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can't purchase anything: "We couldn't calculate the tax on your order". Please assist

Level 3
My device is Quest. I have created my account at Oculus, logged in with Facebook, paired my device, inserted a paypal account and an international credit card. I can download any free game, but whenever I try to buy something, I get a message: We couldn't calculate the tax on your order. Please check your billing and shipping address, and try again later". But I was never asked for my addesss (I live in Brazil).I can only insert payment methods, but not billing or shipping information. That bug happens either on the device or the app. What should I do?

thanks in advance.


Level 2
I have this problem too. And this started maybe few months ago, because I bought apps till April without a problem

Level 2
Same problem here. Tested everywhere: mobile app, pc app, browser...

Level 2
Hi folks,
I have bought several apps on oculus store before (Samsung Gear VR platform) but I have never encountered this issue before. All the information looks accurate on my account. I wonder what I must do to continue my purchases on Oculus.
The message which shows up is about billing and shipping address to calculate tax. I have tried with 3 different international credit cards and Paypal too. Different browsers too.
It is a pitty this bug is happening with my account preventing me from purchasing anything. I love oculus platform
Thanks in advance if anyone has a clue how to fix the issue.
Nereu Gabriel
Error: Couldn't Calculate tax on your order. Please check your billing and shipping address

Level 2
I've figured it out, guys. After seeing so many people from Brazil with the same problem, I thought it couldn't be a coincidence. I installed a VPN, pointed it to a random USA location, opened an annonnymous tab and it worked like a charm.

Really fucked up we have to jump through all these hoops to have the privilege of giving them our money, though.

I was trying to make a purchase using my mobile phone.  I got it to work by turning off wifi so it would use mobile data.