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Resolved! Quest 2 - Software Update Required

I have had this issue trying to pair both of my Quest 2's for the last 4 days. When you click 'try again' it just loops back to this screen.I have tried reinstalling the app (including updating the app), using an IOS phone and using an Android phone,...

G_CDoc by Level 2
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Resolved! Facebook Account banned

My Facebook account that was linked to my oculus quest 2 was banned for no reason, I don’t even use Facebook and I only made it for my vr. Since my Facebook account was banned so is my oculus so now I can’t play anything and I can’t even sign in or d...

Known Issue - Headset logged out and missing app library

Hi everyone, the team is working on an issue now based on some reports that users are getting logged out of their headset or aren't seeing their purchased apps. In some of these cases, you might not be able to log back in. The team is working to get ...

Black Screen when rendering with Oculus SDK 0.3.2 and OpenGL

Hi!I'm currently writing a basic Oculus Applicaition to get started on both OpenGL and Oculus.I chose to use the SDK to render the distorted image instead applying the distorion myself. So I built a scene, a framebuffer, and attached a "renderedTextu...

Oculus rotates alone.

Hi,We are doing an experiment with Oculus to test the rotation tracking. We have attached the Oculus to a tripod, and we move it by hand. When we move the tripod slowly and stop, Oculus keeps rotating alone for about 5 seconds. This happens with our ...

ovrDistortionCap_Overdrive not implemented for OpenGL

I just noticed that ovrDistortionCap_Overdrive is only implemented in CAPI_D3D1X_DistortionRenderer.cpp. This is the case for Oculus SDK v0.4.1 for OS X which only supports OpenGL.FYI, looks like OpenGL users still need to come up with your own worka...

[Solved] Blocked by serious graphics driver problems

(TL;DR: You can just skim the bold parts below.)I got all set up on SDK 0.4.1 last night (runtime + Unity stuff), and everything is working great aside from some vertical tearing in Direct mode. To try and address this vertical tearing I decided to u...

drash by Level 7
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SDK 0.4.1 DK1 OpenGL scale offset issue?

Hi all,I'm trying to port my in-engine Oculus support from to 0.3.2 and now to 0.4.1 SDK, and everything looks to be working except of final distortion rendering. I've checked that image rendered to texture is correct ( properly centered per ...

SDK 4.1 corrupted my 7970HD drivers [RESOLVED]

My system:I5-2500K 3.3GHZRadeon HD 79708GB MemoryWindows 7 x64When I installed the new SDK 4.1 I restarted my computer as prompted. Once restarted the Rift did not turn on at all (light stayed orange). It turned out the amd drivers were corrupt and I...

Elsig by Level 2
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DK2 camera causing movement and recentering

I got exact the same problem as this guy viewtopic.php?f=17&t=12284Just got the DK2 and with the camera plugged in I am getting constant (several times a second) erratic movement in all directions, as well as constant re-centering making it impossibl...

Macbook Pro Unity4.5 OVR SDK 0.4.1 DllNotFoundException

Oculus Team or whomever can respond to this with a solution. I am running a Macbook Pro 2013 edition with Unity Pro 4.5.2, the new SDK for 0.4.1. I downloaded the Tuscany Demo and imported the Unity packages. When I run the Tuscany demo within unity ...

DK2 Extended Mode Issue [SOLVED]

Hi all,I have a slight issue with extended mode for my DK 2. I managed to get the rift installed and working with Direct to Rift demo's just fine, my problem is when I change to extended mode.The problem I have is when I set my rift as my primary mon...

Dk2 first run Connect/Disconnect

Hey, I'm struggling to get my DK2 to work. It seems to be the USB of the rift that keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. The rift service is running stable and I've tried all the ports on my computer and on another computer.I've made sure the connect...

radix88 by Level 2
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OpenGL Client distortion rendering

As titled, I tried to port the 0.4 RoomTiny example to Jogl and it is somehow working. still have to fix:- lighting on non-texture geometry- flip it upside-down- t...

elect by Level 2
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Orange Light - Windows not supported?

