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screen fails to display drak areas

I got my rift just some days ago ... it works fine, beside the displaying of dark/black areas.I tried to take a picture of it, see attachment.Is this a known issue?Is it a usual behavior of current screen? or could this come from misconfiguration of ...

Raute by Level 2
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Broken Screen?

I just received my rift a few days ago, and while testing out my UDK scene with it the screen went black. I have gotten the black screen a few times, and have just had to restart my PC with the rift attached to fix it, this time that does not seem to...

Black issue

Hey,I am having a black issue with the oculus rift, I tried several of the supposed fixes.I have an Lenovo X220 laptop going out from the display port into the DVI (or HDMI) port of the oculus rift.I tried all USB ports on the laptop.When running Tea...

huuf by Level 2
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Hi, im on my knees trying to get (no2 literally) HL2" to work with my rift. Its bothering me that I have done everything and followed every possible angle in the other thread's and forums to a T and still no joy. I dloaded hl2 and coast full version ...

troubles install sdk-linux-0.23 with AMD and Intel

hion my early thread about installing the sdk-0.2.3. linux -> troubles run demo....i have some news:in the meantime i have install the sdk on my second linux laptop (intel hp pavilion dv7)install and run without troubles or problems. yap.i think it g...

nomad by Level 2
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installing ovr_sdk_linux_0.2.3.tar.gz on xubuntu 12.04

hi,in the moment i have'nt a oculus-rift-device,but under windows 7 on the same laptop with sdk 0.15 and sdk 0.22/23 itspossible to run the *.exe (tinyRoom and worlddemo) and i canwith visual studio 2010 express compile the whole packageand its okthi...

nomad by Level 2
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Simple question

HelloI just wonder if the drivers that comes with the Oculus Rift is contained on a cd/dvd? Because I do not have a cd player so I wonder if those files on the cd are obtainable on the internet? Else I can just burn the content from my cousin's compu...

Galidas by Level 2
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Stereo Windows :)

Hey Fellow Devs just been wondering has anybody been able to develop a stereo 50/50 program for standard windows desktop useI mean by being able to use the oculus just for standard computer work so I could just close the lid of my laptop and use my ...

Trying to test 1920x1200 resolution. Rift reports 960x1200?!

Hello there!Before I was under the assumption that the Rift DK didn’t support the 1920x1200 resolution, but I just learned why the Rift didn't accept it when i tried: it turns out it was because my main monitor (which I had as the 2nd display, runnin...

Left Fourth of the Screen is Darker

So I recently picked up a Rift from a friend who got his early, tried the Rift Coaster a couple times, then passed it on :).However, I began trying darker, less active demos and noticed that the left fourth of the screen was darker than the rest. Alm...

sola by Level 2
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Logitech Gaming Software 8.46 tracker problem

The latest Logitech Gaming Software 8.46 prevents the Rift tracker from functioning, this is only for the latest version. Previous version 8.40 works with no problems, I am using a G500 and G15.I thought my Rift tracker was dead, :cry: Unity demos wo...

Blair5 by Level 2
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Blue LED was never turned on... Is my Rift broken?

Hi,I have a problem that the blue LED on the control box is never turned on.Is my Rift broken?I connected cables (USB and DVI) to Windows 7 PC, and then connected AC adapter and pushed the power button on the control box, but the blue LED on the cont...

nag by Level 2
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Beginner Unity support questions

Hi all,I need some quick advice here. I'm currently waiting for my rift to arrive but in the meantime I am playing around with the Unity support, and am trying to find a good way to debug my games. I have 2 questions which hopefully shouldn't be too ...

Dead Pixels...maybe not

After i got my rift, i don't opened and changed lenses. After some time...there were little black points at display. I thought dead pixels. But i removed lenses and cleaned display. After that, black points at other places appears.Here are the proble...

OSX image distortion.

