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Unable to connect phone app to the Quest 2

Hello, I've recently acquired my new Quest 2 and am struggling with the setup.My smartphone is old and I suspect it is the problem. It's a Moto G with Android version 5.1. I've seen that the Oculus app is compatible with Android 5.0+ so I hope this i...

Switching from Rift S to Quest 2

I just upgraded from a rift s to a Quest 2 and I cannot download any of the games I had on my Rift S to my Quest 2. Even in the mobile app it only shows the install points as my computer.

Controls are dead

When I open up walking dead end date for some reason it will highlight the options to start the game but I cannot hit the a button to confirm. I reset everything and even did a factory reset I don’t understand what the issue is does anybody else have...

Super hot vr progress

Today I opened up my superhot vr game, but for some reason I suddenly lost all my progress ? Can someone explain why I lost my progress on superhot vr?!

M45USS by Level 2
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help loggin into VR Chat

On my Oculus Quest 2, I need help bc my VR chat says that it is loading as my Oculus account , then it says Could not load and try again later..and every time I try still doesn't let me. Can anyone help?

gwdue by Level 2
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Oculus quest 2 will not load to home screen

I logged onto my quest and it kept going black screen as if in sleep, tried a restart and it just will not open the home screen, i hear the loading noises but get just a black screen, i have held vol down and power to do a factory reset but its still...

THEDaz by Level 2
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Right controller trigger issue

My right trigger started to act funny. When I'm in the main menus it is fine but once I go in to a game it is very finiky. Some times it just will not select anything, but it will switch to the right controller if I press it. The tracking is ok and t...

cappoli by Level 2
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Multiple Headsets, multiple accounts -- one phone

Hello, I have multiple new quest to devices, each to be set up with their own separate account. My question is, is it possible to get them both set up using the same phone? The Oculus phone app doesn't give me a way to add another account, or even lo...

Flambda by Level 2
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help! never ending cycle of being stuck! pin & email

I have forgotten my pin... which I know you can change however it's linked to the old Hotmail account that I have no access to! which I cannot change without my pin! I have no way of changing anything, I've changed my email on my facebook, but it's n...

Quest 2 left hand controller won’t pair up

A few days ago my controller battery was low so I replaced it and now it will not connect to my headset. I unpaired it and try to repair it and it still won’t connect. I also tried to reboot the headset a few times but no results. Are there any sugge...

ASmales by Level 2
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"Touch" getting stuck on the touch controllers.

I've recently got my hands on a Quest1 and I've recently encountered the issue where the "touch" on the right thumb stick is too sensitive and/or ends up getting stuck in its 'touched' state.Due to the awkwardness that is calling your controller "Ocu...

Apois by Level 2
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Alpha publication bug - "APK not signed" error

Hello. I currently have an application on the Oculus store, in Alpha version. This application has already been updated several times. (last week)But Today, when i try to upload the next version, i got the "APK not signed" message at the step 2 of bu...

bchaps by Level 3
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I got banned of oculus for using my moms account? even though, my mom used facebook for like 10 years or something, and i still got banned, either i'm never buying this **bleep** again, or i'm getting a refund

Facebook account banned

Oculus support is atrocious. I've contacted them about this twice and they have not responded to neither email. My first email now being 4 months old. My facebook account linked to my oculus account got banned and now I cannot log into my account. I ...

Lost of Old account ? Email no longer link?

Hi , so basically i have taken a long break from playing VR . So today i decided to try log on and i found out my account no longer exist with my FB . I found out that somehow my FB account got hard reset and became new account so i lost all the game...

Phone number for Oculus support

Does anyone have a phone number for Oculus support? I am at the end of my tether now waiting for emails that seem to never come. I just want to speak to someone!

mr2daj by Level 5
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My controllers are not pairing on my quest 2

I am unable to pair my controllers with the headset.. When I try and pair them it just buffers on my phone. When I turn on the headset the controllers will vibrate so I know they are connected somehow.. I have did the factory reset, checked batteries...

Vibrating touch controller tracking issue

Hello everyone, I own my rift s roughly since release and i have never had this kind of problem. Basicly my touch Controllers lose tracking I assume when they vibrate or when something happens linke a shot or something linke that. For example when i ...

Oculus Rift S Controllers lose tracking when vibrating

Why is there no option to turn vibrations off? I seriously dislike vibrations and they're annoying, let me turn them off. PLUS the controllers lose tracking every time they vibrate, so let us turn the setting off. Is there a config for me to disable ...


I can’t sign it whenever I push sign in with Facebook I’m stuck on a never ending loading screen and if I push sign in with oculus account it says account not found even though everything I’m putting in is correct I just bought the oculus quest 2 I d...

Chose my profile pic and stuck on grey screen.

I made a new oculus account after getting my oculus quest 2 and I was making my profile. After selecting my profile picture the screen went blank and isn't doing anything. I've tried reinstalling/ repairing but nothing is working. All I want to do is...