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Rift + Touch wants to be completely setup like new since sunday

Every time i reboot my pc since sunday my rift and touch wants to be setup like i never connected anything, whole setup shebang with sensors play area and tutorials.Every single time i reboot.Gets just a tad bit annoying that i have to do this if i w...

Alkasar by Level 3
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Been having problems with tracking, sensor errors.

I moved my computer to the living room, been having problem getting the controllers to track correctly, even the sensors couldn't pick them up. After hours of trying to resolve the issue, reinstalling.....etc. I unplugged my prelit Christmas tree and...

Pass SteamVR but failed Oculus test. i5 5200U

I want to get into VR and was leaning towards Oculus Rift with Touch over the HTC Vive. I used the tests for the vive and the rift and I passed the Vive test but failed the Rift test. The only failing thing on the rift was my CPU which is a i5 5200U ...


Well leave the website aside because we all know how broken it is. for god sake you have to google the downloads page and the community page. and i have just now realized i cant buy a game and gift it to a friend (another account) it also took this l...

Oculus Rift USB 3.0 Issue and Support Problems

Hello,I have recently purchased the Oculus Rift and installed it on my system. The motherboard I have is a Gigabyte P76-UD3-B3 which has USB 3.0. I had connected the sensor and headset to the USB 3.0 ports.During the first initial installation/setup,...

"Free" Store Crash

Hey there everyone. I tried typing "free" into the Oculus search bar 3 or 4 times and each time I did so the whole thing restarted, and even crashed once. Is this a known problem? I thought the search bar might also be able to filter, but evidently n...

Virtual Desktop

I've downloaded Virtual Desktop from Steam. Oculus won't let me use it. How do I get past this?

HDMI and USB for rift not connecting.

the sensor works fine, but the headset HDMI and USB dont want to connect, they are just loading. ive tried moving the cables around, tried all the USB ports of my pc. tried fixing it for hours now and still no progress. im stuck and i need help.

FOV on Left Eye Lower than Right Eye

Just got my Rift and Touch today. After an hour of playing I noticed a black bar in the corner of the Left Eye that is nonexistant in the Right Eye. I adjusted my IPD before I noticed this, but that couldn't have caused it as pushing the slider back ...

HMD remains black during setup

I just got the Oculus Rift yesterday but could not get it to run - the display never lit up.HDMI and both USB connections were detected fine.Remote and XBONE controller were detected fine.The tracking test succeeded.When getting to the step where you...

Eran82 by Level 2
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"Into the Dead" for VR - Pending Hardware Issue

Getting this error: "You have a pending hardware issue that is preventing you from entering VR. Please check that your headset and sensor are connected."All other games are working fine. There are no connection issues.I have opening a case with the d...

DBiron by Level 2
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Dead pixels with purple spot on oculus lens

Hi,On Oculus CV1, we have encountered dead pixels? with purple/pink spot as photo attached shows. Most obvious action, re-install and setup the hardware did not help. Any idea about this? could it be dust or damages to the lens or .. ? (it is mainly ...

Added third sensor and now my tracking is jumpy

I got my third sensor and I've followed the instructions, but the experience is jumpy with it. Its like I'm dropping a few inches and then bouncing back. If I disconnect the third sensor everything is fine.I've connected the third sensor to a USB 2.0...

jaxzin by Level 2
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Hdmi problems

Just purchased oculus rift today, i have a msi ge72 apache pro laptop, it has a nvidia gtx970m graphics card. i tried setting up my rift for the first time, all the usbs are connected fine, it just won't read the hdmi and im losing my mind over it. I...

Super dumb Question

Can the touch controllers be turned off without battery removal. When on they seem to partially disable the X Box controller even if only in standby mode?

Black Screen

Ive alredy installed the rift and have used it before this happened and when I plugged everything in and put the headset on it was just a black screen but I could hear the game through the headphones. What am I doing wrong?

HDMI cable unplugged error.

Whenever I move around with my Oculus on, or nudge it when I adjust it on my face, the HMD goes blank and I get an hdmi error on the screen. The hdmi cable is firm in my computer and isn't coming out.Does anyone have some suggestions for a fix?

R9 380 4GB OC Edition no good?

I just recently bought the above GPU. I need to get a bigger case and this was one of the few cards that would fit atm. I've just discovered this card is no good for the Rift... Is this true (seems odd given it's newer than the R9 290 which is recomm...

oculus rift too expensive in canada

the oculus rift is over 1000 dollars after taxes here i believe it will go viral if you can get it down to 650 i had to build a 2500 system just to have the glasses and now i find out i cant aford it. just a tip guys broke ppl with no life play video...

Best Settings for Big Picture Mode Gaming

So without configuring anything, right off the bat I noticed that full screen mode doesn't work. You have to have it in window mode. I also noticed a degradation of quality in the refresh rate, or perhaps the frame rate, maybe both. the two games I t...

"no Internet connection"

Even though my galaxy s6 is connected to the wifi and can access the internet, I am unable to view store info due to "not having Internet connection". Does anyone know why this happens or have a solution?

Some help for a new Oculus owner would be much appreciated!

Hello everyone, so I just received my rift for christmas and I am super happy with it so far, trying out all the awesome games has been super fun. So far things have been going mainly well, however there is a few things I have noticed and I am starti...

HDMI Cord stopped working

so, my HDMI cord is still in one peace, and it was working earlier today, but now it says "No HDMI input". I've allowed my graphics cards to run independently, and I've plugged my Oculus into my primary driver and secondary driver, but it's just not ...

Graphics Driver Update Problem GTX 970

Ok so i'm running a GTX 970 and i've got the latest Drivers for itI've both Manually reinstalled the drivers and used Geforce Experience....Yet i'm still stuck on the Video Card update required and can't proceed.....

Major Tracking Issues

Rift is basically unplayable. The whole "room" is shifting every 10 seconds or so. I have done everything recommended to help the situation but nothing works. Issue only started on the evening of the the 24th. Before then I only had the basic trackin...