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Oculus link Oculus Quest 2

So after updating my graphics card drivers i can no longer launch oculus link with the link cable...I've tried nearly everything but if anyone knows a solution please feel free to help!. I really dont want to resort to maybe buying another $80 cable....

Top Tier Laptop Does Not Meet Minimum Specs?

I bought this laptop for my birthday not too long ago. I was super excited because it was the first time I bought a top of the line computer and one with an RTX card at that. I was super excited to use my laptop to play VR games but I've run into not...

HDMI connection Issue

Hey everyone, I've got an issue with my Oculus Rift headset. Before now everything worked well but form now my oculus HDMI port isnt recognized by the app. I've been through the whole " Update your drivers, uninstall and reinstall etc.." I hope that ...

I still don't have the 120hz option

120hz option still does not appear in my experimental features in Oculus Quest home. My quest 2 is running V. 29 and my desktop app is also V29. I didn't see the option in V28 and the problem continues. What is happening here? I've reset features, I'...

Echo VR Won't Launch (PCVR)

Hello,Quick summary; I have a Quest 2 connected to my PC via Virtual Desktop. I haven't had an issue with playing anything this way, with the exception of Echo VR.Everytime I try to launch it, I get an error message that says 'An unexpected error has...

SOLVED: ERROR Oculus cant reach service

I just spent a day dealing with oculus issues simply to play my oculus quest 2 (Half Life Alyx 2 was the goal). I did a fresh install of windows, followed by an fresh install of Oculus and hit the aforementioned error message.After following differen...

dvdnzl by Level 3
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Can’t access videos on shared account

I recorded a 30 minute video on a shared account today but when I try to access this video via my PC, it only shows me files on the primary account. How am I supposed to access this video on a shared account now? Anyone else have this problem? I try ...

godavid by Level 2
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Airlink latench issue

Hello, I am having latency issues with the airlink. When I use link with a cable, no problem at all. Virtual Desktop runs fine as well. PC is beefy enough (rtx 3080, ryzen 3600xt-yep needs to change). I checked the debug tool and bitrate setting, it ...

The_AAI by Level 2
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View 3d designs from Sketchup on quest 2 without link cable

Hi all, its been a while and I got bored trying to figure out a way that didnt cost the earth but now I am hoping that someone has figured out how to import files to a quest 2 app that allows me to view my 3d models and show them to my clients. Can a...

w1ngnu7 by Level 2
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My Right Touch controller won't turn on!

Have no Idea why it decided to stop working, but it just did. Really frustrating after paying 200 bucks for these. I bought them off amazon about a month ago. Hope Oculus can help me out or send me a refurb or something! WTH it's only 1 month old. 

Not Able to start a Refund

Hello, I've had Quest 2 for about two months. Never needed a Refund. A week ago I bought SKYBOX VR for $10. Yeah, that's not much, but I am SO frustrated as I have NO freaking clue what to do with it. I thought I could move Movies that are on my comp...

Right trigger is freaking out

So my trigger button on my right controller cant registrer a constant press. It is like it presses on and off multi le Times a second. It is not noticeble in the main menu but in games like Echo arena it is quiet aperent. Anything that could help wit...

New Update

My Q1 updated last night when I turned it on. However it seems to have broken many features. I can no longer access the Oculus menu without exiting the app / game I am currently using and it won't let me share anything, eg. photos. A lot of the menus...

Op1wan by Level 2
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Venues log in

Venues wont let me log in. Just keeps saying log in error. And then going back to log in button.

Controller tracking delay in all steamvr games.

I have been experiencing weird controller tracking delay in all of the steam vr games I've been playing. On pavlov for example I notice my hands lagging behind my real life hands. And when I open the oculus over lay and move my hands the oculus home ...

Computer does not meet minimum required specifications... What?

I just bought a brand new computer, and was getting ready to play some games when I got the message on the top of the app saying my computer does not meet the minimum required speficications. This can't be the case becausing I'm running a RTX 3060, 1...

XukeLho by Level 2
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Resolved! Oculus Link disconnects from PC

I was playing through the oculus link and after I changed rendering resolution and restarted the Oculus app the oculus link stopped working. Now every time I connect to PC my Oculus Quest 2 disconnects and Oculus app posts a message that it cannot fi...

Denvick by Level 2
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Resolved! Promo not working for Lone Echo??

Hi, Just today I received the promo code welcome25 so I wanted to try out lone echo but it does not work. Does anyone know why this might be? The store clearly tells me to use the code below the buy button but it says it can not be applied!At first, ...

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Oculus App Library Button Missing

For some reason, my Oculus App isn't displaying the library button anywhere in the app anymore. This happened about half a month ago, and I've finally grown tired of it not being there. I wanna access my game library from my phone again!!I have tried...