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Stuck on new Oculus install....

Im installing oculus for the first time and i am stuck on "Installing...". Ive searched around for a solution, but nothing has worked. Ive tried:Disabling anti-virusRebootingI don't even get a OculusSetup.log file in my local app data folder (the ins...

Oculus touch, trouble

In some games or software, not in all, I can get freezed touch controllers for short time like 10 seconds. Buttons working but hands not moving in a space, only in angles. That's happend each some minutes.

Left Controller only tracks when ice cold

My Left controller randomly started to vibrate weaker by time and after 5 minutes the whole tracking failed. No moves were recognized, while all buttons reacted extremly sluggish. After dozents of battery changes, reboots, recalibrations and update s...

Protect Kids

Hi, I wrote to support a few days ago and received a response saying that my comments would be passed on to the dev team at Oculus. I was also encouraged to join the forum. So, "Hi" apologies in advance if I dive in with a weighty topic!In short, I l...

hiab-x by Level 3
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No VR DCS in Quest 2 headset but present on monitor!!

Problem: Regardless of what I do I can only get DCS in VR mode half-screen on my monitor and nothing changes in the Quest 2 headset via Oculus Link.All hardware and software drivers are up to date and the Quest 2 works fine in other games via Oculus ...

Mughug by Level 2
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Unable to add any payment methods onto my account

So I recently made a post about this not to long ago, but long story short for some reason I'm unable to make purchases from the Oculus store. I've gone through practically every troubleshooting option to figure the issues. I've tried paypal, I've tr...

Oculus link when clicking on quest launches to blank screen

I've bought 3rd party cable (is advertised as compatible with quest 2) installed oculus app. When I connect the cable shows quest as connected. However noticed I get notifications show up saying something wrong with hardware. I've ran the...

refund problem

I bought a game when I launched it was just a black screen, I tried to refund it but oculus wouldnt let me, in total ive played the game for at most 20 minutes any solutions?the game is: Just in time Inc

i6mb_vr by Level 2
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Oculus Desktop App deleting download when installing

Hello,I was having this issue with Asgard's Wrath in the past but I thought I'd give it another go and bought the game again. I left the game to download all night and woke up to the Game uninstalled and not downloaded. In the past, the game would do...

Rift S black screen. Tried all solutions.

Hello, I've had my Rift S for around 1 and a half years and have experienced some, but minimal, problems. Recently, however, my Rift S screen would have static for a minute or two, then go black. I restarted my computer, repaired oculus, updated driv...

Error in loading game

When I try and loading the game, "Loading Human" I get an error on the screen that says, Error in Entitlement Check" and the loading stops. I paid for the game through the Oculus Rift game store, and have been playing it to date. How can I get past t...

MRoe1 by Level 2
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Quest 2 - Storage issues - Need to remove "Unknown Sources"

Hi, I have a Quest 2 headset 64GB since two three weeks.I bought many games, few of them refunded, never connected to the laptop or to side quest.Well, I'm starting having storage issues, but that's expected. What really concern me is that I've 5.2GB...

Ivoru84 by Level 2
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RIFT S crashing on the boot up of my steam games.

This is not the first time I've come across this problem however its happening to nearly all my games but 1 now. For whatever reason when I boot a game on steam like job simulator for example, the steam loading screen will appear and everything will ...

Oculus Quest 2 Link problems

Hello everyone, I have pulled every hair out of my head to solve this issue and my nerves are shot. I have an Oculus Quest 2. I have used a link cable to connect it to my PC and for the most part it was working fine. I could not run Phasmophobia but ...

Aceric by Level 2
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Enable LINK Frustration

New owner of a (Quest 2). Am I slow or something? I open the Oculus app on PC desktop , Then on powered Quest I connect link cable, 1st popup in headset asks for access to files - permission .., Allow , Deny or Don't ever ask again.Next popup after s...

1Jobe by Level 4
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Oculus Support Ignoring me?

Hi All, I work in tech support, so maybe I'm jumping the gun a bit, but after a lot of faffing around, oculus support finally agreed to RMA both of my Q2 headsets. I shipped them back almost two weeks ago using the provided service (in separate boxes...

Wifi on my Oculus Quest 2 turns itself "off" -- is there a fix?

Iuse my oculus quest 2 in a room with strong wifi. Sometimes when I turn on the oculus it won'tconnect to the wifi, and when I check in settings, wifi is turned"off." When I try to turn onwifi, it won't work--I can't turn on wifi. I have to turn the ...

Triplg by Level 2
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Can't Download Oculus App/Home

Hi there. I've been trying to download the Oculus App, but it hasn't been working. When I open setup, it freezes and crashes. According to my Oculus Setup Logs, it says a .dll file couldn't be found. I've been trying to download the app for the longe...

Suggestion for parental controls

I would like to suggest adding a feature to help keep younger children safe from games and apps not in their age range. My kids downloaded youtube onto the Oculus Quest 2, and I wish there were a pin/password feature I could add to better monitor wha...


i bought the game in the pc pare thing and i wanted to play without the cable but when i look in the store of the quest it says i hav to buy it again?

Loud Vibration on Oculus Touch

Hi All,Just set up my Rift yesterday, had a blast myself as well as having a blast demoing it for family members! However, when having my brother try out Robo Recall, I noticed that the left Oculus Touch controller vibration was significantly louder ...

Oculus mobile app crashing on startup

Trying to connect to my quest 2 with my phone today, but every time I start the Oculus app it crashes after a few seconds, I've tried restarting the phone and reinstalling app but didn't help. app was working fine till now, anyone else having this is...

My controller is not working

My oculus quest 2 left controller just stopped working. I thought the battery was dead so I changed the battery out. Usually the white led would light up but it didn't. I restarted my quest and it still does not work. I am afraid that it is broken be...