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Right Eye Display Not Working Correctly

Hi All,My Rift was delivered today and I got about an hour out of it (it was a great hour by the way!) and then the display for the right eye turned a partially opaque grey. This is coming from the display itself. The lens is not clouded. So, now eve...

Jittering in Rift only when external display is plugged in

Hi,I noticed that when I have my monitor plugged into the graphics card along with the rift, I see jittering (frames seem to get dropped every 5-10 seconds, very noticeable when looking around in dreamdeck) and it breaks immersion. However, when I re...

EVE wont load past cloud screen

Been playing EVE Valkyrie for a week now. Just came home from work and went to start it up and the Oculus home said it needed to finish installing. I scratched my head a bit and clicked on it thinking maybe there was an update. Now when I load the ga...

Can't get DK2 to Work

Hello everyone,I try to get my DK2 to work, in the store application ist doing ist Job, anyhow the Setup is not working. Inside the store application its saying that my pc is not fulfilling the requirements and that DK2 is not supported. I just want ...

Oculus Dreamdeck installed twice - can't remove?

I installed Oculus Dreamdeck from the Store as I was curious to see if offered more experiences - it's the same app! Ok fine but why has Oculus let me install something I already have? And more importantly how can I remove it from my system as it's t...

Actual resolution

I am am looking to buy The CV1. What is the resolution you see with the Rift against a Tv or Monitor. I want to run my TVs on the resolution to see what is is like in comparison before I buy.mMany thanks.Kenny.

Audio sync problems in Gear VR

HiHave come across an issue with playing 360 video files we have made in Gear VR.We have shot some interviews using Go Pro rigs. While Editing in Premiere and watching exports in Quicktime all audio is in sync. We then upload to Oculus Video and watc...

Where's The Unity Pro Key Gone ?

On my Rift Order History there was a Free Key for Unity Pro Valid till December 31st and since The Page updated with a little reformatting the Code is no longer there, is this a bug or is the code invalid now ? If it is, what a shame I was about to s...

Backward-facing positional tracking not working after 1.10

Hey guys,So it seems like after update 1.10, me and some other users' positional tracking is no longer working when facing away from the sensor. Using webcams/phone cameras confirms that the LEDs on the back of the headset are still lit up. There's a...

Xbox controller issue

So after 1.10 my Xbox controller is acting up. so it works just fine for games like eve Valkyrie, or defense grid, but when I tried many other games only like half the buttons work. In altspace the joysticks don't work. And in a handful of games just...

No display in Oculus / Setup Tool vanishes

So I cannot for the life of me get this installed properly. I've had multiple issues. During setup, I get the sensor, headset USB, and headset HDMI to say they're all good, but whenever I have the HDMI plugged in, the setup itself disappears into non...

Oculust Setup Installlation Issues

HiInstalling my brand new oculus today. I get a error half way through the installation steps. "Your oculus software needs to be updated"I have to reinstall the app all over again-the full 1.5 GBAny ideas?

Unable to reinstall after updaTE

Hello all ,I recently reformatted MY PC (wIN 10-had no issues with occulus before this ) and went and downloaded the occulus software.During setup (it did ask for an update ) I got as far as clicking next to setting up the remote and then the program...

Galacto by Level 2
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oculus screen disappears

Hello to allI purchased an oculus from 2 days but I can not make it work.It is active and recognizes all perifericahe.When I wear it for calibration from the oculus screen PC monitor disappears.It does not effecting such calibration and therefore kee...

Software at Installation wont start

Hey guys,i bought today an oculus. If i try to start to install the software it close everytime instand.. could u help me and tell me whats the problem is?

eRoNii by Level 2
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Thank You Devs!!!!!!!!

To recalibrate your sensor:Start from Oculus App, select the gear icon on the upper right.Select Settings.Select Devices on the left.Select Configure Rift on the dropdown menu.Select Reset Default view in View.Calibrate your view in a position that i...

gmaksi by Level 2
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Update Borking New Installs

I just received my Rift today and the installation has been extremely painful.I am able to progress to some random point in the setup before an overlay screen comes up saying I have to update the software. This prevents me from progressing any furthe...

My lenses are black

HelloI not ais no signal on my lensesHas the installationUSB rift valley OKUSB sensor OKHDMI OKwhenI want to adjust my lenses (green lines) My lenses remain black what happen?

Paypal keeps asking for a creditcard

Hi,I wanna buy a game from the Oculus store with Paypal. But it keeps asking for a creditcard. I don't own one. I use Paypal for years without problems. How can I pay for the game with Paypal?Kind regards,DianaUPDATEUpdateI've received an email with ...

Resolved! File location for 360 Photos for Oculus Rift?

We are attempting to view 360 panoramas using Oculus Rift that were created in Lumion3D. We loaded the 360 Photos app in Oculus, but when pressing 'start' there are no folders or libraries shown. Where do the files need to be located for 360 Photos t...

What is the Returns Policy on CV1?

Can someone please answer this question instead of suggesting I sell it on ebay if I don't like it. I just want to know if I'm not satisfied with CV1, if I can return it for a full refund? Thanks!

RedRizla by Level 16
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