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Edge of nowhere crashs after launch

Hi, I brought Edge of no where from Oculus Store and it crashes when I launch the game. It appears like this "Edgeofnowhere.exe has stop working". I can play Eve:Valkyrie and others game without problems. My pc is Q6600 OC to 2.9 GHz, Msi GTX1080 gam...

Resolved! Concerned about oculus rift shipping internationally

Concerned about oculus rift shipping internationally?I was wondering about the oculus rift shipping, well Ipay international duty which is like an extra 30 percentage of price of the item. or is it all included because my friend bought something from...

Farlands crashing - "Unreal Engine has stopped working"

Farlands was working fine, in the last couple of days it isn't. After a couple of mins I get the 'Unreal Engine has stopped working' error and I have to close the program.If I go into the Oculus logs I can see:[Service_2016-06-01_16.30.15.txt] 01/06 ...

Stereo overlap off in videos?

Hi guys so I am happy with the rift. Great piece of technology and its definitely the future. So my question is have any other people noticed any stereo overlap issues? Wondering if I have a problem with my rift or if this is just something common......

How do i watch videos

I want to watch videos outside of oculus (youtube, my own 360 vids etc.) when I try the best I can get is for the video to play on a PLAYER like VRPLAYER but nothing on my oculus headset. I'm a newb so any help would be appreciated.

UPDATE: Defected left screen. Rift delivered to Oclulus.

I have problem with the way my Rifts left screen is showing shadows. Hard to describe, its like shadows are displayed in 256 colours or something like that (while whole picture is displayed nicely). Right panel shows shadows properly. Please see pict...

Zuh by Level 5
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CV1 Column of Green Pixels - Issues with replacement

So for the last week and a half, the left eye on my CV1 hashad a column of stuck green pixels. Workedfine for the 4 days I had it previous to that. Nothing seems to have triggered it. I just put the headset on one morning and it was there). Here’s an...

kiefd by Level 3
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I know why defective rifts are slow to replace

People have been complaining that it takes weeks to even get a ticket processed and a return label processed for a return of the rift and replacement. There is no doubt that the reason is because of the rift shortage. It's as simple as that.

inovator by Level 12
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Resolved! Some games not working with Oculus Rift

Hi, I'm a new ,here from NZ. I just got my OR a couple of days ago and was very impressed with this new toy.I've purchased & downloaded many games and most of them working just fine as they should. However, there are five games that won't work no mat...

ericdad by Level 2
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Check your setup

Ok so I bought an oculus rift off of Ebay because I wanted it sooner. It was brand new not even opened from the box that it came in so there is no question of tampering. So when I go into the oculus setup everything works perfect. It detects the cabl...

Rift headphones stopped working

Not sure what happened but my rift headphones have stopped working. Inside the oculus app I have the headset audio output set to "Rift Headphones".If i go to my taksbar and click playback devices the rift headphones are not listed. I have tried resta...

Deekor by Level 2
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Sound cuts out on Luckys Tale

I will be playing Luckys Tale and suddenly the sound will cut out completely. Usually happens within a few minutes of starting it. Never had this problem with Eve, VR Karts, Farlands, etc., only Luckys Tale. When I switch to another game after experi...

CV1 and Vireio Perception?

Hi. I'm using Vireio Perception to change how a game renders to my monitor. It seems like all I need is to get what is rendered to my monitor to render to the oculus instead, and I can't figure out how to get it to work. I thought the oculus would sh...

Resolved! Anyone from UK or Ireland get a rift

I'm from Ireland and just wondering did you have to pay import duties or what ever it called when your Rift was shipped to you my concern is when my rift is delivered will i have to give the post man extra money like import tax or is all that covered...

after use

Do I need to disconnect the rift when not in use. Or just leave it connected to the hdmi

Remote or Oculus not working - how rerun setup

Got my Oculus.Started installing, but remote did not work. Open took battery out and back, nothing.So I did not got Oculus to turn on yet.I skipped the remote part on the setup. I got a few error messagesI come to the screen "Continue on your headset...

Order is now cancelled

Well done oculusi have been a loyal customer buying 2 dk1, a dk2 and now a cv1. It was due to come out in the next week, you asked me to update my info last night which i did to a card that has more then enough funds now you cancel my order.I am tryi...

Disable OVR sleep?

Hi everyone, I'm working on a VR app in unity, been using the dk2 so far, switched to cv1 today (yay!) and finally got it to run as expected.One problem I have encountered though, is when the light sensor in the goggle sends it to "sleep mode", effec...

Oculus Support is a Pain in the ASS !!!!

Whats Up with the Oculus Support Team ?I open a ticket 20days in the past, My VC1 is defect (a fucking green line)The Support confirmed that it will replace and the will send me a RMA Number, But nothing..Every time i replay or open a new ticket it w...

Why at times exclusives make sense.

I was listening to a podcast called tested and they gave an example of a game called big cop that was originally going to be released on vive. It ended up being an Oculus exclusive. The team said they were small and they originally planned to release...

Samsung internet

How do i delete search results from the search listing in Samsung internet. The list of past searches just keep growing and I want to clean it up

Annoying sound when pushing stick forward on xbox controller?

I push the thumbstick on the xbox controller in any direction and there is like a tapping sound like someone's drop a ballbearing on a table. What is this sound and how do I stop it because it's driving me nuts. It happens in games or just on the des...

Oculus Rift DK2 - debugging the unexplainable lag

Hello everyone, I had submitted this a couple of days ago This is the result from my continuous efforts to find the reason for the horri...