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Resolved! Quest 2 - Software Update Required

I have had this issue trying to pair both of my Quest 2's for the last 4 days. When you click 'try again' it just loops back to this screen.I have tried reinstalling the app (including updating the app), using an IOS phone and using an Android phone,...

G_CDoc by Level 2
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Resolved! No access to Facebook account

My Facebook account that was linked to my oculus quest 2 was banned for no reason, I don’t even use Facebook and I only made it for my vr. Since my Facebook account was banned so is my oculus so now I can’t play anything and I can’t even sign in or d...

Known Issue - Headset logged out and missing app library

Hi everyone, the team is working on an issue now based on some reports that users are getting logged out of their headset or aren't seeing their purchased apps. In some of these cases, you might not be able to log back in. The team is working to get ...

Resolved! My oculus email is inaccessable and I don't know my pin

Oculus used my old Facebook account email which I no longer have access to. I never knew my pin and now I'm stuck trying to reset my pin but can't because I can't reset my email without the pin. Can you fix my Oculus email to match my Facebook accoun...

3nochk by Level 2
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Build an App like Netflix VR, Prime Video VR or Youtube VR

Looking for some starting point on how to build an app like Netflix VR, Prime Video VR or Youtube VR for Oculus 2. Any materials, tutorials would be much appreciated. My apologies if this is the wrong place to post the message. Please feel free to mo...

pnesb by Level 2
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My controllers have barley worked since I got my oculus 2 I even had to borrow a friends and now they have stopped working completely is there a request form or something

Thieves -class action lawsuit? Any attorneys here?

Our $400 Quest 2 was glitching badly. I got a return authorization. I did exactly what was asked. I received a refurbished headset. They have my controllers and sent a refurbished when I bought mine new. They’re claiming I got an email telling me to ...

kygatn by Level 2
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Problems with AMD 6700xt ??

Hi....I run DCS Open World but when I try to run it through the headset with link cable all my pc screens go black and i have to do a hard reboot. I then need to reinstall AMD Adrenalin, anyone else experience similar ?

Worth getting quest 2

I was looking to get a quest 2 to play a bunch of pc games I really have wanted to try on vr but I see people are having a lot of issues with the quest 2 and windows 11. Have these been fixed and I’ve been looking at old posts? Or is there’s still ma...

Achievement notifications not showing up on my quest 2

I have recently started using quest 2 and I have received notifications when I unlocked achievements but now I don't, is there anyway to fix this? Otherwise I have to keep exiting a game to see what I've unlocked so if anyone can help I would very mu...

IOS App Issue?

The Oculus IOS app on Ipad wants me to log in I assume after an update but when I tap to enter my info no keyboard appears meaning I can't add in my login information.

Cannot turn on or factory reset

I was playing my quest yesterday and it randomly shut off so I had thought it was dead so I turned it off and went to bed, today I went to turn it on and my quest will not turn on and it will not factory reset. When I hold the power button and the vo...

Resolved! My controllers are drifting a lot

It’s to the point where it’s constant and I need new ones. If you could check my Warranty and see if you can send me new ones that would be great

Cannot Make Purchases

I bought my my quest on April 29th, 2022 today is May, 22nd and I still cannot make purchases. I've had an open ticket with customer service for over 3 weeks. Has anyone else had this issue and was it ever resolved for you? I keep asking for credit b...

Cannot make purchases in App or on Quest

I got a brand new Quest back in December for my birthday and it's great however after the first 2 purchases it will not let me buy anything, it says "We have seen suspicious activity on your account so purchases are suspended, contact Oculus support ...

cuthul by Level 2
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Oculus Quest 2 Wireless Connection Trouble

Hello. I'm using a very specific setup so it might be hard to reproduce. The problem arises when using a PC VR setup, connecting Oculus Quest 2 to PC in a particular way. Instead of using a router for Air Link functionality, I create a hotspot on my ...

Link notification disconnecting

Hi - I've been trying to link my Oculus Quest to my PC - all software is installed and I had it worked a few months before this however everytime I try link the headset to my PC now I get the notification saying it is connected and then the one on th...


I just purchased an Oculus Quest 2. It's been over a week and I still can't log into Horizon Worlds. My friends are already playing there and I can't in.

Forgot Pattern Instructions Fail!

Please fix the instructions for forgot pattern. So many users locked out for forgetting their pattern and having to factory reset. How did your instructions for forgot pattern get past QA? You can't follow the forgot pattern instructions without havi...

Referral Program

I did not receive my $30 referral credit after referring a second friend to Oculus. Their device has been activated for over 30 days. How do I get this credit?

Oculus Link Cable will not work

Hi everyone - have a bit of a problem. My Link Cable (new) will not work. Neither the PC or Quest 2 get any type of notification. The light on the side of the quest is orange. I'm baffled as to why it will not work. Air link is off - I've done a fact...

Desktop streaming stutter with Oculus Link

I have been tearing my hair out trying to get a smooth experience streaming flat non-VR games to my Quest 2 over Oculus Link.Whatever I do either ends up with constant judder due to mismatched refresh rates, or a mostly smooth display with intermitte...

barjamd by Level 2
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Oculus link not showing up in settings...

So I have been using oculus link, came back from working away to a new update and now oculus link does not show up in settings. I still get the request for permission and then a notification saying that oculus link is available in settings but it is ...

ZebaG by Level 2
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Framerate always 10% below target

Hey, my framerate is always 10% below target. When running at 90Hz, it'll be between 80-85Hz. At 120hz it is between 105-110Hz. Other headsets are running well and the (non-Oculus) compositors hits target. The problem appeared yesterday. My system:Cp...

Facebook Lockout

Facebook locked my account after I tried to login on my phone. I have submitted proof of ID etc and still have not heard back. I can't use my Oculus and if I try to do anything on Oculus support etc, it says sorry you are locked out due to Facebook. ...

oculus power

my oculus is shutting on and off every couple of seconds over and over and it wont stop what do i do

issue with the December 16 update?

I bought pinoga games from my account and there are no games in the library and the support says that they are already 2 times I have this problem 1 has been solved but not this one and I want to play beat saber and panting vr