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Resolved! Quest 2 - Software Update Required

I have had this issue trying to pair both of my Quest 2's for the last 4 days. When you click 'try again' it just loops back to this screen.I have tried reinstalling the app (including updating the app), using an IOS phone and using an Android phone,...

G_CDoc by Level 2
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Resolved! Facebook Account banned

My Facebook account that was linked to my oculus quest 2 was banned for no reason, I don’t even use Facebook and I only made it for my vr. Since my Facebook account was banned so is my oculus so now I can’t play anything and I can’t even sign in or d...

Known Issue - Headset logged out and missing app library

Hi everyone, the team is working on an issue now based on some reports that users are getting logged out of their headset or aren't seeing their purchased apps. In some of these cases, you might not be able to log back in. The team is working to get ...

Can’t Activate Developer Mode

I’m having trouble activating developer mode from my phone. I have created an organization, and successfully connect to my device, but when using my phone, and trying to click the developer switch, it says “We’re having problems loading this. Please ...

ExXxact by Level 2
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Pairing a secondsry oculus account to phone

Hi I made a second account on oculus and it wont pair to my phone we have different accounts in my family so I would like to know how to pair the second account please let me know!

Anonymous by Not applicable
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I just bought my new oculus and I have my internet connected and my account paired. However, I do not see my menu on the oculus and my games will not launch. Does anybody now how to fix this?

Cant install oculus adb drivers

Im on windows 11 and whenever i right-click to install, it says open but there is no install? i cant figure out how to fix it please help.

Controllers lost after quest 2 hibernation

Hi I hope someone can help here.Mid game and you need to stop for something, taking quest2 off and min or so it goes to sleep/hibernation.Put it back on and quest2 wakes up with the option to continue or change account etc, however there are no contr...

HEVC H.265 option?

Any word about HEVC support for Link/AirLink on the Quest 2 coming? Well known fact AMD gpus have horrible h264 encoding and their HEVC encoding is actually spectacular. New cards from Nvidia and AMD can handle it just fine and so can the Q2 ( ReLive...

no link app glasses

bought some Oculus Meta Quest 2 and I'm trying to configure them, but the APP (ios) won't let me pass the step of activating with a facebook account, it hangs there. I've been trying for 48 hours in all possible places and I can't continue. Could you...

Microsoft Flight Simulator with WIn11 fails to work.

Hi all,This issue has been posted on the msfs2002 (FS), and Oculus forums recently.When in VR mode the display (inside the O2), becomes glitchy, broken and the mouse (inside the O2), becomes unresponsive and sometimes msfs2020 locks up.Seems to be a ...

Aluminum foil fix for Oculus Controller that will not turn on

Hi all, As some of you already know, sometimes a controller will just up and die and not turn back on when replacing batteries. In my case, it was the right hand controller for my Quest 2. It died while watching some videos. Thinking it was the batte...

Casting to PC's browser not working since latest update

As the title says. I already tried fixes like resetting both quest2 and my pc or router/modem, disconnecting devices from wifi and connecting again and nothing worked, sometimes when i'm stubborn enough and tries to cast dozens of times it works even...

Stutter/lag using link v41

After my desktop automatically update to oculus v41 I been having stutter/lag on oculus home and steam vr I have a Ryzen 5 5600g, rx 6600xt, 16gb ram, 850w EVGA supernova psu

My Oculus Quest 2 only shows a black screen.

Hi so I turned on my Quest 2 for the first time in months and all I saw was the Oculus logo then a loading bar with what looked like a SD card on top with an arrow pointing down to the loading bar and then it went to a black screen and I can hear the...

Kit-Fox by Level 2
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Resolved! Trying to change username

hola! i'm trying to change my username in my profile and i get to the verification code, get the code from the email and type it in but when i hit submit it just keeps sending me code after code after code .... anybody else having this issue??? thank...

Resolved! Sensor and Controller Tracking not working

Headset: Oculus Rift CV1Issue: TrackingI haven't had an issue like this since i was setting it up the first time. Now years later i run into it again this time the playspace is still there everything is good except the sensors have magically stopped ...

Cooling fan issues and issues opening a support ticket?

Having issues with a cooling fan error message. It is absurdly unintuitive to open a support ticket for warranty work. The main website doesn't seem to have an option to open a ticket; I get diverted to a community; links listed to open a support tic...

jlafc3s by Level 2
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Why the bad battery?

Hi I bought a quest 2 and fell for the o’l … buy our ”link cable” as third party options wont work and yadda yada. Well i bought their overpriced stuff and plugged it in to the motherboard. I get ..maybe one hour of playtime in DCS world before it co...

Weird failure

Hi, guys!Yesterday I noticed a series of bright dots in a single horizontal line on display appeared after 2 months of using my Oculus Quest 2 (see left above Meta logo).It can't be hot/dead pixels, cause it is the same in both displays, left and rig...


Black Screen - everything works... but no display!

Black Screen - everything works... but no display!I was playing war thunder and about to engage in battle when the screen went black... no new driver install nothing... then I see that Oculus have some issue for more than a month now... what the hell...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Oculus Quest 2 issue with accessing profile or any of my games

Hey it seems like this problem of turning on your oculus quest 2 and all your games being gone and everything saying please try again later is hitting everyone and for a while now I’ve read many many discussions on what people have done and it seems ...

Support can’t read or just doesn’t care to.

I’ve had a ticket going for my RIGHT CONTROLLER, and all of the emails I get in response are for my LEFT CONTROLLER. I even started the ticket with the RIGHT CONTROLLER PAIRING AND TRACKING. So oculus support isn’t even reading the emails sent to the...

Resolved! cant find user to add as friend

My friend and I both have quests, and whenever I search his username/real name it doesn't show up. He has the same problem as me. We were added a few months ago, but it would show up for me as a pending friend request that couldn't accept. Any way to...

Resolved! horizon world says coming soon

hi i have oculus 2 and am over the age of 18. but, when i go to the store horizon worlds still says coming soon.please help i would love to play it

Can't purchase apps

Get this pop up. I've set my pin... brand new headset. Says "contact support" lol there is no support line or chat. This is terrible for my first meta product. Reported via app over 24 hrs ago.  


Oculus software install keeps stopping after so many tries

I keep getting the error message below. Please help [Warning] [7/15/2022 4:03:45 PM] Error submitting Marauder packet:System.Net.Http.HttpRequestException: Error while copying content to a stream. ---> System.IO.IOException: Unable to write data to t...

Lost money

I bought a game on the oculus app I have a confirm on my moms phone but the game doesn’t show up it’s not in my buy history so I can’t refund what do I do?

No Menu Loading during Setup

I’m only able to get as far as confirming the guardian boundary, but every time I confirm it I’m left sitting in the empty setup space and no menus or messages ever show up. I’ve currently been sitting and waiting for nearly 30 minutes, and that is a...

Zenn_aO by Level 2
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