Following up a post made in the Demos section....not actually sure if it is realated to my issuse. It seems you should run the demo in a 16:9 aspect ratio -or- at an aspect ratio match...

prowl by Level 2
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All OR applications give me a blue window

I've been having a problem actually launching applications for the Oculus Rift, specifically any demo/scene in Unity. I suspect I'm having a problem with Unity specifically.Whenever I launch a program (the beach demo, for example) I select my quality...

I need some tips on UDK

I know this would probably be better on the Epic Games forums, but what I am trying to do is different than most UDK developers, and I think Oculus developers would have a better understanding.I am totally new to UDK, have developed a lot with Unity ...

Krisper by Level 2
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Locking position of screen and cabling

Some feedback on form factor:+ Not sure if anybody else thinks this, but I would prefer to have a mechanism to lock (temporarily) the position of the screen once I have it the way I like (i.e. some kind of locking mechanism for the 2 rotating wheels ...

Received busted Rift, Customer service quit responding...

I have been talking to C.S. off and on for the last couple months since I received my Rift. My Rift came damaged. The side adjuster to move the eyecup distance is held in place by a plastic washer and a metal c-clip. The c-clip busted, apparently in ...

MeHoo by Level 2
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My order says delivered, but I haven't received

Hi guys, not sure if this is the most relevant place for this, but I'd like to see if anyone else experienced this and what I can do to resolve itI was looking forward to receiving my Oculus order for some months now, excited to get prototyping and d...

karikot by Level 2
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DVI monitor detection stopped working

I got my Rift a week ago - all worked fine.Today the DVI monitor detection stopped working - while I was using the Rift.Unplugging/plugging the DVI connection into my computer no longer detects the Rift as a connected display.I have tried a different...

Low FPS / performance on new gaming rig?

Hi!I just bought an Asus G750JW with GeForce 765M, 12 gig of ram, and i7 quad core, and I still can barely get the Tuscany Demo (or any Rift demo) consistently above 60 fps. Tuscany hovers at 40 or so. My graphics card driver is updated, I've turned ...

TF2 remove HUD

So I set the hud_forward to -10 to remove the HUD (obviously the hud should be disabled by default) and now the game just boots to a black screen... where is the cvar stored?Ok, found it and fixed it: D:\Steam\userdata\XXXXXXX\XXX\remote\cfgBut this ...

rupy by Level 2
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[Solved(sort of)]No Sensor Detected

Hi EveryoneI am unable to get any sign of life from the sensor. EDIT: Unlike a similar error reported in this forum, my sensor never worked. The problem appeared the first time I hooked it up.When I run the Tuscany demo, I get a message after ~15 sec...

fkeel by Level 2
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Help! Oculus Rift become black and white only!

Today when I setup my Rift for presentation, it was ok.After I finish my slides, it is time for Rift Demo.But wtf the Rift only show black and white color.I have tried restart laptop and Rift, does not solve.I think it is not the lcd panel problem, b...

tcboy88 by Level 3
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Help changing the current view

Hello everyone,I would like to change the direction my character is currently looking, basically going from looking straight forward to looking straight down. Usually I would just do this just by changing the character's rotation, but this doesn't af...

[SOLVED]Build succeed on Xcode but the target doesn't appear

Hello I just start my project with the rift. But I'm stuck at a very bare level :roll: According that I just unzip the archive and launch in XCode the LibOVR_With_Samples.xcodeprojOn the Xcode sample I don't understand where the target should appear....

at0mb0y by Level 2
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Can you run unity windows programs on mac?

Hi there.Finally got the oculus and except for the SDK provided examples it seems most of the demos people posted are windows only. For example, the Alone in the rift demo comes with an .exe but looking at the directory structure shows it's a unity p...

Headset Image Loss

Watching Oculus Unity Image on my headset, lost image and only saw my actual monitor desktop image in the headset, even though the Unity image was still on the desktop. However, I do not lose head movement on the headset, the Unity image "on the desk...

DcJam by Level 2
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