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Ghosting and Blurred Image

Got my Rift S yesterday had no issues until today when I noticed everything is out of focus, getting a lot of ghosting, light trails when moving and sharp edges. Nothing was added or changed since last night when I turned off the computer. The image ...

Ziov by Level 2
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Oculus controllers

Whenever I have the link running with my PC and my oculus the cursor for the PC does not follow either of my oculus controllers and I have no idea why and it usually does. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I can not download certain apps

Hi, space junkie's and summer fun land cannot be downloaded , i can download everything else , but when I want to download those apps again in my library i have a store notification that i can't do it.oculus removed those two apps from the store or w...

Game Crashes

It seems like after I play (population one) for a while the game begins to get choppy and laggy and the more aggressive I play the more the headset can't keep up with the visuals and for split seconds what I see turns in to a 2D picture frozen in spa...


So I bought to games and I didn't like them and I did refund and it say approved but the money didn't come back I have been 4 days and the money didn't came back to me plz help me

Rec Room- Casting audio problem [Oculus Quest 2]

Hi, i am in need of some help with my oculus quest. i wanted to share rec room with a friend on the tv. and for some reason the audio will not work. please if anyone knows a solution to this problem, preferably for free. i would be overjoyed.thanks, ...

Oculus Quest 2 device receipt

Hello,I would like to know what is treated as receipt by oculus in case of any defects in the device hardware during 2 years warranty period?Usually from any other store I recieve a pdf file as a payment confirmation as I want to give an oculus devic...

K0chi by Level 2
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How can I fix my Oculus Rift S disconnection?

I've been playing with my Rift S for a few months now and just recently the headset keeps turning off as soon as I launch a game. It says the headset has a problem tracking movement followed by a black screen and then the light in the middle turns or...

"Sorry, we couldn't install Beat Saber."

Is anyone else having this issue with the 1.13.2 update? I'm referring to the PCVR version via the Oculus app. It fails to install every time. This is with v25 of the Oculus software. I just disabled PTC which will likely revert me to an earlier vers...

Zu wenig Speicher obwohl genügend da

Ich komme leider nicht weiter =(Ich versuche die ganze Zeit meine Oculust Rift zu installieren - habe bereits auch über den Com den Pfad geändert auf C - dennoch zeigt es mir an kein freier Speicher obwohl 900gb frei sind  Ich verzweifel sehr

Trouble Logging In to App

I downloaded the app and signed in via facebook but all I am getting is a spinning wheel. The app is not connecting. I have tried uninstalling & reinstalling the app. I have checked my wifi and bluetooth connections. Please help! Trying to set up the...

Payment method error

Ive been trying to add a payment method but every. Time I add my info its says "There was an error trying to add your payment method" (I'm using debit) I've triple checked my info and its 100% correct. I've called the bank and they said everything is...

What alternatives are there to get attention of Oculus support?

Hi all. I've been emailing Oculus support for an issue related to a broken Elite Headstrap. I sent in a request and they acknowledged replacement but then, nothing. That was about a week and a half ago. Now, support does not even respond to my additi...

RJT2020 by Level 2
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Minecraft 'Checking For Updates' Crash??

Ive been trying to find a fix for this and cant seem to find an actual solution. The Problem: Minecraft in VR Crashes on 'Checking for updates' while works still in regular 2d mode.Things I've Tried;Uninstalled both VR client & Microsoft Store Client...

Stuck after factory reset

Hi all, I admin a group on facebook and a member is having this problem:hello! can someone help? i opened my quest 2 and i had a signal saying it was corrupted. than i reinstalled and at the end of the tutorial, when they ask to press the oculus butt...

TopSod by Level 2
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Cant pay for my order?

I just ordered a Rift S.However shortly after i received an email saying that : "It looks like there was a snag with the payment information you provided. In order to complete your order, please click the "View Order" button below to update your paym...

Xzeptie by Level 2
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why us my oculus stuck on a black screen

i was playing rec room last night when i disconnected due to internet issues and i took off my head set to quickly check my internet when i accidently dropped it i picked it up to see if it was ok and then boom black screen and i cant do anything, i ...

Oculus Quest 2 won't connect to computer.

So I got a VR game on steam and so I downloaded the Oculus app on my windows laptop. I took the issued charger cable and attached a USB C to USB 3 adapter. I plugged in the charger to the headset and the USB 3 to the computer, then I went to try and ...

Need help, losing my mind.

So, i've been extremely excited for my Oculus Quest 2 to arrive in the mail, however, the brand new headset shipped to me was defective straight out of the box. My problem is that I'm in a constant boot loop on my first setup (software update), I've ...

How do i get support to respond to me?

I have an issue with Linking my Facebook account and I was in the middle of speaking to a rep on Saturday, then someone else answered and said the other person went home for shift change, and then I never heard from them again. Have any suggestions a...


Will I lose my games if I create a new Facebook account? 

USB update mode killed my headset

my oculus qeust 2 has arrives 2 days ago and now i cant play brcause of a bug, a screen that his title is USB update mode and i can see 5 options inside the headset but non of tham does something even factory resat i have talked to the oculus support...

torminal by Level 2
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rift s sudden low fps and screen desync

haya, I just recently got a new cable for my rift s because I broke my old one. it was working fine the day I got it but the next day I've been having a big issue. when I'm in game my frame rate will drop randomly to about 10 and there will be some d...


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