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GO store says "ON SALE NOW" but..

I think this is a tech problem. The online store for the Go has an area that states "On Sale Now" and when you click on it it sends to a blank page. If there is not anything on sale then this should be removed or fixed. Thanks

Cant get rift s to open VR videos in firefox, chrome etc... ?

So i just got the rift s, i have a RTX 2060 video card too.updated all my drivers, permissions and flags set on chrome and firefox, have set unknown sources to on as well in oculus.when I click enter vr on a video in firefox, the VR video is playing ...

nitro91 by Level 2
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Order hasn’t charged me money

I ordered an oculus quest like a week ago and I keep checking my bank account but the money I set aside is still there I don’t know if it’s slow but I checked all of my payment info and it still hasn’t charged me for some reason (my status still says...

Payment method not being added

My payment method is not being saved when I put it in. I got a $20 Visa gift card that worked fine with my other devices, and I still havent spent anything on the card but it wont add to my oculus account

How do I submit a complaint?

I've had the worst customer service experience with Oculus's customer service. I've been working on this issue since May 24 and still no resolution! How do I file a complaint against this representative that has not at all been helpful. It's been a v...

Osera by Level 3
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Oculus Link Running On GTX 960 M

On Oculus's website it states the minimum specs is a NIVIDA GTX 960 4 GB, and 8 gbs of ram. I have all of that exactly and on the oculus app it says My graphics aren't supported with rift software. Help.

support not answering emails

Has anyone had the problem of support not answering emails, I have not heard from them since the 17th of this month, I have broken equipment and they wont respond,.

purple heart vet

so today i was very happy i saved for more then 6 months to be able to get a rift s. i looked almost every pleace for one and no one had any in stock and everyone had them priced so high i found a guy on craiglist that said he had a new one and wante...

Software installation failing?

Recently my old ssd failed, after fully reinstalling windows on the new ssd i tried to install the oculus software.The installation goes normally until about 45% where it then freezes and goes "Suspended" in task manager.Sometimes it also gives the "...

Tracking LEDs on right touch controller are very faint

Got my Rift S a few weeks ago, actually had a completely trouble free setup and experience with it so far - a week or so ago the right controller's spatial tracking started getting unreliable, and the next night it almost completely died. I've change...

Got refund but no money

So a few days ago I bought onward and it made me really sick so I requested a refund. Today, I got the refund approved but the money is not on my card. Is it supposed to be in there already or do I have to wait for the money longer?

Oculus Shipping time

Hello everyone, i would like to know if i could rely on the ETA for shipping/delivery. When i ordered on the 28th of May it gave me a ETA date of June 19th. I went onto reddit to confirm and see if i could depend on this ETA and didnt really get any ...

konuia by Level 4
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Rift S DP

So i need help, I bought an Oculus Rift S but my port for the DP is a rectangle looking shape with 2 corners cut, and it says HDMI on it. Could somebody help please?

Oculus Compatibility Tool

Quando provo ad avviare il programma "Oculus Compatibility Tool", dopo un po' mi viene un'errore: "Errore di rete, controlla le impostazioni della tua rete e del firewall, quindi riprova", non so che fare, come faccio a risolverlo?

Wands Game Not Loading

HiJust bought Wands but it wont load, keeps saying "cant connect to back server" have tried deleteing and reinstalling but nothing.Any ideas what to do who to contact?Ta

Deni2 by Level 2
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In quanto tempo viene consegnato l'oculus Rift s?

Buongiorno/sera a tuttiIl primo di agosto (verso le 8/9 di mattina) ho acquistato l'oculus Rift s e nella mia mail (solo quella da due giorni) ho ricevuto la mail che conferma che hanno ricevuto il pagamento, dopo due giorni come stato dell'ordine (d...

I need help pls...

I have got my headset a few months ago and there are some problems that just keeps reoccurring.1. Echo VR - This is my most played game and probably the only game I play on most days. Although it is very fun and I get to hang out with my friends, the...

delete me... resolved

Just bought quest and a link cable before finding out i may no longer need the link cable. went to plug it in to set up and realized that my only type c port is deeply recessed in my pc. best options? is there a type c to type c adapter that anyone k...


I refunded a game (fnaf help wanted) then refunded because it was too scary to play by myself but could I buy it again and get that refund back since my friends came over and wanted to play it. Can I cancel my refund request or can I buy it again and...

Haven't Gotten Any Updates on my RMA for the Halo Strap

Hello,I’m writing this here since the support team has still yetto email us about my Rift S RMA.Almost 4 weeks ago, my halo strap arrived at Oculus’s warehouseto be processed for a replacement. We have yet to receive a single email aboutthe status of...

Resolved! Assetto Corsa with CV1

Hello all,I'm really happy with the CV1, the concept is incredible. Thanks Oculus!When playing Assetto Corsa, the dashboard (especially the characters on the wheel) are blurry... So blurry that you sometimes can not see what the text actually says.I ...

Sammy10 by Level 2
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återköp / refund

Hi! I would like to make a refund on the games job simulator and real VR fishing but I cannot figure it out how I do it on my oculus quest. Can you please help me?Thank you. // IngelaHej! Jag skulle vilja göra återköp på spelen jobsimulator och real ...

Customer Support Stopped Responding to Ticket

Hello, I’m here as a last resort. My oculus rift s isn’t working. I opened a ticket but the representatives stopped responding and won’t provide me with updates. I’m suspicious that it may be to delay me past the 30 days I have to request a refund. T...

Dilutes by Level 2
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