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Oculus not responding after DHL lost faulty Oculus Quest

I've been in contact with Oculus Support for around about a month, in which they provided me a paid return shipping label for my faulty Oculus Quest 1 (broken strap). They assured me that they would send a replacement - so with this promise in mind, ...

inital airlink wont work

I just got my quest 2 and trying to connect it through air link the app tells me to turn it on and turn on air link, I do so and in the settings in the headset its turned on and press confirmed. But the app wont continue to set it up in the app. On t...


Blue Light On Rift S Not Turning On

So about 6 days ago, the blue LED on the front of my headset has stopped turning on. This was followed by the error of "DisplayPort Connection not working" and "No DisplayPort connection". I have tried all slots on my graphics card and all USB slots,...

Oculus Software Restart Your PC LOG INCLUDED

I've done everything. Fresh Windows 10, safe mode, etc. The software progress bar gets the very end of the install, I see an Oculus shortcut on my desktop, and then it fails. Getting frustrated that this won't work, any help will be appreciated! Than...

hexxxen by Level 2
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Customer Support

Is there a number I can call to reach customer support? I’m interested in buying a VR headset but not sure which one to buy or what all I need to successfully hook it up.

The function of my touch controllers have swapped hands

Hello, I have been playing Half Life Alyx for several days quite happily until yesterday when I loaded it up and found that the functions of my Touch controllers have swapped hands i.e. I used to press the flat bottom button on the right controller t...

roffeyb by Level 2
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Windows 11 performance issues

so in windows 11, i can boot up oculus BUT when playing the screen will tear and render the next and previous frame together and it looks like its stuck at 72hz when having 120hz enabled, my pc specs are: Ryzen 5 1600AF Nvidia GTX 1080 FTW 16gb ddr4 ...

Crackling audio in Rift S

I updated my mobo: MSI tomahawk B550and my CPU: 5600x after that, the audio sounds like crackling/popping. Everything else works fine. Any ideas? Ive changed all usb seats, reinstalled oculus etc. nothing works

Fix download

 Hello, I have a problem downloading the game. Downloading the game information does not stop after reaching the game volume and the device continues to download the information.


What is this scorecard I see every time I look up?

Hi,I'm new to VR and Oculus Quest 2.I have recently purchased the Quest 2 and set up with no problem.I have started playing several games and really exploring everything available.I now have a small square scorecard of some kind in my FOV every time ...

Stuttering with every way.

I used to play very good with air link and link, but last week I started to see stuttering every times the game is loading something. Already tried a fresh windows 10 installation. Still stutter both oculus games and steam vr games. I don't know what...

MaxVolo by Level 2
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Resolved! Missing developer mode

I'm trying to turn on developer mode on my quest 2 and when I look for it in settings it is missing. I've looked on my phone one the Oculus app and it is missing there also. I don't know what else to try.

Extend my playtime

Hi oculus quest 2 users im looking for an accessory to extend my playtime. The elite strap is too expensive for me and i have seen reviews that it breaks easily. Can anyone who has an oculus quest 2 and has extended there playtime give me advice on w...

AshR28 by Level 2
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super lagy game

my laptop meets all the requirements and yet when i try to use the link i have major lag does anyone have any answers

ShadeV by Level 2
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this won't work

My oculus password is not working and I tried to reset it with the steps the app gave me and it still won't work

OVRServer_x64 Memory Leak/Not clearing working set

Will be sending this directly to support as well. Here's the issue: This service is currently taking 4gb of memory. Without anything attached. The Oculus program is not running. Firefox has a youtube video playing. I checked via other apps; this is w...

Rec room

My daughter purchased add on tokens from rec room $120 worth how can I cancel it?

Edit Avatar Crashing - Oculus GO

Hello all, I have recently picked up my Oculus GO again and found that it was in an "undesirable state". It was stuck in the three dot infinitely loading state when trying to boot. I attempted a fix I saw online where I connect via my app and turn on...

Oculus Rift S RMA process.

Hello, can anybody tell me if they had a problem with Oculus RMA process like me. The headphone jack on my headset broke, and I contacted the support just to know how expensive would it be to fix it. They asked me about the invoice, and after sending...

byczke by Level 2
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