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can i turn off time warp

Level 5
I hate it I don't need it. everything looks worse to me. I have the power to run everything at 90fps yet it enables even when not needed and distorts my video. games looked so much better before this

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
I'm guessing you mean space warp, not time warp.
Time warp reduces latency between tracked head pose and final display of image. It's been around for a while and is good.
Space warp reduces game frate rate then interpolates to generate new frames to maintain a final 90fps. It causes problems in games like Elite Dangerous (especially the hud interface). It's the newer technique (but doesn't replace time warp, they do different things).

You can turn off space warp by pressing control - numpad 1.

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Level 5
yes that is what I ment. thanks ill give it a shot

Level 9
OCULUS - this switch really would be most appreciated within Home Screen. Plus stop your CPU check in the installer at long last. Let us make our own judgements for what we run with VR.