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Oculus support not answering

Oculus support hasn't replied to me for 3 weeks and 2 days now. Is there any other way to contact them or get their attention. I've been sending messages, but no replies. They just stopped talking to me, it was very unexpected.

Bbrdyx by Level 2
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Gorn won't start up after the chant on Quest 2 port. Any tips?

After the little chant when you start up the game, I'm stuck on that screen no matter how long I wait. I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing changed. Something i've noticed is when you try to open the game, it syncs to cloud. T...


How do I return a recharge bank that was ordered by mistake. It is still wrapped in the original plastic.

wnwilde by Level 2
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Vader Immortal Launches - Touch Controllers Not Detected

Vader Immortal Episode 1 for Rift will launch - and but it says "slow to load" the app shows the Lucasfilm logo etc. but then the app shows "Touch Controllers Not Detected" My touch controllers work in everything else. I have:Redone the setupPut 100%...

Black screen when turning on Oculus Quest 2

Hello, my Quest 2 is showing a black screen every time I try to turn it on. It is fully charged and my controllers make the vibration of when it connect to the quest. I cannot do anything, nor can I open the debug menu where you can factory reset the...

Horrible sound when casting dance central

My wife and I simply want to be able to watch our daughters play Dance Central on our Quest 2, via our phone/ipad Oculus app, but when it's on all we hear is a loud feed-back type screech. We can't even just watch as the oculus app only goes down in ...

Sakabra by Level 2
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Elite headstrap

My headstrap broke after a few weeks of light use wich was reported to support on 11/12/2020. They finally asked for the broken strap to be returned wich it was on 02/12/2020. Here we are on 15/02/2021 and no further forward. Any suggestions?

Unable to load friends/parties in rift or go

Posted this on reddit but maybe someone here has seen this problem:'m currently working with support but it doesn't seem obvious as to what the problem is. I get the errors aboe in my rif...

vanfanel by Level 5
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I can't see my order

Hey guys.I'm having trouble seeing my order.I bought an Oculus Quest Friday, but I haven't been able to see it in "my orders". And when i go to the link from an email they sent me, it just re-sends the same email again and again.I was wondering if so...

AnguDVD by Level 2
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Quest 2 home low fps?

Hi, I remember after changing the Texture Size in Sidequest, everything has been running bad, but only in the home area or the system menu where you leave the application, but even after factory resetting my quest about 3 times now, nothing has worke...

yopooda by Level 2
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Shipping labels scaming people *bs support*

I have been going back and forth with the oculus "support" for almost a year. Only started to get somewhere in the last 3 or so months. I finally recieved a shipping label for the defective device. But guess what UPS wont ship it as it comes with a h...

Resolved! How do I change my profile image of my Oculus account?

I know, this question has been asked several times but sadly the answers do not work for me... don't know why....When I open the "Oculus App" for my "Rift" (I guess the "App" is the "Oculus Home" program on my desktop, which has been installed during...

Bolli66 by Level 2
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Oculus VR Runtime Service interfering with other apps

I've been using my Quest 2 since December, and a new problem has cropped up, maybe 3 weeks ago. Even when I'm not using the Quest 2, Rocket League, via Epic, will randomly (and often) minimize itself. I need to hit alt-tab to get back into the game, ...

jduff72 by Level 2
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Problem installing the app

I try to reinstall the app, but the installation freeze after downloading 168 mb. After a few minutes, it says to check my connection, which actually work correctly.

Nonprofit discounts

I am on the western division board of a nonprofit (The Themed Entertainment Association), and am wondering if there is a group discount possible for our members? We have thousands of members globally. We are planning events in the future in the metav...

Oculus support sucks

I never wanted to make this message but Oculus support is truly atrocious. It has been about a full month going back and forth with Oculus support trying to fix my headset (Oculus Rift S) which I have been dying to use. They haven't responded to my e...

Trying to set up multiple accounts on Quest 2 not working

Initially when I tried to create the first account I would enter the code and wait and wait for it to be accepted and move to the next screen but it would not and I would have to back space out and retry. On my 5th attempt I got an error: calls to th...

Cant get any info on the quest 2 i just ordered.

The website tells me nothing. At first it said it was gonna come the19th then the 20th now when i put the info it just loops me around in my emails constantly asking to sign inn. Im kinda mad. I want info on what i just ordered or give me my 400 doll...


I've got an Oculus Quest 2 and it works just fine but the Oculus Link cable has never worked. I've raised it with Support and sent them logs but I wasn't getting anywhere with them. As such, I requested a refund but I didn't hear back. I went to the ...

Can't get Quest 2 to Work with Flight simulator 2020

I just bought a Quest 2, installed everything as per forums, even the regedit hack for OpenXR. Bought it specifically for MSFS 2020 (Microsoft store). Quest 2 in Oculus is green (on the computer), the cable test OK in Oculus. Oculus link shows good i...

New PC not recognizing HDMI

Tried pretty much everything I can find online to try to fix it before making this post. USBs identify in select slots for headset, all over for sensors. Checked to make sure the cord is in on the headset. Reinstalled oculus software 3 different ways...

Headset started to disconnect from Link

So my quest 2 started to disconnect while connected to my pc on the link out of the blue, i had my cable hung up loosely; never yanking on it all that stuff. I don't have a pulley system *yet*, however today after leaving my cable unplugged for 3 day...

Left Controller not working.

Just got Oculus Rift and the left controller stopped working, the hand on VR stays in the same position.I have already-removed battery to reset-unplugged sensors and back-reset computer-reinstalled oculus software (removed drivers)-had two beers!

Resolved! How do you download Virtual Desktop after payment to PayPal?

Jumped through all the hoops to get Virtual Desktop for Quest 2 from the Oculus Store, Paid through PayPal and received a receipt from the Oculus store. I did not see any way to download the app after payment so I'm stuck. I've asked Oculus for help ...

Stuck on new Oculus install....

Im installing oculus for the first time and i am stuck on "Installing...". Ive searched around for a solution, but nothing has worked. Ive tried:Disabling anti-virusRebootingI don't even get a OculusSetup.log file in my local app data folder (the ins...

Oculus touch, trouble

In some games or software, not in all, I can get freezed touch controllers for short time like 10 seconds. Buttons working but hands not moving in a space, only in angles. That's happend each some minutes.