on my ...

Question about replacement rift

I've got a replacement rift on the way today as my other was faulty. My Oculus software is already installed. Will I be able to plug my new headset in and be able to use or do I need to uninstall everything? Also will I need to create another account...

cannot download oculus software

its been 3 days and tried everything wont let me down load software! it says cannot connect to oculus servers and check your internet connection. and i do have internet access. please help!

rubis8 by Level 2
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World Moving Around Me

So I'm running a 3 sensor setup with the front sensors about 7 feet apart and about 7 feet off the ground, the rear sensor about 8 feet back from the left front sensor and the same height. They're all pointed in such a way that when I do the guardian...

games dont start- Oculus Apps antivirus false positive

I got some huge problems with some games after 2-3d the oculus runs smoth.Aka the app start failure, missing file, games dont start, start loop.Try to exclude the oculus software folder from your antivirus, try to allow the processes/executable from ...

Dambala by Level 3
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Problems installing to D: drive

I uninstalled the Oculus software a choose the default of D:\OculusApps when installing again, but when I hit next to install, the path automatically changes to C:\ProgramFiles\Oculus.

I am too big?

Hi. My problem is simple: I am too big. In games my char has the size of at least 3m! I have no idea, how to fix this. If an Object is at the ground of the game area, it is impossible to reach! The floor of the real world is in 1m hight of the ingame...

Oculus Home menu clock not passing time

My Oculus Home menu clock stopped updating the time during one of my Echo Arena play sessions. I was keeping an eye on the time to make sure I stopped playing in time to leave for an appointment. I pressed the home button and checked it once, thinkin...

Oculus Still hasn't shipped yet?

So I ordered my Oculus on the sale the 12th on July, and I have still not gotten any mail saying it has been sent? I understand that there are alot of people who have ordered them now because of the sale but it just seems odd that it still hasn't shi...

Cibbler by Level 3
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Just bought/ordered my Rift!

Hey! (Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place)I have just ordered my Oculus Rift, but they have told me how long it will take to come or anything, also they haven't taken any money from my paypal account. Just wondering if anyone knows about whe...

JayyyKB by Level 2
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