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постоянно висит сообщение о слабом компьютере

здравствуйте, у меня постоянно при включении появляется сообщение , что мои компьютер не удовлетворяет минимальные требования!!! Хотя он по мощности выше рекомендованных средних. Как это можно исправить?AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor 3.60 GHzОпера...

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Installer Won't Run

Fresh Windows 10 installEverything was running just fine, did a clean install on a new SSDWhen I double click, or Right-Click > Run as Admin the OculusSetup doesn't do anything, no process is started, mouse wheel spins for a few seconds and it is as ...

lyxcrit by Level 2
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Horizon Workrooms Oculus Remote Desktop Linux support

Hello!Horizon Workrooms is pretty neat, but it's pretty unusable at my company, considering most employees use Linux. I assume the Horizon Workrooms product team is already thinking about this, but I can't find any mention of this on the forum or int...

jtolio by Level 2
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Can't add my Credit Card to Oculus Home

Hi All,Has anyone had trouble adding credit cards to their Oculus Home account?Everytime I've tried it gives me a message telling me I've entered my cc info incorrectly. But I haven't, and I've tried multiple cards. I called my credit card company to...

Controller issue

right controller does not work I put in a new battery and it still does not work

Windows 11 Oculus home bug

I have done a complete drive wipe and clean installed windows 11. After installing and configuring my oculus software. I will put on my headset and it takes me to my home location. There's a bunch of windows sitting in front of my home scene. I'm gue...

controller doesnt work with certain apps

Hi just bought an occulus quest 2 and learning the ropes. I am able to use the Occulus browser no problem - both cobtrollers work fine. However I downloaded Firefox Reality and when I open that app, the controller doesn't work. The line can line up w...

mrpotto by Level 2
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I can’t log into oculus in my pc

Hi when I first set up my oculus I had to make a Facebook account and I logged in and used the same email and password for both. So I am pretty confused why in my pc it’s saying it isn’t but then on my phone I can easily log in with my Facebook since...

aegutz by Level 2
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Oculus Account

I had an original Oculus when they came out that I have since sold, I still have the Oculus account. My question is if I buy a new headset will I be able to use my old account or will I have to make a facebook account?

Resolved! Recent 34.0 update has introduced a problem in VR racing

Hello. I'm wondering if I can find a solution to this annoying little problem here on the Oculus forums. I only really use my Quest 2 for VR sim racing. Everything was working perfectly up until a couple of days ago when my headset updated to version...


this is annoying I try to but a game it ask for a pin I type my pin says incorrect went there website changed my pin tried it again, doesn’t work, changed another time doesn’t work, still doesn’t work after like 10 times of changing my pin

"Unable to verify your oculus account" error

Tried uninstalling software and reinstalling. It did remember by login so I guess I didn't delete everything.My internet connect is fine. Under my account on the website I have a serial number for my RIFT S but apparently I have no devices under the ...

ozScott by Level 2
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Working solo in Oculus Quest 2

Hi there - I have the logitech K830 keyboard tracking working fine in the Quest 2 but I'm looking for a solo work environment with multiple screens and multiple environments. Horizon workrooms is ok for collaboration but no multiple monitors, resizin...

Virtual Desktop Drifts Left in a few minutes

I have the original Oculus with wires. HDMI and USB. On an Acer Predator. Loaded 2018 and perfectly running most newer stuff.But I have a problem now. Virtual Desktop drifts the screen to the left. Within 10 minutes it has moved 30 degrees left and I...

Cant reach Oculus service

Hello i have a problem. Today in 10th November i installed the new update on oculus app. When the new version was ready to install, i installed it. But it opens many oculus apps like checking app health or what was that and i dont know what to do. I ...

Shimir_ by Level 2
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Creed rise to Glory Friend/invite problem

Hi, I have 2 quests 2 and i have shared my creed rise to glory with my second account i login on that one and my friend one the other, and only i can see him "playing creed" in the friendlist but he can't(0 friend and yes we are friends on oculus). i...

AirLink Connection / TV Streaming trouble

Hello guys!I have BIG troubles with:Connecting my Oculus Quest 2 to the PC via AirLink (in order to play steam games)Streaming my Oculus Quest 2 to TV (Xiaomi Mi Stick)It's really weird - in both cases i'm allowed to make a connection from time to ti...

View oculus avatar outside headset

I want to use an image of my oculus avatar for 2D purposes. Is there a way to view my avatar outside of the headset? It would make sense for it to be visible in my oculus account in the browser.

RTX3080 not supported

I got an RTX 3080 and the Oculus Software keeps telling me that my PC Specs are too low to run vr. Even worse, the Apdative GPU Scaler seems to mess with the framerate a lot. When I turn this off though the Oculus Tray Tool, I get my stable fps. When...

No referral credit

I sent my friend a referral link which she used when she purchased Quests for herself and her son. So far neither of us have received the $30 store credit. How long does it take to show? It’s been about 2 weeks.

Caiyyd by Level 2
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Quest 2 link working Intermittently

I'm having a rather infuriating issue of trying to Link my Quest 2 to my lap top. There are time's where the connection works just fine, and others where it wont work at all. I've taken the Link Cable i have and have been able to verify it works by u...

Rift S Crashing and Disconnecting

Posting this again in the support section.My headset was working perfectly fine for 4 days, and now after about 5-10 minutes of playing, my Rift S crashes. My screen will randomly go black, make a high-pitched beeping noise, the little white light tu...

ecki386 by Level 3
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Service connection error

Got a quest 2 yesterday, tried connecting to my PC, got the ubiquitous "can't connect to service" error. Tried every option I could find short of reinstalling windows. Running win 10, i7-3820, rx590 with latest drivers. Error log says: [Error] [12/11...

Having issues with link with quest 2

So i have had this quest 2 for about a month now and about 1 week ago it started having this issue. starts with me having to reinstall the drivers for the pc app of oculus then i get to go to my desktop then i launch the game i want to play from stea...