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distance between two sensors less than 1m.

Hi!Yesterday i began to configure oculus via oculus setup, and i reached the step when the touch is detected. After squeezing the trigger, when you see the drawing showing where the sensors are placed, i always get the message "retry the setup, there...

Poor Web Site Search Capabilties

Hi,Could you please get in touch with your web people and your app store and make the things useable cause if you dont you going to loose your market share to Steam!!.. Oculus are owned by FB, the most valuable website in hostory and you cant make a ...

9d by Level 3
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Can't update any games anymore

Hi, I've been away from the forum for a while, but I'm back cuz I seem to have a bit of a problem.Oculus cannot update any games anymore, as it keeps saying for every game that it has been blocked by my antivirus, now I run Avast, and I've never had ...

Can't detech Headset USB/HDMI

I have reinstalled the Oculus software. I have updated my graphics drivers. I checked the drivers for all USB ports and everything is up to date. I have restarted my PC multiple times and nothing is working.I got my headset a month ago right when the...

JustenB by Level 2
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ASUS Strix GTX 970 Displayport

Hey everyone,I'm new here, so hello. I have a few questions. I get my Rift friday, and i want to be ready.1. I've heard horror stories about my GTX 970 Strix and the Rift. Damaged HDMI ports. Was considering using the displayport instead. It is full ...

Oculus Install

Cannot get install to complete"Librarian exited code 6"?Can you provide assistance,Thanks,Dan

Multiple users one rift

It has been asked many times but I have never seen an answer. I have 2 kids, both of which (including myself) want to use the Rift. I purchase a game on my oculus account and want to let my kids play too, using their own Windows login. How does this ...

Cannot duplicate display (display shown as VGA?)

Greetings, Ive just received my Oculus rift but I ran into an issue when it comes to displaying. Once I'm in the screen resolution tab in win7 I can't duplicate the monitors, the oculus (2nd monitor) is named as "Display device on: VGA". Obviously it...

i cant link paypal with oculus acc

what can i do? i will link my oculus acc with paypal for buying content but it doesnt work. after a call with paypal they told me they cant find an error in your own system.

Project Cars stuttering since 1.17

Is it a known bug, that project cars is extremly bad since oculus patch 1.17 or is it just for me? Sometimes its stuttering from the beginning, so i have to restart oculus home, to get it smooth again. But even if it starts smooth, after an hour of r...

San Base Travel (Fractal Universe) needs Remote

Hello!I'm one of the buyers, of the new bundle. That there is not an Controller (I've already one) and no remote, that I've known before. Wasn't a problem until now.But now, it looks, like the only way to control the app "San Base Travel" (Fractured ...

Green Line Runs Through My Right Lens

I've tried doing everything i'm able to do to try and fix this except open up the headset does anyone know a solution to this or do I just need to get a replacement.

curse of the crimson cauldron has broken rec room

My daughter loves rec room, but the curse of the crimson cauldron seem to have broken it. it simply shows the advert/startup screen and then just hangs, it offers no way to get past the "curse of the crimson cauldron" board and enter the rec room lob...

Using steam apps from Oculus home causes controller problem

Since the last update I can start Oculus games purchased via steam from the Oculus home library. But if i do so, my controller is not recognized in the steam game. I had this issue lately with Elite Dangerous. To be clear: The controller was on, it w...

merano2 by Level 3
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Info about Oculus Rift + Touch bundle and a total of 2 sensors

I'm searching info before buy this bundle. I follow Oculus since it's first steps on kickstarter but my huge economic problems said me to wait before that buy. Now it's coming with this bundle "Oculus + Touch" at 449 euro (wich is -a lot of money- in...

Dan108_ by Level 5
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Whammy bar not functioning for new PS4 guitar in Rock Band VR

Anyone else have a problem with the PS4 controller whammy bar Rock Band VR.It really sucks, I can't complete the tutorial and I can't move in the "menu room" to select quick play or anything like that. Dead in the water and very bummed. Trying to fig...

Erroll by Level 4
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Killing Floor Incursion

I pre-ordered it , but no option to download game just to buy it. Any others having same issue?

obeler by Level 3
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Oculus Rift doesnt work fine

Hi everyone: I bought an Oculus Rift 5-6 months ago. Not sure why but when I look rear the device just doesnt track. Tried contact but the return policy is just 1 month. Tried to contact Oculus but the support link doesnt work https://suppo...

I have not been given the seven games, please help

Hi.Long ago buy Oculus Rift. But in my store I have not been given the seven games, only Lucky's Tale, the others cost me money, what do I have to do to get it? Already configured the glasses and everything but still costing me money ...I feel my bad...

todopo1 by Level 2
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Sensor USB Poor Tracking Quality -8606 / -8602

Hi,I have a brand new Rift, Touch and laptop (HP Omen -- this one: worked fine for a few day...

ecc84 by Level 2
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