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Oculus crashes my PC midway into gameplay. PLEASE HELP :(

My Oculus seems to freeze my entire PC around 10-30mins into gameplay, no matter which game. Suddenly game play and sound both freeze, and than within a few seconds the headset goes black and displays a yellow light upon removing the headset. My PC m...

No display on headset during installation

Hi all, Sorry if this is a repeat but I cannot find a specific solution for my setup. I have installed all as directed, I get to the 'continue in headset' part but I get no display in the headset, it has the orange light on and I hear the sound.My la...

App doesn't show up in library

I downloaded an app but it does not show up in the "Uninstalled" section...When I search for the app in the store, it says that I already own it. Anyone know why this is?

Configuration du casque en « Extend Desktop to the HMD »

Salut, alors voila je galère ca fait une heure que je suis desus et ca doit etre tout bete mais je trouve pas. J'ai télécharger le jeux Elite Dangerous et pour y jouer en vr je dois configurer mon casque Oculus en « Extend Desktop to the HMD ». Cepen...

Oculus DK1 exact cables

Hi, a friend of mine gave me his old Oculus DK1 but has lost the 3 cables that came with it... which are the 6ft HDMI cable, 3ft USB cable and the Power Cord with Adapter.I have to buy them again but I have no idea if I need something special or any ...

oculus app windows 7 HELP

I'm trying to install the oculus app for windows 7 and it keeps telling me to install windows 7 hotfixes: KB2670838 and KB3033929 even though i do have them installed. please help

Chronos Crashing on start.

Every time I start Chronos, I get this.Everything is up to date. I have tried to run it in Windows 7 compatibility mode, it runs but the headset is no longer recognized.My video card drivers are up to date and my specs are more than enough. I have lo...

Is my PC good enough to run the Oculus Rift?

My PC specs are:Intel Core i7-6700T Processor @2.8GHz12.0GB RAMGraphics Driver: Intel HD Graphics 530I know my processor and RAM are good enough, but I'm not sure on the graphics card. Thanks

Cannot install certain games on Oculus Store

Hi everyone, I just finished setting up my Oculus Rift DK2 with 1.3, and I've run into a strange issue where I cannot install certain games (Airborne VR 1944 and Ripcoil being two examples), but I can install others (just installed Lucky's Tale). Whe...

Videos wont play after using Oculus

HII found new problem.. sometimes after using oculus to watch VR movies.. they stop working.. like its freezed.I try normal youtube in any browser and its stuck at 0:00 .. until I restart pcany clues ?thanks

Turn oculus off for Elite Dangerous

How to I return the game to 2D mode? I have turned 3D off and checked that the settings have applied in the setting file yet every time I launch Elite it fires up the headset.

Using rift in a room 15M from PC setup?

I have my gaming PC set up in my room, but unfortunatly no room to play, with touch, I have a living room, 15 M away (downstares) I want to know HOW it would be possible to play there? please detail!

Need help! Oculus support team don't answer.

4 days ago we received an e-mail notification from Oculus support team (ticket #372575) that our application "Altair Fulldome Cinema" was removed from Oculus Gear VR Store while some users had a problem with IAP subscription. We fixed that problem im...

BSOD in The Unspoken

Every couple matches, while playing The Unspoken, I get a BSOD: "Page fault on non-paged area"This happen to anybody else?(Even more annoyingly, after the reboot, Oculus then keeps asking me if I want to set up my rift. It's set up and working, but t...

Clarification on hardware and software tied to accounts

Hello, I am in the process of selling my rift and getting a new one (just because, I'm weird like that). I have read a lot of weird thing in the forum, so looking for some clarification from knowledgeable folks (or oculus hopefully...) and not just w...

Sensor Placement Concerns

So I've been looking to finally jump into the world of VR and decided to (potentially) purchase an Oculus rift. My intention is to get the Rift + Touch Controllers + 3rd Sensor setup, but I have some concerns regarding free space and sensor placement...

Areyn13 by Level 2
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Distorted Display?

So I feel like Im noticing my display seems a little distorted lately. At first I thought it was just me and I was just powering through it .. when Im playing its not to noticeable, but if I sit still and try to look around at things I notice some di...

Brand New Rift user with an app issue

I bought Virtual Desktop and tried to launch it. It was up for maybe 2 minutes then crashed and will not launch again. I've only had my Rift for 24 hours but I have no idea how to get this desktop app up and going. Has anyone else experienced this? I...

Ryguy21 by Level 4
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setting up Rift and Touch controllers with only 3xusb 3.0 ports

I am fairly new to the rift and have been reading about various ways to connect sensors and the need to spread them around the usb ports so my question is: I have a ROG GL702VM-GC003T which has 3xusb 3.0 ports and an Intel Thunderbolt 3 with type C c...

sbowloc by Level 3
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Oculus Rift complete freeze my PC

i got this error on Windows Error Logs when the pc come upThe description for Event ID 0 from source OVRServiceLauncher cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrup...

Sensor disconnects

Hi all I using a 360 setup with three sensors, but I'm now getting intermittent sensor disconnects I'm using 2m Ugreen USB 3.0 extension cables that someone recommended, the cables start off ok but after a few minutes they start to disconnect and giv...

Oops01 by Level 4
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Audio mirroring

Is there any way you can choose to mirror the Rift headset audio to another audio device in Windows rather than the default one?

how do I access videos to rent or purchase?

I installed oculus video, but there is no store function that I can see... All I see are facebook 360, vimeo, twitch. There is nothing under my purchases or videos, and the settings tab just shows links to the terms of service page.... Help!!!Are the...

PC2NR by Level 2
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Payment Screen Stuck

hello,im asking for assitance in here since i was not able to find a support button on the homepackge while ordering the rift + touch bundle im on the payment section jsut accepting the credit card terms and i just click on finalize order and nothing...

DIAJAID by Level 2
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