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Can't progress with setup.

I was running the setup and after choosing my profile picture, and confirming it a popup with nothing on it shows up, quite large and all and just stays that way, can someone please help?


oculus link non si avvia sul mio pc fisso si blocca dopo cher scelgo l immagine de profilo

Onin33 by Level 2
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Oculus Client stays grey

After installing the oculus software and picking an profile picture I am presented with a grey screen. When i select a pic from facebook it gives me an error.I can't use my rift because of this...


Gray screen app + Orange ligh

I just got my VR set and i cannot use it. First of all as i installed the APP and registered when i get to choose avatar after that i get Gray screen. Another thing is that the VR has orange light on. Need help i am literally so pissed off i did cost...

Bez tytułu.png
crrl by Level 4
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Resolved! Oculus pc software goes black after logging in

Hey guys, I just bought an Oculus Rift S. But Im having issues with the software. I downloaded and installed the oclulus software from here: I followed all the steps, but after logging in and selecting an av...

glitched and black screen

So when i put the google on i had like screen but it was disorded and there were squares all over and for example left to side was 90 degree other direction and in completly other place and now i have black screen and glitch screen pls help i am so d...

crrl by Level 4
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VRChat Not working

So I have been wanting to play VrChat with my gf, and ever since I got the quest VrChat hasn't been working. I've tried reinstalling it, but it goes to the tutorial and just loads infinitely. This is apparently a known issue, but I was hoping SOMEBOD...

usb and display cable not recognized (rift s)

The usual story, just got the rift s and pc is not recognizing that I've plugged it in. all the ports work on my pc ive got compatible hardware iver tried reinstalling the oculus software and playing around with my graphics card settings and nothing ...

Can't add friends

Hi, I don't know what I may be doing wrong, but I cannot add any friends or accept any friend requests on my Oculus account. Nothing on the forums, nothing on facebook, trying to accept friend requests get ignored and the "Add friend" button is graye...

themyst by Level 4
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Faulty Touch Controller - Return/replacement procedure

I have had my Rift for 6 days, and the right hand trigger has just broken. I'm not a 'heavy handed' user, and so far I've been watching the free demos, or using games that do not involve the touch controllers, and I am being very gentle with my new t...

morsify by Level 4
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Quest 2 Cable Link can hear myself

I am using the Anker USB C cable 10ft/3m.PC setup: I9-10900KF, RTX 3080 and 32GB RAM.Headset: Quest 2I have my audio settings set to Oculus Quest 2 audio into input/output, same on the Oculus Desktop Program and on PC. I would have to go to 'Volume M...

Resolved! Oculus Quest stuck

Hey there,I hope it the right place to ask this.I have got a problem with my quest. I had this issue almost since the begging : when I was putting down my quest to do something else and pick it up back again it would stay stuck on the screen "perte d...

App help PLEASE

My brother and I just bought the Oculus, literally had it a day. I downloaded everything while waiting on shipping and everything has run pretty smooth.My brother downloaded the Oculus app and it wont let him get past the avatar selection. He changes...

ZnZ4207 by Level 2
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Brand new Quest 2 gray screen

So I just got home with the quest 2, unboxed it, turned it on and I see the oculus logo. After a few seconds I hear a chime, screen turns grey and then nothing... So I reboot, by holding the power button for 30s. Boot it up and still the same. I’m wo...

Senyou by Level 2
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App keeps downloading and not installing

I'm trying to install Walking Dead on pc. It downloaded all, many times disconnected and restarted.Finally, it managed to download all and it said that the Antivirus blocked the installation.Problem is, I didn't see any warning from the antivirus (Av...

PolyMad by Level 2
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Oculus Link

When I go into Oculus Link in the computer it just loads then sends me back to the Home Screen. How can you have so many problems with a device THAT YOU JUST BOUGHT.

A.T.F_ by Level 2
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How to change Oculus to another driver?

Hey everyone, right now I have the oculus setup in my D drive instead of my C drive. But when I got to run the setup, it fixes my location onto the C drive when instead I want the Oculus Software to download to a different drive. I've looked at anoth...

SP3ZY by Level 2
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Resolved! Oculus Rift-S Black Screen

Hi, so I got a Oculus Rift-S for christmas, and I've done the setup and everything, however.Whenever I try to "continue setup in vr", there's just a dark screen. Audio works sometimes, it switches from working to not working.I've skipped the setup, a...

Avenze by Level 3
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Oculus Rift through Remote Desktop

In my home I have a gaming server plugged into our main location, if we want to play games with remote into the server and play.I've noticed that the Rift App for some reason doesn't like the Microsoft Enbeded Remote App (Remote Desktop) but I'm able...

please if u not listed a game please left a money 39.99$

sir I played a lot of game publisher not be delete why you are delete a game my English not good because I live in Pakistan. sir I paid a 39.99$ .please back my money or back my game I write a two option .please tell me a good answer thanks sir be ha...

Acc not launching in VR mode under oculus app

So I have acc installed in steam . I loaded it into oculus and when I click it in the oculus app it loads it in desk top mode .. I can laund in ovoid app if i Laing it in steam . In steam I click ACC it give me 3 options launch desktop , launch seam ...

Something went wrong

Why cannot I play? Something went wrong???? Well I spent 300 $ and some change for this . So WTH I need answers why I can't access !!!! Seems it happens alot sounds like a class action to me

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