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Username change Specifics

I just got my Oculus and want to change the Username. I already have 3 friends and before my friend list gets larger I was wondering. 1. If I want a username with a space can that be done? For example: John Smith? Or will i have to do John-Smith?2. W...

dint56 by Level 2
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Resolved! What happens to the order that is returned to the sender?

Maybe I will get some information here because I can't wait for the answer via e-mail. I placed the order on August 29, on September 3, the money for the goggles was taken from my account and then the status changed to "preparation for shipment", sin...

account transfer

I hate facebook and want to quit but my family has bought games under my account, how to i transfer said games to one of their accounts? I've tried simply deactivating my account but it disables all games purchased. Thanks.

Error OVR88948175

Hello. This is my first time ever using an Oculus product.I didnt received my oculus yet, but I downloaded the app before getting it. But sadly; when I installed it, I got this weird error at the software dowloard directoryGot it once, removed and re...

Miran0 by Level 2
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Unity "Wait for Managed Debugger" Broken on Quest

We haven't been able to get this option to work properly on Quest. The app will just show a black screen (presumably waiting for a debugger) but even after attaching the debugger through Visual Studio, it doesn't continue the app process. So it just ...

Can't connect oculus quest to pc

I installed Oculus PC and I connected the headset with the cable it came with. When I try to connect the headset to my pc it doesn't find it.Any help would be much appreciated

Black screen no matter what

So I've had my oculus quest 1 for a few years now and it's been good but today for some reason every time I try to turn my quest 1 on it shows black. I cant see the logo when I start it up, I cant see the wheel that shows when you hold the Oculus but...

Saves gone

I wanted to play Prison Boss VR today and there is no my saves. Game showed me tutorial and when i was at main menu there was only one new save ( my save was on 3 prison ). Someone help.

Demyras by Level 2
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All of a sudden I need to put a pattern in

Last night I went to get on my Oculus 2 and it wants me to put a pattern in, I never set anything up with a pattern. I'm completely locked out. I looked up some information and it said to go to my app on the phone and to go through a few things in or...

360 photo display scale is off compared to other devices

I have seen similar threads going back to 2015 about this, but no resolution. I'm taking 360 degree photos with a GoPro Fusion, and when I view them on most devices, like my iPhone XS using a headset, the scale feels correct. When I view them on my Q...

Resolved! Juat bought a quest 2 and neither link or air link work...

As stated in the title. Brand new as of 4 hours ago. Got everything set up with it on my phone. But nothing is working on pc. I am running a pc that is vr ready. The issue I am having is everything will connect fine until I try to enable link. Then i...

Unlock pattern

Oculus quest 2I forgot my unlock pattern as well as having to download the Oculus app again on another phone. So does anyone know how to reset my pattern when I can't even connect to the new app or device without it

Quest 2 - Way too blurry

Ok, so I have just received the Quest 2 and the elite strap - unfortunately from the first moment I have noticed how blurry the screen actually is, even at the home environment. Far objects just look pixelated and blurry, there are alot of godrays, s...

Endcha by Level 3
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Invalid Postal Code/Zip Code

For some reason trying to buy anything on the market for oculus especially trying to buy a rift s maybe. seems that i cant due to the checkout section is pretty busted when i entered my zip code it says "Please enter a valid zip code" though the zip ...


The right controller for my Quest 1 is not working. It has disappeared from the headset and games can only be played left handed. We have tried new batteries, adjusting the batteries, repairing and every other tip we can find online and nothing works...

help with oculus quest

my headset is currently on the app set up screen but is still linked to a Facebook account do you think I could get some help?

Switch facebook accounts

When setting up the oculus my son set everything up under my facebook account.. He now has his own FB. How do I swap accounts so he is on his own without him losing everything he has purchased and friends he has made?

Resolved! Link Black Screen Quest 2

Hello, I have 2 problems the program says my graphics card is incompatible (attached in screenshot). It is a 3000 series GPU which should be compatible. I also am getting a black screen with virtual desktop in link mode. I am using an MSI laptop. I t...

RR0605 by Level 3
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Rec room tokens

I bought rec room tokens for my son on his oculus it says to launch base game,he has launched the game on his oculus but his tokens arnt there.Yet the money was taken,what are we doing wrong?

Oculus Social doesn't work

My Oculus social doesn't work at all, I have a Oculus rift S and I am trying to join join a party with my friend who is on a Oculus quest but some reason when he sends me a invite i get it but then cant join it. I go onto any of the social categories...


Controller Pairing Issues isn't my video. but it shows the exact same problem that I am experiencing. My controllers started to just not be picked up by me Oculus (Quest 2) and I check to see the paired controllers and not...

Oculus Rift through Remote Desktop

In my home I have a gaming server plugged into our main location, if we want to play games with remote into the server and play.I've noticed that the Rift App for some reason doesn't like the Microsoft Enbeded Remote App (Remote Desktop) but I'm able...