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Rift installation cannot detect HDMI

I received my Rift today and I've been trying to install it. I get to the cable connection section of the installation and it detects both the sensor and the rift USB connections but cannot detect the HDMI cable connection. I've tried updating Window...

Woopate by Level 2
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My DK2 display burned out?

I am playing Project Cars and put the Dk2 on my head then all of the sudden, all black. I power the DK2 off and back on and the display turns on but I only very briefly can see the display but is very dark and fades to pitch black almost immediately....

kk19115 by Level 2
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How do I get rid of localized game versions?

Hi all!I've just made my first store purchase (Adrift), and it somehow gave me a localized version of the game. How do I change the language? I want the original English language version. Thanks!

n3bulaR by Level 4
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[Low priority] Forum user-interface ... issues.

There are some interesting ... issues ... with the web interface on these fora. Obviously there are far more important things for the developers to be fixing, but here are some things I've encountered - hopefully if anyone else wants to report simila...

The Climb crashing PC

Just downloaded The Climb and when I play the tutorial it crashes the computer (just after the first save), locking it up with a blank screen on the PC and The Rift (DK2).I have to press the reset button on the PC to get it working again.When I resta...

Thug by Level 7
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KNOWN ISSUES - Read this first

Here are a couple issues that have come up often, please try these first.- Logitech software (keyboard, mouse, headset, etc.) may be incompatible. This will cause headtracking to not be functional. It is recommended that you uninstall any Logitech so...

Small thin display for the Rift?

I have a clear, sharp, beautiful Apple display for my Mac – that unfortunately won't work with the Alienware area 51. Unfortunately, I only have room for the one big monitor. I bought the area 51 exclusively for Oculus Rift anyway, and the display is...

Turning off Oculus screen when not in use

I am currently downloading loads of stuff from store and I don;t like how the headset is still running (and hot)Is there a way to turn off screen when not in use?

MeioJo by Level 5
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When do the ship the next wave?

When I ordered my Oculus, the confimation page said "Estimated shipping august", and in my e-mail it says "To Be Decided". Are there any "official" rumors as to when I can expect this magic device?

Xbox controller freezes games

Before I format my pc again maybe someone can help be out :wink: After a while using any xbox controller 360/one/emulated ps4 games start to stutter and slow down in fps drastically. Sometimes a wild bluescreen appears "Faulty hardware"But this only ...

Unable to Launch OculusSetup.exe

Hey all, this seems like an awkwardly early stage of the process to have trouble with, but here I am anyways.My CV1 is on the way, and I wanted to get a head start on installing the necessary drivers. I've downloaded (and re-downloaded, and flushed m...

Shipping address wrong.

Hi all,I pre-ordered some time ago and noticed that the Oculus ordering system truncated Line 1 of my address.It accepted the full entry without errors - then when I checked later, it had chopped off the second half of the line off. That produced an ...

Storage of Rift CV1 when not in use.

My place gets dusty fast and I wanted to have the Rift CV1 covered. I have a light cloth bag that would fit the headset when it's not in use but still plugged in to my computer when it's on. I wanted to know if that is safe to do and make sure it won...

phyxius by Level 2
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How do I program social vr support in unity?,In this talk they show some examples of social vr. How do I use this - Where is the sdk? documentation etc. I've google a fair bit and can't find it..

McSwan by Level 2
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Asus G11 Desktop and Oculus bundle

I've noticed that a bunch of people have had trouble with their new G11 Desktop and the Rift.My desktop arrived today and instead of uninstalling all the bloatware I decided to just reset Windows. I chose the option to reinstall windows without keepi...

Oculus Home installation error

I can't install Oculus Home. I just get the following message:There is no additonal info what actually went wrong. When I restart the computer and try it again, it loads all data from the internet again and displays me the same error.I can't use my n...

spyro by Level 4
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Can't get my oculus running!

I installed it, it gave me trouble, acted kinda weird downloading and installing everything. it said it was installed. but there is no icon, no way to open it. i tried activating my VR through Steam it wouldnt recognize it. there doesnt seem to be a ...

Any Update on OVRService and Facebook Ping?

Hi there,I don't want to start a discussion about "Facebook scans my HDD files" and "Oculus watches me with the cam", because I'm sure that doesn't happen.Since I'll receive my Rift any time soon I'm asking, if there was an Update on the 24/7 Faceboo...

nn23 by Level 3
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What do I need to install to get my DK2 working again

I cleaned up my hard drive and uninstalled all programs I don't need including all the old Oculus stuff and SDKs so I can start with a clean slate. I use Unity 4 and 5 as well as Unreal engine, all installed now. I then installed the latest version S...

[Shipping] Order stuck in limbo for over a week.

Last Monday I noticed the full payment of C$849 was withdrawn from my account, and a shipping estimate was posted to my order - which was placed around +05:00 - claiming shipment between April 12 to 22.Since the payment was withdrawn, no further upda...

kyol by Level 2
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Game Audio played through 2 devices?

Hi,I was wondering if it is possible to play the in game audio through 2 devices simultaneously.I'd like the video game audio to play through the rift speakers whilst also playing through the surround sound with an optical cable.If possible could som...

Compatability unsure

Hey guys,Ive been looking into buying the rift, though I am a little confused. I have tried many tools for compatibility with hardware and get a message explaining to me that my computer does not read the specs. one of them is graphics card. they say...

Installer issues

Just to point some thing out.I (remotely, on some points) see your point on forcing a lot of stuff, but installation directory is *not* on the good side. You need to be more dynamic.The installer is far too "Apple" (readers: don't start a war here - ...

ECU1 by Level 3
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