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*(SOLVED)* Every demo I try i am auto strafing to the left

Hi guys, I just received my Rift today and have tried out a few demos. So far I am impressed but for one issue. I always start the demos strafing to the left and I can't stop it! When I activated my 360 controller I could move the other direction but...

KingK76 by Level 4
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Not working with Droid4

Using the HDMI out on my Droid4, I get a black screen. Plugging same into HDMI monitor, no problem. Set to 1080p at 60hz. I know some people say they've gotten their Android devices to work (I'm not looking for head tracking - yet), but this one give...

DaveA by Level 2
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Oculus Rift vs Multiple Monitors

Hello, I'm not sure the best form to place this, i'm after some advice.I'm going to be ordering an Oculus shortly (pay day at the end of month in fact) and cant wait to dive in and start experimenting. But i have a few concerns, firstly i need to tel...

Brodie by Level 3
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Sending orientation data to an Arduino?

My ultimate goal is to get the Rift to control a camera so I can have a live FPV feed (think security cam or RC plane FPV). I'm able to grab the orientation data from the Rift, but I haven't the foggiest idea how to send that data out.My current setu...

Calculate the slope of the character's walk

Hi all,I'm trying to mod an exercise bike to make my character go forward when pedaling, and I have an Arduino setup that would allow me to change the resistance on the bike to go with the flow of the game.I understand how I can calculate the slope o...

Koganei by Level 2
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"Dim" area on my display

Hello!I hope you guys doing fine! I've just received my Rift developer kit and I've been having a blast with it!!!!. It was -definitely- worth the wait (and all the hype). The only "issue" so far, is that I noticed a "dim" area on the righ-most part ...

ramy by Level 2
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No head tracking in Win8

I just received my Rift DK and couldn't be more excited.Display works fine, however head tracking doesn't appear to be working on my Win8 PC. I'm not running Logitech problems and have disconnected my wireless 360 controller dongle and rebooted, but ...

Cord holder

It is not a major issue, but I was not very pleased with the Rift cord holder, because the cord always falls, so I decided to hold the cable in another way. I passed the cable inside the head strap and used a badge clip to hold it.riftCord.jpg

Resolution issues

I was testing my Rift in different resolutions, because my computer does not support Rift native resolution, and when I tried the Tuscany demo in 1280x720, strange stains appeared in some textures, but only on the right side of the Rift, these stains...

Grainy/Pixelated Eye Shaped Overlay

I'm using the rift with Windows 7 using Bootcamp on a 2012 Macbook Pro via HDMI and seem to get grainy oculus-logo shaped outlines overlaying the middle of the image.I've uploaded a screenshot here!

Optimizing the barrel distortion

Hey, I have been looking into the barrel distortion applied to the final image for the oculus. I was thinking that you could do the barrel distortion in the vertex shader instead of the fragment shaders full screen pass. You would need a highly tesse...

Unity Integration: 0.2.2 Crashes Unity Project

After integrating OVR SDK 0.2.2, it crashes my Unity project on my main scene (but not on other scenes, like my much smaller and simpler Sandbox). Rendering seems to break as well, even if I switch to a standard camera and controller.I am pushing Uni...

Ideas for future versions

There didn't see to be an obvious place to post general feedback/ideas so please move this if its the wrong place.Anyway, my main wish for next version would be some kind of crude controls on the headset itself, maybe just two big buttons on either s...

Chriky by Level 2
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Changing znear/zfar

So In my engine, I handle znear/zfar by creating a projection matrix with my znear/zfar values. Because I'm not using that anymore and using the projection matrices given by StereoConfig, how are we meant to set our clipping planes?In StereoConfig::u...

Mykei by Level 2
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Can't use a mouse or select Demo Options

I am confused about everything. I plugged in my Rift using the dev notes and various forum threads... got it to display in 3D... but I cant move in any demo, tilting my head does nothing in any demo (I assume it's supposed to from the various PR vide...

jukebox by Level 2
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USB Device not recognized (tried a few cables)

The Windows 8 64-bit machine I am using to test was able to enumerate the Rift control box yesterday and I was able to try out Team Fortress 2. I left it on for a couple hours and went back to it only to find out the head tracking wasn't working any ...

Launching game in fullscreen DVI port no signal

Whenever I launch a game/demo, in fullscreen, the DVI port suddenly stops receiving signal.I'm using two monitors and set to duplicate.I had the oculus in the DVI port and it got no signal, changed it to the hdmi, and the monitor in the DVI port stop...

sanchaz by Level 2
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Double image / overlap

Hey guys,I got my rift two days ago and finally set everything up: MacBook Air 13", Displayport -> HDMI adapter.Set my MacBook screen to mirroring with 1280x800.As I have perfect vision, I sticked to the eye cup A.I tried running this video on youtub...

thomas by Level 2
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Display turns black/white/blurry after a few seconds

Hello everyone,today I got my kit and I'm really excited about that. But I have one big problem. Everytime I turn on my oculus rift it shows the correct display (game and the small blue window). But after a few seconds (always after telling me the in...

Maxs by Level 2
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Supporting different sized people

I know that everyone has differently sized heads/faces and that you've done a good job for "1 size fits all" for dev kit but I wanted to give some feedback so the retail release might have a better fit for everyone.I've moved the screen as far away a...

poday by Level 2
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Oculus locks onto first app ENUMERATING it, not USING it

Hi all,I understand that Oculus can only report values to the first application using it. For another application to work, you have to shut down the first one and start the second.That is what should happen.What happens instead is that Oculus locks o...

herbst by Level 4
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Incorrect detection of roll

My rift seems to work fine with one exception - when looking straight ahead, eyes parallel to the horizon, it is reporting a 'roll' value of about 30 degrees. In the demo worlds it appears as though your head is slighted tilted. Any ideas on fixing t...

Mac Unity Demo Blue Screen

Hey guys,Trying to run the Mac Unity Demo on my iMac and I'm getting a blue screen. Rift is on and displaying but the demo remains at a blue screen. Anyone else having this problem? Any ideas how to fix it? Thanks in advance!VRex

VRex by Level 4
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Largish nose plus deep set eyes

On the closest setting, with the "A" eyecups( which I'd assume would be the apropriate setting for someone with deep eyes), the eyecups press into the bone around my eye, which is not comfortable, and painful when looking straight up. Note that at th...

Overall Lifetime

Hello,I haven't found a thread about this so if there is one close this.I found that the tracking is always on. Even if I switch the Rift off I have head tracking in the demos and games already released. Will this "always on" feature harm the lifetim...

How to enable Rift in "Strike Suit Zero"?

Hi,I bought Strike Suit Zero the other day to get nice views on space ;-). Unfortunately I can't find out how to enable the Rift in the game? Is there some command line switch as -vr in in TF2? Help is very much appreciated!Thanks, Jonek.

jonek by Level 2
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Easier orientation at keyboard (idea)

Since this device completely blind sight outside of the glasses, would be good for the user that the commercial version comes with adhesive papers or rubber of 1cm x 1cm to stick on the directional letters (W - A - S - D) and others strategic keys of...

Anyone that provides repair services for Rift hardware?

Wondering if there is anybody (whether it be Oculus directly or 3rd party) who can perform technical/hardware repairs on the rift at reasonable service charges? Such as a defective screen or other possible defective internal components?I have no clue...

SDK documentation confusion (solved)

EDIT: I thought I found an error, but apparently the SDK documentation is correct, because the angular direction is counter-clockwise positive when viewed from a positive point on that axis. Aircraft and 2-D graphics typically use a positive Y axis p...