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haha its been 3 months since i've sent my Quest 2 with the left controller

Level 2

I've sent my Quest 2 as well as the Left controller due to a malfunction. I shipped it during october, now it's January 2022 and there's still no news coming from oculus support. It's been quite frustrating as I cannot play all the latest games coming out on the store.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey LesCasawis! This is certainly not the experience we want for our customers. Please submit a support ticket to our Oculus Support Team so that we can research this for you. You can submit your ticket by clicking here. We are always happy to help. 

so i need another ticket while the other one is already open?

Hello again LesCasawis! After further research, we see you've been in touch with us recently. The agent with whom you have been communicating is diligently working on acquiring more information on your order and will contact you with an update soon. 

Level 2

Same! I shipped mine in December and haven't heard anything. What is going on ?

Level 5

Oculus have had my headset since Early November and Nothing??? 

What's happening Oculus. 


Can we have a contact of an executive team at Meta or Oculus that we can contact to help you guys out. 


Obviously a process is broken that Support can't resolve? 

i got no idea