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How can Return Quest2 and get refund

It is very frustrating to use the support page. I have been looking for a page for return and refund and I couldn’t find any. The information provided to look into the orders and return doesn’t work either. I have already received the device, it give...

Dawiyah by Level 2
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VR for education

My question is a bit different here. I'm an educator who would like to introduce VR to college students. Oculus will be mainly used to view 3D architectural models built in Revit and other CAD software. Looking at the minimum PC requirements, they so...

Feature request for visual accessibility (zoom button)

Hey Oculus Team,i'm one of the many bad sighted gamers out there. My eyes are so bad (< 10% right, < 1% left) that standard glasses doesn't help anymore. For standard displays i can use my magnifiers and binoculars but in VR Headset that's not an opt...

Teldan by Level 2
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Pin reset keeps sending me back home

I’m trying to change my pin. It never remembers me. I have the pin save on my phone. So I know that I forgot it. Why does it keep sending me back home?

hotaz by Level 2
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Quest and VR hands motion

Hello, how do I add the space turn option to the motion settings please ?Trying to move fast in VR Hands. Thank you.

rgiom by Level 2
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want to refund Fitxr

I bought this game for just permanent version not monthly payment version. There was no explanation for the service change and i want get refund for that issue. Very sorry for one-sided decision..

Fitxr / not a subscription

I am very disappointment, I Purchased fitxr in January I was very excited with my daily workout. However today I updated the app and to my surprise. The app is now a subscription. I feel the developer should have left this app alone as an one time pu...

p5250 by Level 2
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Pairing controllers

My quest stopped working said tracking and guardian problems. After contacting support, was informed to do a reset. After that controllers have disappeared and trying to repair them keeps saying to pull the tabs out which aren't there now.I purchased...

Forgot Obs pen

I need help bc it said that it sign me in with Facebook and now it’s asking for a obs pen to buy something off the thing

Quest 2 - Connected to wifi but suddenly "No Internet"

This issue just popped up on my new Quest 2. Was working for since launch no problem. Suddenly tonight no matter which network I join I get the "no internet" message. Internet is working fine on my router as I'm typing this on a computer connected to...

SolidRye by Level 2
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When ever I stream from my vr headset to Facebook it shows 0 view and zero comments even when people are watching and commenting so I can’t see how many view I have or how many comments I have till after the stream anyway to fix this @support

Second hand Quest 2 Box missing

Hi, I want to buy a Quest 2 on the Second hand but the seller said that he threw away the exterior box of the headset and just kept the cardboard box. I know that there is a SN on the box wich is asked when you contact the Oculus Support team. Is thi...

Ocules quest 2 fan problems

Ocules maby make it where we can open the ocules quest 2 and repair the fans or maby repair them for us or make a store in my country

coolsos by Level 2
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Connect multiple oculus to a single account

Hi, can I connect multiple Oculus glasses to one account? Do I have to have glasses for a mobile phone?I have 20 oculus glasses to configure but when I start it asks me for a mobile phone to link, how can I avoid this? Clearly do i need to manage all...

New User

I just received the Oculus 2 and would like to use it for travel, not so much for games. I understand Google Earth VR is very good for this purpose, but I don't know how to install it, or run it, and are there other things I need at extra cost?

Control smoothing issues on Oculus Link and Air Link

I am still impressed with the performance of Air Link, especially in the simracing games of which I am a regular. But I have run into a serious problem when it comes to playing games where grip and quick touches are necessary.Shooting games like Cont...

Oculus home rooms randomly empty?

My oculus home randomly deleted every object from all of my rooms. All of my rooms are empty. Why did this happen? Can I recover the rooms I spent hours decorating and arranging?

Its been 10 days and I still cant get Oculus to install

So for some reason Oculus decided to uninstall itself when i tried to repair it, which it told me to do, and now it wont let me reinstall it. Ive tried restarting, reinstalling, deleting files, safe mode, reinstalling the installer, giving it admin p...

Reepus by Level 2
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Quest 2 Returns: "Shipping From" address

I would like to return my Oculus Quest 2 (I'm still within the 30 day window after buying it) because it causes me to experience depersonalization or derealization after using if for ~30 minutes. I have a few questions about what happens when I submi...

Stuttering issues on Link, AirLink and VD using Quest 2

I've had pretty bad stuttering issues ever since I got my Quest 2. Whenever I move my hands or my head using Link, AirLink or VD, the motion will be very choppy. Not the framerate though. This only affects the refresh rate of my body moving in VR. I ...

Sensors not detected

I recently took my rift CV1 setup to a friend's house, and when I got home, the sensors weren't detected anymore. Tried reinstalling the Oculus app, reinstalling the drivers from the support folder, switching USB ports, trying USB2, nothing works. An...

zak_ray by Level 2
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Does anyone know how to reset pin ? 

No email to reset PIN

Oculus Quest 2. I click the reset PIN button and i never receive an email. Its not in Spam. I cannot do anything.

Oculus quest 2 link

I got a party link cable on amazon with a usb 3 adapter and the usb type c as well. It says connected but with usb 2 even though my pc has the usb symbol for the usb 3 with the SS and every time I try to connect to oculus rift store it just brings me...

Screen flickering repeatedly

Whenever I try watching videos in the browser, every time I enter full screen it starts flickering every few seconds non-stop. I looked it up online and it seems that other people are having the same problem but there was no real solution. Any guesse...

accidently removed my device

Hey, so I have a bit of a problem,I was not only having problems trying to stop my Rift S from disconnecting randomly during gameplays and I accidently removed my device from my profile and now I can't use my headset due to my stupidity. Is there any...

Tetris Effect: Connected Crashing Oculus App

So, I've run into a rather strange problem that I would like to get some help on. I recently installed Tetris Effect: Connected via the Microsoft Store, and started having some trouble with it almost immediately after I began playing. It would let me...

Floor calibration issue - Quest 2

I haven't tested this in any games as of yet to see if it actually as an impact, as it was just something I happened to notice, which I swear was not like this the numerous times up until now I've had to re-do the Guardian setup since it seemingly ra...

[SOLVED] Rift wont connect hdmi or usb3

so heres the issue. ive had a oculus rift for 11 days and suddenly today i restarted my computer and the headset wont connect anymore. To clarify before today my headset would connect to the usb3 and hdmi without any problems and ran smooth. Now afte...

Harthus by Level 2
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