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Cannot add payment method

So i had to remove my payment methods due to being unable to purchase bonelab, now heres a major problem, its not letting meadd a paypal account but its letting me add my credit card info?


Resolved! Teen cannot ask for permission for game

My son is trying to reqeust access to Pavlov Shack. When he finds the game on his app there is no option for him to request for parental permission.I am linked to his account and I have notifications on.What do we need to do?Cheers

Resolved! Quest 2 - Software Update Required

I have had this issue trying to pair both of my Quest 2's for the last 4 days. When you click 'try again' it just loops back to this screen.I have tried reinstalling the app (including updating the app), using an IOS phone and using an Android phone,...

G_CDoc by Level 2
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Resolved! No access to Facebook account

My Facebook account that was linked to my oculus quest 2 was banned for no reason, I don’t even use Facebook and I only made it for my vr. Since my Facebook account was banned so is my oculus so now I can’t play anything and I can’t even sign in or d...

Known Issue - Headset logged out and missing app library

Hi everyone, the team is working on an issue now based on some reports that users are getting logged out of their headset or aren't seeing their purchased apps. In some of these cases, you might not be able to log back in. The team is working to get ...

Air link connection issue

I am trying to connect oculus quest 2 with the PC. I am able to connect easily using the cable. However, when I try to connect it through Airlink, it does not show any devices in VR headset air link even though the app is running in PC.

imsp3 by Level 2
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No gift received

Two of my friends bought me zero caliber and nldidnt get any notifications that I got either of them

Resolved! My Quest Won’t Work

I recently bought a quest 2 and when it came, it stayed on the meta screen. Every time I try to reboot or factory reset, it just gives me an error message. This literally came like this out of the box.


So I just got 2 games and didn't like the so I set up the refund well I got the emails about the refund but nothing popped up on my bank it's been like 5-6 days since I started the refund process what's going on?

Resolved! Oculus quest 2 cable connection issue

Hello, regarding the Oculus quest 2 and cable connection to the app.I am trying to connect the quest 2 via the official usb c to usb c cable to my pc which has a usb c port.I press on add headset in the app and select cable, then the app gets stuck (...


Quest 2 / Visible jitter around edges of shapes

Hi,After receiving my replamcenet Oculus 2, I started to notice a jitter around the outside edges of shapes, looks like some small diagonal spikes moving. This effect is also visible on white text on black background and also on the outside edge of t...

Not getting referral credit

30 days ago me and my friend used the oculus referral thing and he got his credit Mine showed up for a little bit first and then after a while disappeared and now I cannot use it.

oculus go not charging

ok so I just got my oculus go and it charged once and then **bleep** down out of the blue, I tried charging it but nothing happened after a while I held down the power button but nothing happened at all and I don't know what to do if someone can plea...

Brother bought me until I fall....

My brother bought me until I fall yesterday, via gifting through the oculus store. He got a store receipt for the game. It had no redeem code, I never received a redemption code. I checked spam, it was a direct gift to my ocumus account.

Press oculus button but nothing happen (setup issue)

So I have reset my quest 2 coz the **bleep** time & date settings were wrong all the time. Setup went fine until I get stuck at the last page where its tell you to " press the oculus button to get to the library/menu page" . Nothing happen when i pre...

Bad email address and lost pin

Hello, I am stuck trying to figure out how to reset my pin while my default email, ported over from Facebook, is no longer functioning. I can’t change either my pin or email without the other. I updated my default email on Facebook, but Oculus is sti...

Cv1 stuttering/laggin really badly

My cv1 is really laggy and it keeps stuttering the oculus frame drop app says its loosing frames alot and it only happenes in games and not the home screen of either oculus and syeam vr

FaceBook Login Requirement

Any update on when Meta Quest 2 will no longer require FaceBook login requirement. I have set up an Oculus/Meta account but Quest 2 VR headset still only accepts FB login, no choice for new login options. Have seen announcements that beginning Aug 20...

Quest 2 loses tracking and remotes won’t connext

I hadn’t had any issues with my oculus quest until today. Turned it on, the lost tracking screen came up immediately before getting to the dashboard. The remotes won’t connect(they just keep vibrating) and the screen just flickers on the lost trackin...

Beat Saber v1.24 won't reinstall

I have played beat saber for about a year now and gone through many updates, but one times it stopped updating saying "Download Failed" stopping at about 84 kbs, I have no external games or mods, haven't even accessed the Oculus with a computer. Sinc...

Oculus store pin issue

Hi, I need help with recovering or resetting my oculus quest 2 pin for the store. I clicked on "request pin reset" and it says it will sent the link to my email but there is nothing there. Can someone maybe check if I am using the right email or rese...

Tobi300 by Level 2
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ok so a year ago I purchased a 256GB headset from Best Buy and still have a year left on the warranty. One of the tightening straps on the back of the headset recently broke and when I called Best Buy they said meta/Facebook handles everything now be...

Resolved! Accidental refund

Hello Oculus can you please deny my refund if that is possible? I used the code for 30% off and now i think if i want to buy it again i need to pay the full price. I accidentally refunded it because i thought there was a bundle that was even cheaper ...

MUKPUK by Level 3
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Workplace and Horizon Workroom Account issues

I am working with a client (large tech company) to help pilot the Quest 2 Headsets and Horizon Workrooms. During the setup process for Horizon Workroom, we get an error when using emails in the corporate domain. At the point where you verify the emai...

Game not launching

Ok so when I try to play 2 specific games they won't launch. The games are Creed: Rise To Glory and Spider-Man: Far From Home Virtual Experience. Any fix?

idclurk by Level 2
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Can't Get Horizon World

I cannot download Horizon World. I'm in the US, over 18 and own a Quest 2. It continues to state "Coming Soon", it's been 2 1/2 months now. Please assist.

Trick_C by Level 2
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