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VR for education

My question is a bit different here. I'm an educator who would like to introduce VR to college students. Oculus will be mainly used to view 3D architectural models built in Revit and other CAD software. Looking at the minimum PC requirements, they so...

Radeon Rx 560

Hola, quería saber si el oculus quest 2 es compatible con la Gpu rx560 de AMD ya que en la pagina eh visto que los requisitos indican que mi Gpu si es compatible pero hice un test en steam Vr performance test y me indicaba que necesitaría cambiar de ...

Cant add payment method

Whenever I attempt to add a payment method to my oculus account, it says "Error, there was an error trying to add your payment method." This happens on both mobile and on the computer. Any fix so I can start buying games?

PC Oculus app can't reach Oculus service error

Hi Oculus/Meta, This seems like a common problem for many people. I have the Rift and the Oculus app installed in my PC from 2017, I just bought the new Quest 2 this week. I removed the old Oculus app from my PC, and tried to install the latest Oculu...

edfoo by Level 3
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Hi. My headset suddenly stopped

My headset wont turn on and no lights are lighting up on it. I have tried several suggestions for solutions and wondering if anyone had the same problem. Feel free to let me know if u know something that can fix it.

Install Error During Software Install Please Help

I recently purchased on Oculus Quest 2 and I found out that in order to play games on my PC I have to install the Oculus software on my PC. So I went to the website and began downloading the Oculus software in order to move forward in my attempt to p...

Airlink not working

I've never considered AirLink up until now with my Quest 2, but whenever I try launching it it leads do a grey screen or a loading screen. Whenever this happens, my PC says that it can't find my headset and to please connect it, even though it says i...

Can anyone help!?

Hello anyone who is reading this!I was playing RE4 a few days ago for around an hour and was suddenly met with a grey screen that said 'tracking error'. I couldn't use my controllers so was unable to close the error screen so had to hold down the pow...

Resolved! Newbie and not sure how the whole thing works.

Hi there,I want to buy this for my Grand kids for Christmas but I'm not sure how it works and have a lot of questions.Can you run this just on WIFI without downloading the google app from my smartphone or chromecast etc. or even download it through t...

gailkw by Level 3
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Resolved! "Oculus has detected a problem with your graphics drivers."

My Oculus app is not working after it downloaded a new update. I have a red flag that says "Oculus has detected a problem with your graphics drivers." What I have done. - Installed new graphics drivers, reinstalled new graphic drivers, reinstalled th...

strny by Level 3
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Unable to refer my friend (UK)

HI,I am from UK and bought an Oculus Quest 2 couple months back.I am trying to refer my facebook friend, but I am getting below message on the referrals page on website.UNAVAILABLE IN YOUR AREAOculus referrals are currently unavailable in your area.I...

RMA Delays

3-5 days turnaround for an RMA? Please... I sent my quest 2 to oculus after 1 simple support ticket which I am glad about, but after it reached their warehouse, they never sent an email about it arriving until 2 days later. Now it is almost 1 week af...

Cannot connect to home WIFI

Hi everyone. I don't know what has happened to my quest 2. 2 weeks ago I was able to use my oculus quest 2 just fine and able to connect to my wifi without any problems. However, one day when I tried using it and it just wasn't able to establish an i...

Windows 11

Can anyone tell me when will it be compatible with win 11 as I want to buy one

Air link and Link no longer work after win 11 install.

did a completely fresh install of windows 11. the Oculus app installed with no errors but when i launch air link or link, i get the 3 loading dots in the headset... Also I noticed there was a open XR error in the beta tab.. was able to set oculus as ...

Payment method error

I am unable to add a payment method to buy a game with, I’ve tried multiple cards, contacted the bank and they said it wasn’t them, tried different browsers, tried doing it on a phone, laptop, and in the headset. Everything support told me to try has...

kyesuce by Level 2
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Bluetooth Keeps Stopping (I've tried everything)

I have an Oculus Quest 1 that has worked fine for a year. However it suddenly popped up with 'Bluetooth Keeps Stopping' error. I have restarted it, connected it to the computer, and ensured it is fully updated. It stays on that erro now matter what I...

The discount "OCULUS30"does not work

I have received the discount code OCULUS30 by e-mail.I want to buy a game. The discount code works at checkout. When confirming the payment by the bank, the amount is without a discount. The discount code is valid for a few more days. Even the produc...

White bar at bottom of screen Oculus Quest 2

Was playing Crisis Vrigade and into the radius and in both after ten or so minutes of playing a white bar that waas transluesent appeared at the bottom of the screen. Going into home and back out fixed for a few mins but then it was back again. Does ...

Hamez27 by Level 2
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Cant turn on quest 2 completely

So whenever i try to turn on my headset, it shows my account but then it just goes into a grey screen. Then it shows the oculus logo, and it just loops over and over. A hard reset did not work and im letting it sit a while. What do i do? And it is ha...

Elven Assassin

I am new to Oculus and enjoying it except finding solutions for problems. I finished my first round in Elven Assassins and it asks if I want to restart but it just goes back to the question, "Are you sure you want to quit? " I state no and we do this...