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USB update mode loop problems

Yesterday my oculus quest 2 was very low on battery % and I plugged in to recharge. Once this morning came and I tried to start the oculus it displayed the 'USB update mode'. No matter what option you chose, it'll all result into it going back into t...


How do I reset my PIN? We had the first one set, but forgot to note the PIN #. Thank You

Oculus Link cable says low bandwidth

Whenever i plug in the oculus link cable it says that it has low bandwidth and that i need to plug it into a usb c port. I have the official link cable in a usb c port.

Unable to download purchases from Oculus Store

I just got my Oculus Quest delivered today and I was all excited to try it out, but unfortunately I've run into a bit of a problem. I seem to be unable to install any apps or games on the headset as all downloads from the Oculus store simply fail. I'...

dipth by Level 3
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Cant Reach Oculus Service Error

ive been trying to use Oculus Link but the oculus software app isnt opening and it just loads up a status checker and tells me that it Cant Reach Oculus Service, ive tried using the repair feature, reinstalling many many times (in different drives to...


Can't reach Oculus service

okay this has been driving me nuts.I cant start the oculus application at all.Previously if i restarted the runtime sevice etc and rebooted a million times it would work.I have uninstalled/reinstalled oculus about 5 times now. almost 8Gb each time..T...

Order canceled

I just bought a headset an hour ago and now it’s saying it’s canceled. It doesn’t state a reason. Is there a way I can an answer to this as so why my order got cancelled??


I’m thinking about buy a new PC with nividia RTX 3060. Is the Oculus quest 2 link compatible with this GPU?

[Fixed] OculusSetup.exe - Error - Unable to Start Process

[EDIT] - FIX was to create a new, local user account in Windows 10 with admin rights. Oculus Setup does not like SPACEs in User's folder names!Hi, sadly my first post here is for a support issue. Concerning the original Oculus Rift + Windows 10I've b...

Sk4nkw0n by Level 3
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My Oculus account cannot search for apps.

Recently I tried to search for apps on the Oculus Store, but all results return "No apps matching your search have been found." I have tried searching terms such as "free" and even games specifically like "Until You Fall". I have also tried this on m...

I need help with getting my oculus link to work again

When i plug my cable in the back into my motherboard which is usb 3.0. I keep hearing the usb connected and disconnected sounds. And it won't work. But when i plug in and usb to usb extender that is usb 2.0 and than plug it in there it does work. But...

I cannot log in into my account

I wanted to add another account(this account) to my quest 2. I could not log in and they said I need to ask the support. and here I am.what should I do.

PokerStar Props

I believe I opted out of seeing props in the filter. I would like to cancel that so I may see props again and cannot figure out how to do this. Help!Thanks in advance.

I need help

I am current owner of an oculus to VR headset and just after I got it I bought the external battery pack which has been amazing as it has extended my game time exponentially but however I have noticed that the strap that goes around the head on one s...

Software version 283944245 problems & temporary solution

The latest software version has broken several things about my Oculus Quest 2 Oculus Link & Oculus Quest 2 stand-alone performance. The biggest thing is that SteamVR only renders at 72 fps instead of 90 fps. It doesn't matter that I have the Oculus Q...

PCVR via Oculus Quest 1 with Oculus Link cable

Hello,In October 2020, I got a new computer. The specs for it are shown below. Shortly thereafter, I got my first Oculus Quest 1. A few months ago, I decided to give PCVR a go and bought Half Life. I have been trying off and on since then to get it t...

Royalmage62184_0-1618273046463.png Royalmage62184_1-1618273084314.png Royalmage62184_2-1618273120501.png Royalmage62184_3-1618273151232.png

Oculus 2 Link not working

I have set up the pc link for my oculus 2 an on both the oculus and my pc it runs ok. But once I go to load a game my pc shows the game loaded but on my oculus it will still say its loading no matter how long I wait it will not load.

Oculus Quest 2 microphone not working.

So pretty much like 2 weeks back my microphone was working in games like pavlov shack and vrchat and rec room and now my mic doesn't work? I don't use a link cable but i know you don't have to use a cable.

Failed to install game

Was so excited to get my new oculus rift! But I'm having some issues with installing some games. I get the "Sorry, we couldn't install GAME. Please visit Oculus Support to get help." errors in the notifications.So I did ask for support, but they seem...

Resolved! Name change

Ive bought an Oculus one and it still has the previous owner account and games on. Can I keep the games but change to my account?Dave

Oculus Quest 2 Link speed

Hey guys, I just bought an oculus and have an official oculus link cable and when I plug in my link into my motherboards USB 3.1 gen 2 type C then type A (using an adaptor) (Also my motherboard is the ROG strix Z370-E Gaming) I get speeds at around 6...

Link Cable running at low speeds

So I recently started using a link cable but since I don't have any USB-C ports on my motherboard I had to buy an expansion card for it. The first one I got was from Microcenter, but since it was USB 3.0 only I wanted to find something else. The next...

Rift S negative performance headroom.

I noticed my VR titles performing sub par out of nowhere. Stutters, freezes, low fps. In population one every time i walk over an item the game stutters. Single handed shooting is smooth, but using 2 hands causes the game to drop in FPS hard when the...

Floor level problems on Quest 2

Hi there. Suddenly my Quest 2 has set my floor incorrectly when I'm setting up the Guardian. I confirm that it's at floor level, but when I go into apps (like Job Simulator, for my daughter), I / she can't pick things up because we're stooping down a...

Oculus Link cable NEVER DELIVERED

Good afternoon, i recently buyed the Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Link cable, they were delivered today in 2 packages; the first one with the Oculus Quest 2 is ok, but in the second package the cable is missing!!it's just an empty box!! an empty package...

Quest 2 + Link Cable + Mixed Reality Capture?

I own a few Oculus Store (Rift) versions of experiences, namely Beat Saber and Gravity Sketch that I play via Oculus Link on a Quest 2, but trying to mixed reality capture them using the -mixedreality command line switch never has the spectator camer...