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No HDMI connection - Haven't successfully seen it work yet

Seems like I'm currently unique with my problem I've encountered so I'm starting a new discussion:Specs:i7-4930K980Ti (Version 364.72)Inateck 4-Port USB 3.0Consumer Rift (not DK#, Firmware 707)Occulus App (Version 1.3.1)I plug in my sensor and headse...

nvts8a by Level 2
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Having trouble playing some (DS) videos

First off, the rift is working perfectly for me when it comes to games and apps. And a lot of videos play too. But some don't.I'm using the Oculus video player. It seems that videos that show up with the "DS" tag don't work. I have not been able to f...

mikew03 by Level 2
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last attempt for this forum to help me with 0.08

so. last time I came here all that happened was people yelling at me for trying to run an oculus on my laptop even though I had already informed them that it worked weather they thought it would or not, ergo I'm hoping that I'll actually get some hel...

popit42 by Level 3
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Update 1.14 Fails Repeatedly

Hello,I currently have version 1.13 and never had any problem with previous updates. My system has not changed, yet I continue to get this message after I reboot Oculus Home for update."Sorry, we couldn’t update Oculus. Restart your computer to try a...

Thinking about a touch

I do mostly flight sims, so set down mode, Do the controllers do anything in a non touch game? Can be used as a controller if the app calls for a xbox controller? Will I see a cursor of some type?

bobd14 by Level 4
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can't install the rift due to a Etrhonhub3.sys error

I've just bought a Rift but I can't make it work.Each time I'm trying to install it I've got a BSOD when the setup is asking me to connect the rift and the sensor Looks like it's something about Etron USB3 because the blue screen is mentionning Etrho...

No luck with Display adapters

Specs: i7-7700k, GTX1070, 32GB DDR4, Samsung 500GB nvme SSD.I have a founders edition GTX1070 watercooled from GALAX (KF2A I think is their other name) which has 1x HDMI, 3x DP & 1x DVI. My monitor, an LG 32in Ultrawide, is running off a HDMI cable. ...

ImBleu by Level 2
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Oculus configuration utility

Hi, I am new to oculus. I just got the DK2. I went through the online support page to install the software: "Oculus Rift's setup tool (version 1.3.2)". Besides that I didn't install any other software. I cannot seem to find the Oculus configuration u...

savioni by Level 2
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Oculus Rift CV1 Sensor Inevitable Disconnect.

I have had the Oculus Rift CV1 for about 5 months, and after awhile, I had random sensor disconnects occasionally. And recently, they had become far more common, it would show a notification, which only needed to be dismissed, as the sensor continued...

Resolved! Refunds?

I purchased a game called 'filter' for my gear vr and it simply doesnt work. Just crashes upon launch.Anyway to fix this or ger a refund?

Can't configure room size with Oculus Rift in Steam VR

Hello!I have just installed my Oculus Rift with Touch Controllers and use a 2 sensor setup. I have been able to configure everything normally with Oculus software, Oculus store games run fine.But when I try to configure my room in Steam VR I cannot m...

Hard Copies

Why does Oculus never have Hard copies when we buy other games from other systems we have a resell value only downloading does not let us resell older games that we buy ?

Resolved! Did not receive code for free games?

Wife just bought me the rift and touch, I was told that the touch should come with free games. I don't see a code to redeem these games in either of our emails. How do I get a code?For example, on oculus home, Dead and Buried sayhs free with touch ac...

i feel riped by oculus 2 programs dont work

i have purchased the oculus touch with the purpose to create some art i only bought the touch because it came with medium and quill neither one works oculus support i need help gettin these to run mediun immediately crashes with the error Oculus Medi...

4 Sensor Setup

Hello Rifters,I have 4 sensors and moving to my new house, the bedroom that Im going to install it have 4.10m x 3m. Will the tracking have some trouble with that distances? I read that the diagonal is 4 m max, or can be more then that?Cheers!

White "flashes" in application when built out for Gear VR

I have a project in which I am encountering white flashes while running the application. These white flashes are momentary and rarely happen in quick succession. They also only happen when it's built out and do not appear at the same times across mul...

VR Video Broken After Update?

This is related to Gear VR:I've been using VR Video to play my own videos for quite some time now and I've never had an issue with it before, but ever since the big update, I'm facing a bunch of issues.First issue (Biggest issue): Now there's a line ...

We can't find your headset

I keep getting headset disconnection errors. This occurred right from day 1 dispite trying various different USB ports. I've been into the device settings > power management tab for all my USB ports and disabled energy saving. I even purchased a reco...

siread by Level 2
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Newbie got questions

1. The store is rubbish to navigate, can't find anything I'm looking for, A-Z is not in A-Z order and there's no search function, is this going to be fixed? I see it's still in Beta.2. My headset goes black often and I have to completely close Rift a...

No vision, only sound.

Hello1. I have a 1080 Founders Edition with one hdmi and 1 dvi-d ports2. Yesterday I managed to have monitor plugged into hdmi on motherboard (intel HD) and OR into HDMI port on gtx 1080. Everything worked, I passed the tutorial, had some fun with fr...

Zhurei by Level 2
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No sound or video - headset just doesn't work any more

We've had the rift for a while and has worked just fine. Over the past three weeks, we cannot get the headset to start. I get an error that says the guardian system isn't set up correctly, so we reset it, and the next step is to continue through the ...

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