Just received my DK2 but got a show stopper, using Windows 7 X64 professional and it reports that The driver selected for this device does not support this version of Windows.Used the runtime download in the Dev centerAnyone got any ideas?Thanks

MONKEH by Level 2
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Camera sync cable is broken

Hi, got the new oculus and i think i broke it:(I think during connecting sync camera cable one part of it get broken: (the upper one doesnt have this little end)Oculus head positioning is not working - not only head tracking w...

michus by Level 2
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DK2 apps crash when the Rift is within the camera bounds

For example, running the demo scene works totally fine until I move the headset to within the cameras sight. As soon as the camera picks up the Rift, the app crashes. This is true for all applications at this point, including just sitting in the Conf...

Apps are black screen

I've downloaded Fireworks, Rollercoaster and a few other apps from the Oculus page, but when I launch them, the screen is black. I have the latest video drivers for my computer. What information should I post for support?

Any Sydney based Oculus / Unreal Engine developers around?

Looking to hear from any Sydney based Oculus / Unreal Engine developers. I am not looking to develop a complete game just yet, but instead set a more realistic deliverable of a demo for the DK2. I am not a game developer, though my background is soft...

Zone Alarm Firewall and DK2

It seems that if ZoneAlarm is installed and one tries to use the Oculus Configuration Utility it will not work, I have posted this over at ZoneAlarm forums and they do not seem to have a solution as they know nothing about the Oculus.Is there any inf...

olihar by Level 2
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Very low FPS in new Tuscany Demo DL

So I was just testing the new Tuscany download added today 101mb, it runs really really badly.. Less than 40FPS. The older Tuscany demo I mention below ran smooth as butter.I have latest runtime, updated firmware etc, I h...

djack77 by Level 2
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Double vision up close?

So, I was playing with my new DK2 a bit, and noticed (at least in the desk demo, so far) that things get super doubled/impossible to focus on when they are close. I first noticed this when I went in for a closer look at the stack of cards. I could co...

Direct Mode No Go

So after having no video via my headset the solution is....Go on extended mode, and flip my screen 90 degrees to see everything correctly.The problem is with the SDK and it won't work correctly on Direct Mode for some reason.

0.4.1: New Tuscany (Unity) Feedback

- Very annoying strobing effect when moving my head but NOT when just wandering around (timewarp issue?). EDIT: Could be fixed by adding " -force-d3d11" as a parameter (see post below).- Collision box of player is too big: When expecting to stand dir...

spyro by Level 4
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SDK 0.4.1 OSX "The Oculus Service Is Not Available"

Tried installing the runtime twice on Mac OSX 10.6.8 and if I fire up the ConfigUtil I get the message "The Oculus Service Is Not Available" and the DK2 doesn't show up. Since I'm not seeing any other threads I'm fearing it might be an older OS issue...

swlu by Level 3
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DK2 Tracking not working in Extended Mode

For me everything is working perfectly (as long as I use -force-d3d11) in Direct mode.When I attempt to use extended mode, I completely lose all tracking and positioning. The camera never turns on. All I can do in extended mode is see the program, mo...

bjusten by Level 2
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Immediate Crash on DirectToRift Apps, Fresh Installation

Hello,Upgraded to runtime 4.1, and I can no longer use Direct Mode on any applications. Instant crash.Tried to uninstall the runtime and it caused some glitch relating to both graphics card drivers such that they did not recognize any external monito...

gleslie by Level 2
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Direct-Mode Display Link crash w/Windows 8.1 x64 (OVR 0.4.1)

Hi,Even after the upgrade to 0.4.1 I get hard crashes of Windows 8.1, initially on startup, but now only when I run direct to Rift mode. I noticed in the release notes that Display Link isn't compatible with direct to Rift, I know I have some Display...

hesham by Level 4
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Mac DK2: "No Video Cable Attached" — trivially untrue

See screenshot (hosted on TinyPic). Whether I have screens additional to the Oculus attached or not, the result is the same. About This Mac reports an attached monitor named 'Rift DK2 Display'; System Information reports a Rift DK2 on the USB bus; an...

Bundle adjustment issue

Do we still need to send in our Oculus if we are having this problem now that .41 has been released?Does anyone know what the normal turn around time to hear back from support on this issue is?Does anyone know if requesting a replacement unit because...

G25 Logitech Wheel - DK2 Conflict ?

Hi Rifters !I have a little problem...After playing Euro Truck Simulator for many hours I decided to buy a G25 logitech wheel to be able to enjoy it 100%.However, now that the wheel is set up, I can't seem to make Euro Truck Simulator work in stereo ...