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Can't use a mouse or select Demo Options

I am confused about everything. I plugged in my Rift using the dev notes and various forum threads... got it to display in 3D... but I cant move in any demo, tilting my head does nothing in any demo (I assume it's supposed to from the various PR vide...

jukebox by Level 2
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USB Device not recognized (tried a few cables)

The Windows 8 64-bit machine I am using to test was able to enumerate the Rift control box yesterday and I was able to try out Team Fortress 2. I left it on for a couple hours and went back to it only to find out the head tracking wasn't working any ...

Launching game in fullscreen DVI port no signal

Whenever I launch a game/demo, in fullscreen, the DVI port suddenly stops receiving signal.I'm using two monitors and set to duplicate.I had the oculus in the DVI port and it got no signal, changed it to the hdmi, and the monitor in the DVI port stop...

sanchaz by Level 2
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Double image / overlap

Hey guys,I got my rift two days ago and finally set everything up: MacBook Air 13", Displayport -> HDMI adapter.Set my MacBook screen to mirroring with 1280x800.As I have perfect vision, I sticked to the eye cup A.I tried running this video on youtub...

thomas by Level 2
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Display turns black/white/blurry after a few seconds

Hello everyone,today I got my kit and I'm really excited about that. But I have one big problem. Everytime I turn on my oculus rift it shows the correct display (game and the small blue window). But after a few seconds (always after telling me the in...

Maxs by Level 2
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Supporting different sized people

I know that everyone has differently sized heads/faces and that you've done a good job for "1 size fits all" for dev kit but I wanted to give some feedback so the retail release might have a better fit for everyone.I've moved the screen as far away a...

poday by Level 2
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Oculus locks onto first app ENUMERATING it, not USING it

Hi all,I understand that Oculus can only report values to the first application using it. For another application to work, you have to shut down the first one and start the second.That is what should happen.What happens instead is that Oculus locks o...

herbst by Level 4
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Incorrect detection of roll

My rift seems to work fine with one exception - when looking straight ahead, eyes parallel to the horizon, it is reporting a 'roll' value of about 30 degrees. In the demo worlds it appears as though your head is slighted tilted. Any ideas on fixing t...

Mac Unity Demo Blue Screen

Hey guys,Trying to run the Mac Unity Demo on my iMac and I'm getting a blue screen. Rift is on and displaying but the demo remains at a blue screen. Anyone else having this problem? Any ideas how to fix it? Thanks in advance!VRex

VRex by Level 4
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Largish nose plus deep set eyes

On the closest setting, with the "A" eyecups( which I'd assume would be the apropriate setting for someone with deep eyes), the eyecups press into the bone around my eye, which is not comfortable, and painful when looking straight up. Note that at th...

Overall Lifetime

Hello,I haven't found a thread about this so if there is one close this.I found that the tracking is always on. Even if I switch the Rift off I have head tracking in the demos and games already released. Will this "always on" feature harm the lifetim...

How to enable Rift in "Strike Suit Zero"?

Hi,I bought Strike Suit Zero the other day to get nice views on space ;-). Unfortunately I can't find out how to enable the Rift in the game? Is there some command line switch as -vr in in TF2? Help is very much appreciated!Thanks, Jonek.

jonek by Level 2
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Easier orientation at keyboard (idea)

Since this device completely blind sight outside of the glasses, would be good for the user that the commercial version comes with adhesive papers or rubber of 1cm x 1cm to stick on the directional letters (W - A - S - D) and others strategic keys of...

Anyone that provides repair services for Rift hardware?

Wondering if there is anybody (whether it be Oculus directly or 3rd party) who can perform technical/hardware repairs on the rift at reasonable service charges? Such as a defective screen or other possible defective internal components?I have no clue...

SDK documentation confusion (solved)

EDIT: I thought I found an error, but apparently the SDK documentation is correct, because the angular direction is counter-clockwise positive when viewed from a positive point on that axis. Aircraft and 2-D graphics typically use a positive Y axis p...

condensation on lenses

Hi Everybody, I find that for the first five or ten minutes of a session, the lenses are continually fogging up. After that it settles down a little, presumably as the lenses warm up a bit. Has anybody else noticed this issue, and found a solution to...

No picture on smartphone HDMI out

I tried to use the Rift devkit as a passive stereoscopic display for my phone for viewing my stereoscopic POV videos (as in, only the display functionality needed, no head tracking or software warping required). The phone is a Nokia 808 PureView that...

Suggestion: a non-black cord

Not a serious issue, but more of a usability suggestion.With my rift, hydra, joystick on my desk there's an awful lot of cords trying to twist into each other.And they are all black.If the rift cord would be, say red or blue, it would make things eas...

Crosshair/main menu off-center?

Hi everyone,I am trying to get my item selection system running with the Oculus Rift (specifically, the Unity integration). With a standard 2D display, it's pretty simple, I just cast a ray from the center of the screen and see if it hits anything.Th...

Lens Distortion - Lens Center calculation

I'm integrating oculus stereo/distorted rendering into my engine based on the code from the Tiny Room demo, and the PDF. In the demo, the LensCenter input to the distortion shader is set with this code: pPostProcessShader->SetUniform2f("LensCenter", ...

Website Security Certificate

I've been seeing this warning when accessing these forums on and off for a week or so:The odd thing is that it only seems to happen with the Android version of Chrome, not on my Mac. It gives me the red screen trying to warn me away, requiring me to ...

Java API

I realize that this might never work because of latency issues, but I know Notch is working on it, so Notch how is it going?

rupy by Level 2
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does the rift update the forward vector in unity?

I thought that I read somewhere that transform.forward does not get updated when you look around. I just wated to make sure because I'm using it to detect the player orientation.Is there anything else I need to do to get the forward vector?Also I'm u...

usb420 by Level 2
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random Purple Haze/lines

Been playing around with one of the rifts I picked up, and it appears that it gets some sort of "puple" lines on occasion on things, and worsens... begins to show purple speckle outlines on things. I've tried with SLI off, default driver settings, no...

HMDInfo resolution: native or active?

I noticed that the HMDInfo HResolution/VResolution fields return the native resolution of the HMD and not the current active resolution. I'm using Windows 7 and I modified the resolution of the Rift through the Control Panel to 1280 x 720, but the HM...

flashk by Level 2
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No Signal on VIREIO/Rift Demos, HL2/TF2 works fine

I recently received my Rift and I have been attempting to run various demos. TF2 and HL2 both work perfectly, and neither required any kind of configuration. However, when I run the official demos or VIREIO, the Rift screen goes black and briefly sho...

Problem with logging into forums

I have discovered a problem with the logging in for the forum when already logged into the Developer Center:In the above image, I am logged into Developer Center, but not into the forum.If I try to log in by clicking the Login button next to the foru...

Converting Coordinate Systems and Shader help.

Hello! I'm part of a student team trying to integrate the Oculus Rift into our DX11 rendering engine.Unfortunately, it seems we are using a left-handed coordinate system and multiplying our matrices in the opposite order than what is done in the samp...

Forums Slow?

Is it just me, or are the forums taking a long time to load today? Feel free to delete this if its a local problem.