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Uk postcode

I’m in uk can’t put my postcode in shipping info

paley1 by Level 2
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Cant add my prepaid visa giftcard

So. I recently got an oculus quest and I got a $100 prepaid visa giftcard. So I tried putting it into the Oculus app many times now, it always says theres an issue with the zip code! So I put the same giftcard into my Xbox One after, and it worked. T...

NameX by Level 2
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Support stopped responding suddenly

So i had been talking to oculus support for about a month and a half, and after ALL that time i finally got them to send me a new oculus but, when i sent them my old one i included my controllers since i didnt know i was meant to keep them and when i...

replaced old vr go with new go

hey ya'll, I had to replace my broken vr go with a somewhat used onemy question is can I transfer my apps and games from the old vr go to my now replacement vr I had some awesome apps that I would like to keep. Can anyone help me please. cheers

quest 2

On qust 2 I started to print: EXPLORE KEEPS STOPPINNG - App Info - close app This appears to me when I go to the menu for my app. If itro chooses the app, I can launch it. But if I miss a little, it shows up. But who can help me. Thanks

PDule by Level 2
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Two questions regarding a broken controller (Rift-S)

When I stopped playing today, I looked down at my controller and the left controller ring was split neatly right down the center where the 'O' is. They were never dropped. They were never struck together. They never hit anything else. It just... spli...

cant add payment method

I bought a gift card from the store this morning and went to add a payment method but every time I enter all the card info it says there is something wrong. I have gone to the website and confirmed that there are funds on it and have confirmed all th...

Stuck on verifying system setup.

So when I go to install the oculus app for the Rift S I get stuck on the "Verifying system setup." When I get this, it sits there for 2-3 minutes and gives me a screen that says "We cant reach the oculus server Please check your internet connection."...

koias by Level 2
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4 months of use and the plastic breaks

It has only been 4 months and the plastic that holds the strap going over the top of the head snaps off with no hesitation, sent a support ticket on this, (2485292), and I'm yet to receive a response validating my warranty and what options there are....


Oculus Quest 2 right contoller not turn on

Right hand controller will not turn on. -Check settings and confirmed it is paired- Replaced and reseeded battery multiple time.- Updated Firmware- Unpaired and PairLast option to factory reset but would like support before we do that.

Refund approved but no money back

I bought the game "Death horizon" on 22/3/2021. I played like 20 minutes and didn't like it, so i refunded. Today(30/3/2021) The app said the refund was approved. But i check in my wallet, there's no money return back. How can i have my money back, a...

Locked graphics settings?

I am not able to toggle off antialiasing and one other option that is in the oculus link graphics menu. Im using quest 2. Why are these settings locked? (Im assuming specs arent relevant to this)

Quest 2 battery life with Link

What is everyone getting in terms of battery life with the link cable plugged in? It seems for me that this issue has gotten much worse recently. When playing a flight sim (I admit, it is a demanding app) via Link (PCVR), I used to be able to get 5+ ...

Landian by Level 3
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Switching from Rift S to Quest 2

I just upgraded from a rift s to a Quest 2 and I cannot download any of the games I had on my Rift S to my Quest 2. Even in the mobile app it only shows the install points as my computer.

Controls are dead

When I open up walking dead end date for some reason it will highlight the options to start the game but I cannot hit the a button to confirm. I reset everything and even did a factory reset I don’t understand what the issue is does anybody else have...

Super hot vr progress

Today I opened up my superhot vr game, but for some reason I suddenly lost all my progress ? Can someone explain why I lost my progress on superhot vr?!

M45USS by Level 2
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help loggin into VR Chat

On my Oculus Quest 2, I need help bc my VR chat says that it is loading as my Oculus account , then it says Could not load and try again later..and every time I try still doesn't let me. Can anyone help?

gwdue by Level 2
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Oculus quest 2 will not load to home screen

I logged onto my quest and it kept going black screen as if in sleep, tried a restart and it just will not open the home screen, i hear the loading noises but get just a black screen, i have held vol down and power to do a factory reset but its still...

THEDaz by Level 2
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Right controller trigger issue

My right trigger started to act funny. When I'm in the main menus it is fine but once I go in to a game it is very finiky. Some times it just will not select anything, but it will switch to the right controller if I press it. The tracking is ok and t...

cappoli by Level 2
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Multiple Headsets, multiple accounts -- one phone

Hello, I have multiple new quest to devices, each to be set up with their own separate account. My question is, is it possible to get them both set up using the same phone? The Oculus phone app doesn't give me a way to add another account, or even lo...

Flambda by Level 2
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help! never ending cycle of being stuck! pin & email

I have forgotten my pin... which I know you can change however it's linked to the old Hotmail account that I have no access to! which I cannot change without my pin! I have no way of changing anything, I've changed my email on my facebook, but it's n...

Quest 2 left hand controller won’t pair up

A few days ago my controller battery was low so I replaced it and now it will not connect to my headset. I unpaired it and try to repair it and it still won’t connect. I also tried to reboot the headset a few times but no results. Are there any sugge...

ASmales by Level 2
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