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Ripcoil hand tracking jittery?

Running Ripcoil with the motion controllers and a 980ti on windows 10 x64.. i have two sensors set diagonally apart for 360 tracking.. i've noticed that during the game the hands seem slightly jittery.. and often if you try to do a side ways throw of...

markm75 by Level 3
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Resolved! Repeatedly have to finish installation of games

Almost every time I start up Oculus Home, I have several of the installed games (a somewhat random mix) showing the Finish Install button, sometimes along with notifications that they need permission to finish installing. It happens over and over aga...

Sakkura by Level 7
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CV1 Light Staying Amber After Update

Hello I seem to be having trouble after the update. I am using a computer that was working fine before the update 1.3.2 that I use for my mobile demos.Oculus home loads ok on the monitor and under settings devices I have all green lights on all parts...

Yarnib by Level 2
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How can I turn off the CV1 sensor?

We do not need the sensors for our eight oculus systems.Currently, the sensors are plugged in at the PC, on the front side covered, no visual contact with the HMD.How can I turn off the CV1 sensor?

No display

My display has suddenly decided to not work. Before it died completely it had a bunch of blue noise all over for a few seconds. Next time I tried using it the display just is black. The light is orange and won't turn white. I've uninstalled and reins...

Kiraff by Level 2
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Video and Audio get choppy quickly during play

For the first 3-5 minutes everything is great. After that everything gets choppy and I start getting sick. I have to reboot my computer to get it to play smoothly. Anyone have any idea how to stop this from happening? I know my machine is more than c...

takitus by Level 2
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Install Problems Samsung

I cant install the Oculus software. After removing the Samsung i get the install proces. First i get the Welcome page, touching next, i get the warning, i agree and tab next,after that i get a white window what says i need to install, gear vr service...

Steam apps issues

I have downloaded and had issues with several steam apps that say they are rift compatible (some are trials of tattoione, spell fighter, vr). some suggested putting steam vr in beta ... did that. set up steam vr in standing room only. I cant do movin...

Touch Order 61300039037511 not shipped ..... Help please.

Hello Oculus Support Team,Is there a Problem with my Order?Here my Order details, cant understand that it is not shipped. I Ordered within the first minutes....Order StatusPre-orderOrder StatusPre-orderEstimated shipping: Dec 06 - Dec 15Tracking Numb...

virtual desktop

Hi GuysI have just bought Virtual desktop from the store but it won't run it says I need runtime 1.0 anybody tell me where I can get this or is it an update from oculus?

Multiple Cameras at Different Heights

I have 2 constellation cameras, one is about 1 foot higher than the other. During games I seem to get a height "pop" (randomly). Could this be as the tracking is switching from one camera to the other? Is there a need for all cameras to be at the sam...

Removing "purchased" games from my list

There are so many free games and experiences that one have to try simply because they are free and "why not". But so many of these games I will never play again. Either because they are bad, don't interests me, or because they are a one-time-only exp...

Can i move entire library to new hard drive?

As per title, can I move the entire library to a new hard drive?Its currently on drive C, which now only has 5gb left, so I bought a new one.Is it possible to move everything over to the new one, or do I need to uninstall and download again?

Thug by Level 7
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Install Error

HiI am trying to install the Oculus software on my PC but keep getting the following error;I have restarted a few times and tried installing again but still get this error.Win 7 64bit with all the system specs more than accounted for with the Net Fra...


It seems that the touch is not recognizing my hands, once im in the oculus menu i dont see my hands with the remote, only when i press a button it seems to recognize it for that second and it vibrates but then it goes away, if i keep holding the bott...

Care service sat non existent

After exchanging 16 mail and still waiting for a reply from a week ago. Let all oculus users know that if they have the misfortune to break their oculus or anything that does not come under warranty, they can already throw it, as it has me Communicat...

Headset Connection Problem, Help!

Hey guys,I just got a Oculus CV and I spent the past 2 weeks trying to figure out how to connect it...The sensor's USB and headset's USB can be easily read by the Oculus software, but the HDMI cannot...My laptop got two display cards: HD5600 and GTX ...

Oculus Avatar SDK / Oculus Platform SDK

Hey guys, I make NewtonVR ( the free physics based interaction framework. We've had general touch support for a while now and am trying to integrate the avatar sdk into our framework but am having some trouble. My goal is to allow pe...

Oculus Remote Teleport functionality

Hi,Looking for a simplest teleport functionality in UE4 using only oculus Remote. Nice and simple for simple Clients to use.- Along the lines of the VR template, however this uses a game pad along with a sequence of pressing A button followed by left...