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Level 2

my oculus quest 1 keeps saying sorry something went wrong and wont go away when i reset.( this happens to the explore page,shop, acount view, and home)


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there, Bingaboom! I see you've been having some difficulties with your Quest 1. Is there anything specific you do when you receive this error message? (i.e. updating an app through home, checking a specific setting, going to a specific app) Ensure your phone and headset are connected to the same WiFi and linked, as well by following the steps in this article: Also try out logging out and back into your mobile app.

Level 6

got almost same problem:

Quest-1 on V.33, everythings works except the button "Explore"

the screen starts to be populated but before it's done this "sorry something went wrong" message pops up.

in "shop" "account" etc. it works properly though.

rebooting the HMD to no avail, same to logging off and on in the mobile app (and I really don't know, what the mobile app might have to do with that.....)