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Floor Height in Guardian not working? Try this.

I have been having the floor height issue going on within the last week or so, I am not sure what is causing it ... i assume it either a software oculus bug or 1 of the pieces of software i am playing is causing it. Not sure which, but i did find a w...

RTX 3080 new drivers not working with Rift CV1?

I recently upgraded my graphics card to the new Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080. Since then my oculus rift has stopped working. Whenever I enter a game, I get the famous orange blinking LED and a black screen.Was wondering if anyone else has had this issue w...

I sent a gift to the wrong email

So I sent my dad a birthday present for the vr, sent it to the wrong email as a gift and I've tried to refund it multiple times but to no avail, oculus support is dreadful and dosent help, nor even lists my simple issue. Is there a number I can call ...

Image is rolling uncontrollably on Quest 2

So everytime I put my Quest 2 on the image is shaking extremely bad even when I'm standing still and not moving my head. But what's weird is that it seems to be a tracking issue? Because the UI is completely stable (Volume indicator, oculus re-center...


How do I check how much game time I have spent in a certain game

Issues with Oculus Client app on Laptop

I'm wanting to download and use the app on my Laptop for my quest 2. I log into the app on my laptop and sign in using facebook account. when i try to link my quest 2 though, it doesn't detect it for some reason. i have my quest 2 plugged in from usb...

Oculus App Runtime Keeps Stopping

The new update has caused my Quest (version 1) to be unusable. When starting up the headset, I get an error "Oculus App Runtime Keeps Stopping." I tried factory reset and it did not resolve the problem.

dbury by Level 2
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Can't install Oculus app

Hi I just got a Quest 2 and I was installing the Oculus app but unfortunately I wasn't able to do so. I followed the instructions for installing the software to my second drive and I get the admin permissions message to pop up. After I accept this I ...

IIVRII by Level 2
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Return policy discrepancy ?

Long story short; My quest broke in 10 days. Returned to Amazon, they reimbursed instead of replaced because they have none. Maybe buying at Best Buy Canada BUT... Best Buy Canada says they do not take returns in the first 30 days for vr headsets if ...


how do i set a pin without an oculus password? I log in with fb

IPD auto view optimizing?

I guess there must be sort of an auto adjustment (don't know exactly how to name it) built in into the quest 2 firmware to optimize the view according to different IPD settings, that can hopefully be tweaked to improve the result. Here's what i notic...

resio73 by Level 2
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Oculus Link frame drops with 3090

Basically, the title.I use the official Oculus Link cable and tested the Link in stock and 1.2x + Encode Bitrate - 300 Mbps settings. I have given the Realtime priority to OVRServer64.exe. I have shut down all the monitoring/lighting apps. I have shu...

Mini DisplayPort Adapter

Hello, I lost my Mini DisplayPort Adapter. I contacted support and they don't sell them. I tried the retailers they recommended and they do not sell the appropriate adapter either. Oculus doesn't support third party adapters and the ones I've tried d...

Druxx by Level 2
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Oculus App Runtime keeps stopping

Recently I was just using my Quest 2 when the whole screen just went black, I restarted my Oculus and now I’m stuck on a screen that says “Oculus app runtime keeps stopping” I have the option to Close app or to look at App info but selecting either d...

Install Dawn.Setup.InstallDriversStep failed

Here's the twist: I bought a DK2 years ago when they first came out to play with (I'm a developer). I want to play with it again in Unreal Engine. What do I need to do to get drivers and associated cabbages installed? Is it "end of life" or is there ...

Payment problem

Hello.I have weird problem that I am not sure, what to think about. I have to explain everything for now, so sorry for a long post. Today I applied for certain company (let's call it Company for now), I gave them my number and email. Later I ordered ...

Quest 2 link cable is messing up.

So around the start of January i got a quest 2 with a link cable (KIWI design) and recently it has started bugging out, after 10 - 15 minutes of use it will disconnect and go back to the quest 2 home lobby, if i try and reconnect it it’ll work for ar...

Oculus GO- Keep it operational!

I understand the money maker is the Quest lineup. I don't expect all kinds of future development for the Oculus GO, but at the least you guys should keep it operational for those who have purchased it. The Oculus Go still has a place in the market. I...

Prescription Lenses

Hello,I have both the Quest 2 and the Rift S. I ordered lenses for both from They say they should be interchangeable, but they both fit the Quest 2, but they seem to small for the Rift S. Does anyone know if the eye dimensions are t...

Resolved! Quest 2 won't link to gaming laptop

Hi there,I bought my daughter a new gaming computer and was assured it was compatible with connecting the Oculus Link. Can anyone see what the problem might has the following spec:AMD Ryzen™ 5 4600H Mobile Processor with Radeon™ GraphicsWind...

Unable to find friends games in server

I have a Rift S and by buddies have the Rift Quest playing ONWARD. I normally have no issues match making but for whatever reason we cannot connect. There was an update recently claiming to make the game cross platform between the two but it is just ...

Rift S connectivity issues

Hi I'm sure no one will be surprised by this, but after 6 months my Rift S now refuses to connect/stay connected.I've been talking with Support via email and getting any help is like pulling teeth. After a lot of prodding I was eventually offered som...