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controller stick "drifting"

Level 2

My left controller analog stick is immensely broken as whenever I move the stick or even touch it the stick tries to move me backwards instead of whatever direction I was tilting it towards. This is a problem because in a few games it makes me unable to reach top speed and in some I just cant move whatsoever. Please someone tell me how to fix this!


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hello, we hate to hear that you are experiencing controller drift. Usually when this happens, you will need to do one of the following:


1. Clean your controllers

2. Pair and unpair

3. Change batteries 


For instructions on how to pair and unpair controllers, please click here.


We are always glad to help! 🙂

Level 2



If none of the above works, how could I order a replacement controller to Hungary?

The website doesn't let me ship here anything since it's not shipping to my country.

The shop where I bought my headset (Oculus Quest 2 256GB) came with controllers, so basically the whole kit which is fine. But when I asked them about a replacement buy, they told me they don't sell controllers separately.

I tried 3rd party providers like Ubuy, which I already regret.


Any ideas how to solve this?

As far as I heard there is a free face cover aswell tho it is least of my problems.


Is there any way to buy from you guys directly from the shop to Hungary? Or is there any solutions to this specific country if there are no shops that selling separate controllers?




U can order one. No telling when u will receive it. Mine said 3 days to the US. That was 22 days ago and I still have no word when it will be on the way. 

I had the same issue. I got “ Mass Airflow Sensor Cleaner.” It’s for cleaning very sensitive electronics. Comes in a aerosol can and dries extremely fast. Breaks down dirt, dust, etc. It works for a little while. Unfortunately it was a reoccurring problem for me. It will likely void your warranty, but it doesn’t look like ur warranty will really be honored anyways so I say go for it. 
This is what I ordered in U.S.  

Good Luck