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doubt with allergies

Level 2

before I have used other oculus glasses (gear VR)
but recently I received the quest 2 and suddenly I felt problems with inflammation of the eye

It had never happened to me and that week I had an appointment with the doctor.
According to him, it is due to a bacterium that recurs on the eyelashes and eyelids and I was unlucky that it got infected, he gave me some medicines and a set of eyelid cleaner

and I told him to buy the oculus and he only told me not to exceed more than 30 minutes (I use them at most 20 minutes)

The discomfort was passing but today I put on my oculus and the discomfort returned
it's like my eyelid sticks to me when I blink and I recently read an article that the foam caused allergies
but I think that was in Europe and I am from Chile

I do not know if someone had the same or always really had the bad luck of that infection