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Strange white smear(Oculus Link)

Hello everyone I recently got my official oculus link cable and had no issue setting it up, its connected to the back of my motherboard using the USB C port.Everything works fine apart from a this issue I'm having while playing it also sometimes happ...

kamaya by Level 2
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What do I do?

My laptop has the specified requirements to do PCVR, from what I recently checked, but my laptop does not have the USB Type C Port. What would be the best store to find a Dongle of some sort to plug into my laptop's USB port and come out as a USB Typ...

Australian Adaptor

Hi - I bought Oculus Quest 2 from (Singapore) for use when I return to Australia next week.It comes with the American 2-pin charger. How do I get my hands on an Australian 3-pin charger? Can I use a standard Apple 20W charger?

Not finding neworks

Hi, I have just got a brand new oculus quest 2. I tried connecting to the wifi and it works when I have just powered on the device. About 1-2 minutes later, it disconnects the current network and can't find any of the networks. When I am connected, i...

Live viewers and comment BUG

im writing this with really no hopes of someone having a fix for this but I’m gonna try anyway. I haven’t been able to see my viewers and comments while live streaming on Facebook. It’s never worked for me. I’ve restarted my oculus and immediately li...

Kizhy by Level 3
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hands not showing up with airlink

Whenever I use airlink my hands are gone and none of the buttons work. The solution is to uninstall and reinstall but I was wondering if there was a way to stop this from happening again. Its really getting on my nerves.

Elite Strap breaking after 2 months light use

I have 2x Elite Straps which came on 1/12/2021 for me and one for my son. My son uses his quite a bit and is fine, but somehow mine has developed cracks on both sides. I keep the head units mounted vertically on the wall so there is no strain on anyt...

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djvj1 by Level 2
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Trouble with poker game

Hello. I have the Oculus set on 15 minutes or four hours and before I use to be able to walk away and use the restroom or make a dinner and come back and play. Now as soon as I leave I get kicked from the game. Is there anyway in settings I can chang...

Oculus Quest 2 controllers delay

In oculus store and normal games from oculus everything is working fine but when I'm launching SteamVR to play some SteamVR games then I have like 0,5 seconds delay and I can't play anything with that please help

Oculus Quest 2 controllers delay

In oculus store and normal games from oculus everything is working fine but when I'm launching SteamVR to play some SteamVR games then I have like 0,5 seconds delay and I can't play anything with that please help

Oculus failing to connect to pc

I just got a quest 2 and I can't get the link to work to play steam vr. I have downloaded the oculus app, the virtual desktop, and the steam vr apps onto my computer and oculus. I have the official link cable and when I plug it into my pc (USB c 3.1 ...

Oculus quest 2 USB c port

Hi I near enough use my quest 2 plugged in all the time I was wondering will doing this damage the charging port

Something went wrong and your device cannot track

So I get the screen that says something went wrong and your device can't track excetera excetera. Do a factory reset everything seems to be fine for about a day or two and then right back to turning it on and getting the screen that says your device ...

Oculus 2 Wifi selection not showing

Post Edit: I just gave my headset another restart and the wifi showed up. I'd delete the post but i dont know how. I got my headset today and was in the process of setting it up. I ran into an issue where i needed to connect the headset to wi-fi. How...


Oculus Link

On Oculus Quest 2, when I click on the Oculus link it brings me right back to the store page. The cable is detected on both ends and it is the right cable. It is updated on my PC and on the device, I have tried restarting from the beta page on the Oc...

Headset wont connect

I've tried everything to connect my headset to my computer I've tried turning it off, resetting my oculus, resetting my computer, unplugging and plugging back in my cords, going into the driver thingy and opening it, and nothing works its till on tho...

Oculus Quest 2 Link not working

So i have this problem for a long time, every time i plug my cable in my headset and my pc and putting my oculus quest 2 on and clicking on the button to connect with link in my headset it goes " Black screen for 4-5 seconds and then to normal oculus...

PC crashes with VR connected

Hi all, need help with an issue I’m only just now havingRecently my PC has been softlocking when I have my CV1 connected to it. It was not doing this the day before, and has only started doing it nowMy PC is and Alienware Aurora R5 with the following...

Oculus App "Location Needed"

I have purchased a Quest 2 not long ago and I set up everything until the linking with the app. Everything is enabled (Bluetooth, Location access, same wifi) yet the app keeps telling me that I need to enable location access when it's already enabled...

Cant install beat saber on primary account.

Hey all, my wife is a secondary user on our Quest 2. She bought beat saber, which is awesome, except its not. After buying her copy, I bought my own, plus the "Interscope Mixtape." The Mixtape is playable on her account, I cannot even download "Beats...

Two Problems with Videos

Have had my Oculus over 6 weeks. Had been fine until about 4-5 days ago. Now experiencing two problems that might be related. I enjoy Games, which all seem to work fine. But also love watching Videos. However having some issues there. 1) I SAVED a nu...

Forgot pin, can’t access email

Because Facebook’s given us nooo reason to trust them, I set up my Quest 2 to a hastily-made FB tied to a hastily-made email account. My computer didn’t save my login for this new email account. I should’ve written down this password, but I didn’t. I...


‏Hello I tried to buy a game they asked me for password

Oculus login on desktop

When setting up on my oculus through the usbc cord from headset to pc. I am trying to loging on the oculus desktop app through facebook. It tells me to switch to default browser to login. I switch to default browser and nothing ever appears. I have b...