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Refunded game cause i was double billed and now nothing!

been a week since I refunded a game cause I was double-billed for it, I created a ticket about it and was asked for various things which i provided then nothing, Radio silence and that ticket is 3 weeks old! seriously what does one have to do to get ...

Dosen't show i have ordered anything

I ordered an oculus quest 2 then decided to sign up, but when i checked my orders it said that i hadn't ordered anything but the money was still taken out of my account.

Oculus Rift S black screen, white light

This morning, i opened a game in SteamVR and my Rift S' display went black and the light inside the headset is constantly white whenever it is plugged in, oculus app open or not. It seems to react normally, for example if you put it on while the ocul...

When will Oculus Quest 2 be back in Stock

So long story short, I didnt know how you guys worked, with the whole purchasing, processing deal, I hit purchase you guys didn't take the money because there was nothing you guys could send me, so you guys take it out once it's on departure to me, y...

Processing for Shipping

I bought the Oculus Quest 2 and the Elite Strap here on the Oculus website. The website dated my purchase on January 23, 2021, and that I should expect my purchase to arrive on February 2, 2021. For the past 2 weeks, my account here on the Oculus web...

How do I exit Home editing? [deleted]

Not Home itself but the edit, move objects select Templates etc. app/function. There seems to be no option when you're in this. I'm forced to unplug the headset and plug it back in...

processing time

So I ordered my oculus rift s last Friday and I was just curious as to when it will be processed and shipped, also I am aware that I am being impatient.

Made an order but no confirmation

I made an order today but never received a confirmation, I made a second order thinking there was an issue ordering on my phone but again no confirmation. I ordered using paypal but says they did not take the funds.Have I made 2 orders? or did they n...

Ziov by Level 2
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Controller tracking lag when using two-handed weapons

In just about every game that I play that uses two handed weapons (guns or bow & arrow) my arms begin to go crazy whenever I fire them. I was wondering if there was a fix to these bugs. Is it a problem with steamvr or a tracking issue?

alrod360 by Level 2
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My Oculus Quest 2 won't connect to my laptop.

My pc link cable is not working with my ASUS Tuf A15 laptop. What happens is I plug in the cable and nothing happens on either my laptop or my headset. I do know that there is some kind of connection because my headset is charging. Any and all help i...

Quest Graphical Artifacts

I bought an Oculus Quest recently and I have been experiencing severe graphical artifacts in games and in Oculus Home. These have happened since I got the headset and have gotten worse over time and have recently started crashing my headset. Anyone h...

Verify Developers account

Hello all,I have an Oculus Quest and i need to switch developers mode on. When i try to do this i have to verify my oculus developers account to proceed by providing either a payment method and/or phone number to help establish my identity. i don't w...

An error occured.

I keep getting the code error(OVR25027186) whenever i launch an app can anyone help me out? it has been going on for absolutely ages and i cant get rid of it 

OVR25027186 Error message [SOLVED]

Hey, I keep getting this OVR25027186 error message. It doesn't let me uninstall the game and it doesn't let me launch it. It's on all games. I've disabled my windows firewall and real-time protection. So not sure what else to do?

Quest 2 passthrough not Working!

I just got my quest 2 and enabled passthrough in settings but when i double tap in a game it doesnt do anything..I have my guardian setup and even remade it but still double tapping does not work...My quest 2 is literally just out of the box, I only ...

I need my email changed and support refuses to help

I already tried to change it manually and I can't get the code to send my current email address. I emailed support and they keep telling me to reply above the "line". I don't have a PC and don't communicate primarily with email (hence why I bought th...

Stuck on 3 Dots on boot up (Quest 2)

Has anyone else had this issue?Turing off and on the device seems to fix this but it has started to happen more often. Not sure what is causing this or if there is a bigger problemI don't think rebooting the system each time this happens is good for ...

Scadden by Level 2
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Oculus Quest Grey Screen and rebooting

My quest randomly went into a boot loop after trying to hold power volume down it now boot loops to a grey screen stays there for 20 seconds or so and reboots or shuts down. It will not boot at times I have a ticket in with support I'm assuming its f...

bit6x3 by Level 2
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Rift S Help please

So it been in contact with oculus support like 20 time in the last 48 hours, done 50+ steps they have asked of me, been passed to tech team aster tech team, my computer is more than capable, the device is connected but it will not get past the sensor...

Quest 2 stuck on Pairing

The oculus had an error and forced me to make a factory reset. So I did it following the steps on Oculus Web site. I uninstalled and resintalled the app on my phone. When I connected the app with the device with the 5 digit codes, it works (on the ap...

Oculus link instalation problem

Hello. I have problem with instaling Oculus Link app on my pc. Everytime it ends with "restart pc" messageI find this error in setup file[Error] [29.01.2021 22:35:33] File 'Home2\Content\Paks\Home2-WindowsNoEditor.pak' is missing or invalid.[Error] [...

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650

Hi,I have a Dell XPS 15 7590, i7- 9750H with 32gb ram and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650.I have been trying to use my oculus link with Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 however I have noticed the oculus link cable does not support the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 grap...

oculus software buggs out when starting gpu

hd 7990 driver issue it just freezes after displaying home , but when i stick r9 290x in same pc which just newer version of gcn by .1it runs vr just fine. i was wanting to use that card cause it runs quieter and has more out puts iv tried forced cro...

Link Cable Bandwidth

How much bandwidth should I be getting using the official Link Cable with a Quest 2? Mine tested at 2.2 gbps, USB 3.0. Compatible, but should I be getting 5 gbps, like the specs say?

All my RIft S games missing?

Hi - I had the Oculus Rift S before Facebook bought them. Now that I've used my Facebook account to sign up my new Quest 2, my library is empty. I had dozens of games in my old library. Any idea on how I can get them back? Thanks.

jmangz by Level 2
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