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having problems getting my Rift S to work properly

Level 2
about 2 days ago i wanted to play something in VR after a while and when i tried using my rift s, first the led in the inside of the headset was white, the blue led wasnt on, and now the reocurring problem is the white light is on, but the blue light flashes a few times and stops going completely and the white light stays on, ive tried reinstalling my oculus software, reinstalling my drivers, trying some other usb ports or hdmi ports, but i still have this problem, how do i fix this?

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager
Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to troubleshoot this matter on your own, those are all steps that we'd recommend too. We'd be more than happy to look further into this with you, so please click here to submit a ticket and be sure to include both your Oculus Diagnostics Logs and the results of all troubleshooting tried so far. We'll determine our next steps from there. Thanks again!