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Promo code don’t work when paying

I want to use the new “mobile25” promo code to buy my very first game, beat saber. When I apply the code, I get the discount of 25% but when I press “buy” and sign with my bank it goes back to $29.99. Does anyone have the same problem or does anyone ...

Oculus Quest 2 dont start

HiTwo weeks ago my headset suddenly stopped working. When I try to start it shows the logo O and then goes grey and goes in sleep mode I guess you can call it. It is 100% battary and I have done factory reset and alot of other things.I have started a...

Frewa by Level 2
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Quest 2 Boots to passthrough with no menu

Is there a fix for my issue? After updating my Quest 2, it boots up and goes automatically to passthrough mode. The menu disappears and I can't do anything. Any idea on how to fix other than waiting for a new update or doing a factory reset? *It's no...

ponez by Level 2
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Link breaks up after random playtime

Hey guys,I'm using a quest 2 via (original) oculus link-cable (USB-c, 5m) for PCVR.Everything seems to work fine. Connection is there Virtual-Desktop, SteamVR, everything works fine, but after random time (no matter if in a game or just on virtual de...

Fix for Oculus Quest 2 Link disconnecting.

Hi, I had this problem where I would disconnect with the link every 10 or so minutes. I pulled out my link cable from the video card and put it into the motherboard that salved everything. Somehow the cable isn't giving enough power or bandwidth via ...

How To Get Logs For Bug Reports for Consumer Rift (1.3+)

If you are experiencing issues either installing or using the consumer Rift hardware or software package (1.3 or newer), then please be sure to provide the following logs when reporting the issue.If your issue is with the setup installer, either havi...

What can I do with no tax id?

I have had my quest 1 for almost over a year now, I have been stuck to using free games and demos. I really want to buy games so that I can finally enjoy my quest but it always asks for a tax id. I live in Mexico and am 15, no one has been able to he...

Extending the Quest 2 Link Cable?

Afternoon everyone! I'm looking to get the official link cable as 3rd party ones have failed me. However, it looks as though the official link cable is a USB-C to USB-C? My issue is that I use a USB 3.0 Extention cable that's powered in order to exte...


My quest will NOT go to pc for USB3 but will work work with USB2 why will it not work for the USB3 port?

L2345 by Level 2
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oculus on pc

Hey ! I can't tell you how angry I am that my problem has existed for 1 week.I want to log into the PC Oculus app with the Oculus variant, but it says you have to log in with your Facebook account. By halfway through, the programmers have halfway man...

"Return this product" button broken

So I bought my rift s under a guest account, so I have to use the guest portal to get to my order (aka have oculus send an email with a link to my order information). I've had an issue with the tracking constantly going out and there seems to be no f...

Wrayo by Level 2
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My Controllers are acting weird

The controllers act weird, since I have the last version I have a feeling that my controllers are vibrating and sometimes I lose control of my controllers while playing. The hands move from right to left and vice versa. is anyone having the same prob...

Haptic Buzz tracking issues?

Hey, I got my quest 2 about 3 days ago, and I've realized the vibration is fine, so is the haptic buzz, but the haptic buzz makes my controller's tracking go nuts, making them vibrate intensily during gameplay. I feel like this isn't supposed to happ...

Horrible Oculus Customer Care & Warranty Support

Heed this warning and buy your Oculus equipment from a reputable retailer like Best Buy and pay the extra money for a protection plan if you can. You will be grateful you did if you have any warranty issues.Also, make sure to keep all receipts and lo...


I have a quest 2, a birthday gift in February. In the past few weeks I have been experiencing drifting of the item I am using in my hand. The gun will often be in a different place to my hand as will the catapult. How do I stop this happening?

Oculus Quest 2 reboot

Recently I rebooted my Quest 2, now when I open my Quest, I see the screen where I have to activate the controllers by pulling out the plastic strings, but the plastic strings are already out because I've had my Quest for a while now. I've tried mult...

Daan_B by Level 2
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HDMI not detected on laptop

I'm using a 1050 4GB and I'm aware that it's under specs, but from what I've deducted, the HDMI port is connected to my integrated card and not the 1050, so the software can't detect it. This seems silly and I'm thinking that if the software no longe...

Vorpike by Level 2
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HDMI not detected but is actually working

Hello! I just got a new laptop"MSI GF63 Thin 9RCX-818, Intel Core i7-9750H, NVIDIA GeForce GTX1050ti, 8 GB, 256 GB NVMe SSD"And the problem is that when im config the oculus, the hdmi is not detected. But in the visor i can see the pc screen. Like th...


Good morning, I get stuck at the second block move in "La clairière" part one. Moss stays suspended along the wall but doesn't jump on the moved block. She keeps shaking her head or saying no if I try to make her jump with A. The block moves without ...

Oculus Quest 2 Link with a 1060 3gb Guide

Hi, so everyone here seems to think a 1060 3gb isn't VR ready, it is. The Quest 2 link just isn't efficient enough yet. Let me begin with saying a 1060 works fine with the rift s, generally you'll have zero issues playing even half life Alyx on low t...


Hello, I tried to install Oculus app on Windows 10 but have this error then they ask me to restart computer and reset install. Not working. Logs : Thank you !!

Traknet by Level 2
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Oculus Quest 2 link bandwidth requirements

My bandwidth using a link cable plugged into a USB 3.0 port is typically 890MB/s or higher. Oculus app connection test agrees that connection is sufficient and yet I am running into constant disconnection problems as well as headset not found problem...

oculus quest 2 stuck on grey screen

I have just today received the oculus quest 2 I ordered from amazon. the setup went fine and it booted up games I belive as it should but after plugging it into my pc to use link cable my quest 2 was stuck on a grey screen. I tried rebooting it a cou...

Quest 2 and Rift Multiplayer

A couple friends and I want to play some multiplayer games together on VR, only issue we have is that two of us have the quest 2 and the other has the Rift. Are there any games we can crossplay on? Thanks..

Kashfar by Level 2
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stuck on Oculus Is Now Powered by Facebook

My Oculus account is linked with my Facebook account. I used a real email address, a real Facebook account, the email address is the same one i used for my facebook account. In Settings, everything seems fully connected. Under Linked Accounts, I see ...

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